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6 Undiscovered Indian Destinations That will Give you Bragging Rights

6 Undiscovered Indian Destinations That will Give you Bragging Rights shoesonloose.com

From a Tibetan settlement in Central India to awe-inspiring riverine islands, we bet the most avid travellers among you would not have heard of these gems. Visit these 7 before inevitable fame brings in hordes of tourists!

1. A riverine island at Majauli, Assam

A riverine island at Majauli, Assamsource: wikimedia.org

Set amidst the mighty River Brahmaputra, Majuli is the combination of a cluster of islets formed and developed in the mid-river stream of the mighty Brahmaputra and its tributaries-the Luit & Kherkatia. It is one of the largest inhabited riverine islands of the world. 

Describing his experience, HolidayIQ reviewer Vudyut says, “Living in a bamboo cottage and visiting Satras at Majuli was an unforgettable experience”. HolidayIQ reviewer Ajit Manyal adds to saying, "Also got to visit the true unsung heroes who work behind the scenes, i.e. Mask making Artisans who are really brilliant in mask making for their traditional mythical characters

2. A silent Tibetan settlement at Mainpat, Chattisgarh

A silent Tibetan settlement at Mainpat, Chattisgarhsource: tibet.net

Mainpat is known as the 'Shimla of Chhattisgarh'. It is also home to a number of Tibetan religious exiles who worship at a temple dedicated to Buddha and manufacture designer mats as well as woolen cloth. Mainpat is charming picturesque place atop a jungle plateau with many cultural and natural sites of interest. The valley and hills of Mainpat have beautiful waterfalls, places like Tiger Point and Machali or Fish Point are common among tourists.

HolidayIQ reviewer Arun Nigam tells us about his experience, "Also known as mini Tibet because of Tibetan settlement, Mainpat is a hilltop plateau 60 km from Ambikapur. Less known among tourists this is a destination rich in flora and fauna giving a feel of rainforests at some places stretched over a few square kilometers, having numerous water falls, valley view point at dawn and dusk and endless dense forests.

3. Nature's bounty at Daringbadi, West Bengal

Nature's bounty at Daringbadi, West Bengalsource: ebela.in

Situated at a height of 915 m in Kandhamal district, Daringbadi is gifted with natural bounties like pine forests, coffee gardens, and beautiful valleys. It has rainforests with wild animals and is an ideal summer resort.  

HolidayIQ Traveller Sumeet Patel from Jharsuguda shares, “Awesome place, cool and calm. Best time to visit is winter to experience the hill station type feeling in Odisha. Areas near by are worth watching with many waterfalls, sunset point and wildlife sanctuaries. Nights are more calm with no sound at all. Best place for a techie staying in Bhubaneswar for a relaxing weekend.”

4. Leopards of Jawai, Rajasthan

Leopards of Jawai, Rajasthansource: pinterest.com

The pleasant weather makes Jawai a perfect destination. Go camping at Jawai Leopard camp and experience a destination where leopards roam free, prowl around the villages and nap inside its temples. You could also go hiking, cycling, or just take a stroll around the village with local Rabari herdsmen. The Jawai dam is a bird lover’s paradise.

HolidayIQ reviewer Siddhart Kaul shares, "You get sure shot Leopard sighting here."


5. Cascading waterfalls at Netarhat, Jharkhand

Cascading waterfalls at Netarhat, Jharkhandsource: panoramio.com

Enjoy watching the cascading Upper and Lower Ghagri Falls and picture perfect sunsets at Magnolia Sunset Point, Netarhat in Jharkhand can be easily reached from Ranchi. "An untouched hill station, Netarhat isn't crowded with thousands of tourists. The long stretch of pine trees, sunrise & sunset, and a beautiful lake will give you that peace of mind you seek," says HolidayIQ.com Traveller reviewer Omprakash. To explore the place better, "Begin your day early at around 5.30 am and catch the sunrise from the hill top. Do not forget to watch sunset from Magnolia Point, which is 10 km from Netarhat," adds Omprakash.

6. A secret society of skilled artisans at Amadubi, Jharkhand

A secret society of skilled artisans at Amadubi, Jharkhandsource: pinterest

Home to rich tribal tradition and culture, Amabudi is just 65km from Jamshedpur. The Pyatkar artform and paintings are unique and boast of exemplary craftsmanship but as remained unknown. Chitrakars in Jharkhand paint on scrolls made from leaves and barks as they relate ancient legends through a series of pictures. Amadubi is home to these artists. Experience village tourism in rustic huts and dine on local delicacies while experiencing a cultural odyssey.

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