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6 Long Weekend Getaways. To Take You Far From the city Noise

6 Long Weekend Getaways. To Take You Far From the city Noise

Looking forward to August because of all the long weekends? Fret not, for we have you covered with ideas too good to ignore! So, are you tired of the draining drives on those long weekends when you just want to sit back and relax? Have had enough of short trips that end up tiring you more than they rejuvenate? Say hello to Ola Outstation which is a solution to all your problems!

Imagine checking your favourite destinations off your bucket list without having to worry about how to reach them? Allow Ola Outstation to revolutionize the way you travel! Just pick your spot, book your ride and leave everything to the well-trained, professional drivers looking to make your trip a memorable one for you!
It’s not just about the destination anymore, but the experience that comes with the journey too! Sit back and soak in the scenery and undiscovered views that you might have missed before. Check out these awesome long weekend getaways from some of the major cities and #LetsMakeItHappen!

1. Of peace, culture, coffee and greenery - Bylakuppe and Coorg

Of peace, culture, coffee and greenery - Bylakuppe and Coorg Share source: wikimedia

About 220 km from Bangalore, lies Bylakuppe, which is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India. With Ola Outstation, you can forget about booking hassles and pre-book your ride for the entire journey! Get a chance to understand a culture firsthand by interacting with the friendly Buddhist monks. While you’re at it, don’t forget to marvel at the beauty of the gorgeous Namdroling monastery which is also known as the Golden Temple.

When you’re done, you can head to Coorg which is famous for its varieties of coffee, stunning waterfalls and lush plantations and is not more than 20 km from Bylakuppe! Just head out for a walk and watch nature weave its magic on you!

HolidayIQ Traveller Anju Jayaram says, "Bylakuppe is the second largest Tibetan settlement in India. It is enroute to Coorg from Mysore. The main attraction is the Tibetan Golden Temple where monks live and perform religious duties. They have vast farmlands and the temple looms in the midst of the land with Tibetan flags fluttering in the wind."

2. Spot baby elephants and rare birds in Kabini

Spot baby elephants and rare birds in Kabini Share source: wikimedia

In love with wildlife but not used to driving off-road? Leave the worries to the experienced Ola Outstation drivers when you bask in the glory of a herd of elephants frolicking in Kabini, which is about 230 km from Bangalore. Spot the mighty tuskers, elusive black leopards and the ever-favourite tiger and understand how nature works in a unique way.
A bonus would be the Nagarhole National park which is rich in its flora and fauna diversity and offers you many resorts to relax and tune out of your busy life!

HolidayIQ reviewer Hn says, "Set on the southern side of the Nagarhole National Park within the Nilgiris Biosphere, Kabini is a great place to spot wildlife."

3. A quick taste of Rajasthani culture in Jaipur

A quick taste of Rajasthani culture in Jaipur Share source: shutterstock

Around Delhi and looking to leave the city dust behind for a couple of days? What better way to change the scenery than the colourful arches of Jaipur’s forts?

About 290 km from Delhi, Jaipur needs no introduction! Allow affordable fares and reliable and comfortable cars from Ola Outstation to make this journey memorable for you. Dive deep into the delectable and unique cuisine of Rajasthan in one of the many dhabas on your way to Jaipur and explore the less known places around the pink city like the Chand Baori!

The warm hospitality of the Rajasthani people and the comfort of your Ola Outstation will make sure you’re ready for anything the city throws your way upon return.

HolidayIQ reviewer Parikshit says, "Jaipur is a city which exhibits the right balance between the modern and traditional worlds. On one hand, the city is a goldmine of heritage sites and traditional bazaars selling ethnic goods and on the other, it has all the trappings of a trendy modern city."

4. Enjoy the quaint colonial aura of Shimla

Enjoy the quaint colonial aura of Shimla Share source: flickr

Have had enough of the Delhi weather? If you’re looking for a place to make you forget your mundane routines, Shimla is one of the best options. However, the distance of about 340 km (from Delhi) might be a huge deterrent to many. But guess what, now you don't have to worry about exorbitant prices or travelling with cash as the transparent cashless payment options of Ola Outstation are always there to your rescue.  What’s better is how you won’t get bored ever again with the various entertainment options at your disposal with Ola Play!

So go ahead, get lost in the old world colonial charm and enjoy your English breakfast with a  sip of the best tea, while enjoying the stunning scenery and the pleasant weather around you. Breathe in the clean mountain air while you dispel your tensions in the wind or just stroll down on the clean roads in search of tranquillity.  

HolidayIQ reviewer Tushsar says, “British type monuments & buildings surprise us. Clean hilly roads, pleasant climate, helping nature of the locals make your trip memorable.”


5. Far from the maddening crowd in Lavasa

Far from the maddening crowd in Lavasa Share source: wikimedia

A thick blanket of fog shrouds the mornings of a picture perfect Lavasa on a typical day, making it the perfect quick getaway from a clockwork Mumbai. Nestled in the green hills and about 180 km from Mumbai, Lavasa strikes the perfect balance between nature and comfort by housing numerous resorts and hotels that cater to the needs of a wide spectrum of people.
What more? You don’t have to worry about negotiating the tricky turns and searching and settling for less at the last moment anymore as Ola Outstation with its expert drivers with trusted ratings and convenient pre-booking options handles that for you. So make sure you enjoy the scintillating scenery on your way to your beautiful long distance getaway.  
HolidayIQ reviewer Mukesh says, “Lavasa is a destination which can be visited on a weekend. This is a place for all type of people, couples, families, group of friends. There are various places for different types of activities such as cycling, segways, water activities etc. During rainy season water activities are closed.”

6. A paradise hidden in plain sight - Amboli

A paradise hidden in plain sight - Amboli Share source: wikimedia

Imagine travelling across half of Maharashtra to reach a destination so quaint, it reminds you of those beautiful village paintings! Travelling to Amboli could easily be a classic case of the journey being equally good if not better than the destination.

However, treading through Ghats and serpentine roads is not everybody's cup of tea. Even if you manage that, the distance of Amboli from Pune is about 340 km, no mean feat. Let Ola Outstation and their skilled drivers take care of this part for you while you enjoy the unreal scenery and the various entertainment options of Ola Play on your way. Don’t miss a single waterfall this time and make sure you click as many photos as you’ve always wanted!

HolidayIQ reviewer Raj says, “The waterfalls are located in Maharashtra and promise an elegant view of the Sahyadris. There is a sunset and sunrise point nearby. The waterfall itself is mesmerizing.”

Still waiting? For what? So, #LetsMakeItHappen by booking an Ola Outstation to embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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