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The City of Mumbai: Where Dreams Come True

Anuradha Agrawal curated this video story using HolidayIQ video reviews. 

She is a HolidayIQ reviewer who is a part of the #ByInvitation programme. 

Author Bio: Anuradha has been a corporate slave for a large part of her life. Presently she took a break from work to enjoy and follow her passion for travelling and writing. An avid traveller, she has travelled within India and abroad. She believes she has a lot more to cover. Anuradha wishes to write about her journeys and also wants to hear other traveller tales. 

Mumbai is a sea of people. Be it corporate, labours, taxi drivers, students, almost every Indian who wants to make their dreams come true, makes a beeline to this mega city, the city of seven islands. It was originally a part of the dowry of Catherine de Braganza when she married Charles II of England in 1661. He leased it to the British East India Company for £10 a year in 1668. The East India Company used the docks and converted it slowly into a trade-based established port town. They also started off the long process of reclaiming land and joining the islands, an activity which went on until the 1960s.

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