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Taj Mahal: The Purest Monument of Love

Anuradha Agrawal curated this video story using HolidayIQ video reviews.

She is a HolidayIQ reviewer who is a part of the #ByInvitation programme. 

Author Bio: Anuradha has been a corporate slave for a large part of her life. Presently she took a break from work to enjoy and follow her passion for travelling and writing. An avid traveller, she has travelled within India and abroad. She believes she has a lot more to cover. Anuradha wishes to write about her journeys and also wants to hear other traveller tales. 

Thinking of a Wild Summer? 6 Places to Visit Right Now

Staying amidst lush greenery, close to the wildlife is surely an amazing experience. HolidayIQ reviewers suggest these 6 getaways let you enjoy the conventional wildlife safari, excellent food, and a hassle-free stay while offering a chance to camp in the outdoors for an authentic wildlife experience.

The BHA Winners are Announced! Guess Which the Top 8 Indian Destinations Are!

The Better Holiday Awards were a raging success last night! Apart from a great event, the winners chosen by the travel community were finally announced.  From India's Favourite City and Wildlife Destination to the favourite for Adventure Sports, we have it all. Read on to see who took home the award. 

Food Lovers Must Visit These 5 Street Food Hubs

India is a food lover's paradise. And nothing can match up to our street food scene. If you claim to be a big foodie, you must have visited these places. If not, well what kind of a foodie are you?

I Started Travelling With My Mother and This is What Happened

A mother-child relationship is astonishingly deep at multiple levels. Going through ups and downs of life, the relationship thrives with time. My bond with my mother is no different. Experiences have undeniably brought us close. But what has helped in instilling a bond of friendship between us is our shared travel tales.

My story talks about the evolution of our relationship over time and travel. 

This Mother’s Day, I dedicate this blog to all the mothers and children duo who love to travel together. 

Shop till You Drop at These 7 Shopping Destinations in India

India is a place where there is no shortage of diversity, be it language, religions, food, customs, celebrations or art. This diversity can also be seen in our clothing with each region offering something new and unique. HolidayIQ travellers suggest 7 destinations in India that offer unique shopping experiences!