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A Guide to The State That Won India's Best State for Tourism! #BHA

Goa needs no introduction! It's famous as the ultimate destination to relax and chill with your friends not only in India but also worldwide! hence, it should come as no surprise that it has been voted India's best state for tourism by our traveller community! Find out what the hype is really about! 

8 Ways You Can Get Closer To God Than Ever!

Want to find God? No matter the faith, ditch those guide books with typically pious photos and long boring passages. Here are 8 videos that will get you up close and personal with the creator (and no, we don't mean it that way!) 

5 Destinations For Exciting Family Holidays

Looking for a retreat that would rejuvenate you and bring your family closer? Tired of empty promises and disappointing experiences? Fret not for Club Mahindra comes to your rescue with its wide array of resorts, across India, customized for the experiences you are seeking.   
Be it a relaxing vacation among the hills and clouds or an adventure along rivers and mountains, you’re never short of options. So go ahead and give your family the vacation they deserve with Club Mahindra.

7 Awesome Museums for all You Geeky Travellers

Not much into shopping, pubbing and food? We understand the sentiment of those who are into cultural getaways, art galleries and museums. This blog post is meant for you! 

The Winners of the BHA Awards That Travellers Can’t do Without

Have you ever wondered what a traveller's life will be like if there were no aeroplanes, airports, resorts and hotels? These are the things that make travel possible. So let's find out which is India's favourite airline, airport, resort, hotel chain and network. 

The BHA has Spoken! Check Out the Award-Winning Attractions of 2017

India is a treasure trove of wonders and picking the best among the lot is not at all easy. As the Better Holiday Awards 2017 saga continues, here are the attractions that are voted as India's favourite ones by the reviewers of the traveller community. Read on and do share your thoughts.