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I am going to pick one of these for Valentine’s Day and if you are convinced that Valentine’s Day is better spent solo or with solo friends.

Purab Kohli

Rediscover yourself through travel

Call him a wanderer. Travelling regularly to discover new sides to his personality, Purab Kohli’s wanderlust has taken him to places across the globe and he shares some travel tales with HolidayIQ.

Folk dancers at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival

I am off to meet Mr Desert 2013, men with neverending moustaches and watch locals tie colourful turbans or 'safas' on their heads quicker than a New York minute! It's the Jaisalmer Desert Festival folks!

Was at Dr L.Subramaniam’s annual fusion music festival last night.
Last month while in Manhattan I visited the Museum of Modern Art for a few hours. And was captivated by an initiative they have right at the lobby. Here is what they do.
Last weekend I seriously overdosed on Coke Studio Pakistan on Youtube and have not been able to purge it from my system since. Looks like this weekend is set to be a repeat.