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7 Dreamy Hill Stations That are Perfect Family Stress Busters

Can't handle your demanding daily life anymore? HolidayIQ suggests you take a much-needed family holiday. Not close to the bustling city life but a little further off, among the hills. So read on and take your pick from among the top rated hill stations in India. 

The Insider’s Guide to 6 Different Types of Stays

Shilpi Jain curated this video story using HolidayIQ video reviews. 

She is a HolidayIQ reviewer who is a part of the #ByInvitation programme. 

Author Bio: Shilpi Jain is the Founder and Editor of She is a digital content creator and an expert in cyber law who aims at making significant differences along with enjoying while doing. Staunch disposition to write make her unique and separates her from a pool of digital writers. She loves to be creative and innovative by trying a generous mix of both tested and unexplored models with Zen-like calm and patience. Being a traveller by birth, she also loves to put travel stories into words. She believes creativity is linked with mental and physical health and is motivated towards healthy living.  

Travelling to new and different places gives us joy and circulates a different kind of energy in our body. But resting while travelling is also equally important and there enters the concept of staying at different places, may it be a lodge, a budget hotel, a luxury hotel or a resort, a home stay, cottage, treehouse, camp and many more.

Here are 6 different types of stays you must check in at least once in lifetime

7 Fuss-Free Family Holiday Stays That are Tempting and How!

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