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5 Religious Places That are Also Stunning Heritage Sites

5 Religious Places That are Also Stunning Heritage Sites wikimedia.org

Did you know that there are 35 Unesco World Heritage sites in our country? Of course, you knew! Most of these 35 places are religious sites as well. Allow HolidayIQ reviewers to inspire you to visit some of these places. 

1. Hampi - Virupaksha Temple is an architectural marvel

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Vishnu Katara shot this video in Hampi

Virupaksha temple is the most famous and important temple of Hampi, dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of India’s oldest functioning temples, its walls feature carvings that are different in genres.

USP -  Each carving sequence has a historic or mythological story behind it.

HolidayIQ reviewer AK says, "The Virupaksha temple offers a window into King Krishnadevaraya's historic reign. It is beautifully maintained and the government ran a restoration campaign a decade ago. However, inside the main temple, the paintings on the ceiling are from the 16th century."

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2. Pattadakal - From the times of the Chalukya Dynasty

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Snehal Raibole shot this video in Pattadakal

Pattadakal in Karnataka is a village situated on the banks of the Malaprabha River. It is home to 8th-century temples and monuments from the Chalukya dynasty, which forms a part of the earliest experiments of the Vesara style of Hindu temple architecture

USP -  Carved out of stone and held together using interlocking system.

HolidayIQ reviewer Venson Lobo, "An area covering the UNESCO world heritage site, will just give you goose bumps when you enter into the complex." HolidayIQ reviewer Vaishnavi shares, "Nine out of the ten temples listed in Pattadakallu are housed in a well-maintained area, with an entry fee. A small office there lists pictorial details about each of the temples, their individual architectural styles."

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3. Khajuraho - One of the seven wonders of India

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Lakshmi Sharath shot this video in Khajuraho

Khajuraho needs no introduction. Known the world over for its architecture and carvings, every evening there is a show at the site about the art, philosophy and history of the place. Khajuraho Dance Festival, an annual dance show is a major attraction. 

USP -  Its architectural significance, the erotic and cultural carvings.

HolidayIQ reviewer Mahesh shares, "The convoluted carvings, exceptional sculptures depicting the beliefs of the Chandela dynasty give a three-dimensional peek into the times gone by. Amongst the western group of temples is a new temple made about a 100 years ago by the then Maharaja which has multiple domes belonging to Hindu, Islamic and Jain structure. Legend says that this made to promote communal harmony amongst the residents of Khajuraho by their king."

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4. Sanchi - The Stupa as Ashoka's symbol of faith

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Rizwanuddin Rafiq shot this video in Sanchi

In spite of being a place of Buddhist importance, it is believed that Buddha never visited Sanchi in his lifetime. 

USP -  Asoka, the emperor, built the giant stupa in the 3rd century commemorating Lord Buddha's mortal remains. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Pritvi shares, "The must-visit attractions around Vidisha include the Sanchi Stupas, Baba Kambha and the Dashavtar Temple. Sanchi is located at a distance of 10 km from Vidisha and the Stupas were constructed during the reign of Emperor Ashoka. It houses Buddhist monuments built during the 3rd and 12th centuries."

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5. Thanjavur - Dravidian architecture of the Cholas

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Manoj Menon shot this video in Thanjavur

Brihadeshwar temple or the Big Temple is the prime attraction of Thanjavur, built in the early 11th century by Rajaraja Chola I. 

USP - The ceiling of the mandapam is noted for its 1000-year-old frescoes. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Jagdish shares, "The temple is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Great Living Chola Temples". The Vimanam (temple tower) is 100 ft. high and is the tallest in the world. There is a big statue of Nandi, carved out of a single rock measuring about 16 ft. Long and 13ft high at the entrance."

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