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Bored of Romantic Beaches and Mountains? We've Found the Alternative!

Bored of Romantic Beaches and Mountains? We've Found the Alternative! pixabay - JamesDeMers

Yup! You can just pop into these places with your partner whenever you feel like. And the best part! You don't even have to travel far. These amazing gardens the HolidayIQ reviewers are listing out are as perfect as they can get. 

1. Chandigarh: Romance the filmi way

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Raoamitrajput shot this video

Chandigarh flower garden is one of the most popular in the city. The place is vibrant with a constant array of pretty flowers. Let your love blossom amidst the lovely bloom.

HolidayIQ reviewer Tanvi Sharma says, “In fact what matters is the timing. Early in the morning, it's very good preferring to run on fitness trails. In the afternoon it's lover's paradise and one can see lovers sitting behind the bushes and enjoying their time.

2. Ooty: Old-fashioned courtship?

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Krishna Prasad shot this video

Ooty Rose Garden sports a spectacle of roses that stretches far and wide. Lovely terraces with pergolas, rose tunnels and bowers with rose creepers makes it picture-perfect for all kinds of lovers.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sai says, “There was a cool breeze gently caressing us, green grassland wherever we looked and beautifully blooming roses with rich colours.

3. Allahabad: The green affair!

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Sanket Temani shot this video

Company Gardens is the biggest and the most beautiful park in the city of Allahabad. Complete with a greenhouse and orchards, it's surreal in the evenings. Stroll around the garden with your lover and watch the mesmerising sunset. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Lakshayam Tyagi says, “A superb place emanating a peaceful vibe for physical and mental relaxation. Has a cool and beautiful environment. Surroundings are good and romantic, with some eateries too.

4. Mumbai: Build up the passion

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Mohit Agarwal shot this video

Hanging Gardens aka Ferozeshah Mehta Gardens typifies the green and peaceful side of Mumbai. Romance your lover amidst verdant green landscape and see the sparks grow!

HolidayIQ reviewer Ketan describes the environment of the garden, “A very calm place and outside food options are also available. Cleanliness is maintained well.” HolidayIQ reviewer Sangeeta says, “Formerly, many film shootings used to take place, as it is very beautiful with lovely trees and plants.”


5. Srinagar: The royal love

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Raheela Rashid shot this video

Shalimar Bagh is a stunning garden in Srinagar, which is regarded as the monument of love. Built in 1616 by Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his wife, Nur Jahan, the garden houses four terraces, fountains and a canal. Visit the highest terrace which is known as 'Abode of Love', was meant for the royal couple

While HolidayIQ reviewer Manish talks about its scenic surrounding, "It overlooks Pir Panjal Range," HolidayIQ reviewer Paramjit describes the garden, "Shalimar Garden is very beautiful, well built and maintained. Water fountains and the in-between rock pathway is great. A little room surrounded by a small water stream is beautiful and yellow leaves trees are very attractive."

6. New Delhi: Get chirpy in love

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Jigme Lepcha shot this video

Erstwhile Lady Willingdon Park, Lodhi Garden has few small lakes inside that attract different kinds of birds like owls, kingfishers, hornbills, kites, mynahs, parakeets and babblers. The rose garden is dazzling. Learn the art of romance from the pretty little birds.

HolidayIQ reviewer Kunal describes the environment of the garden, “I visited Lodhi garden with my girlfriend. It's a nice place to visit for couples.They can enjoy there alone without any disturbance. It's quite a big garden with a number of trees which provides a soothing experience once you sit below them. I would suggest it for couples.”

7. Mysore: Make your affair legendary

source: HolidayIQ reviewer Jatinder Jindal shot this video

Who does not know the Brindavan Gardens! Popular and rich, it is spread over sixty acres. The Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir is made in the model for Brindavan Gardens. It has beautiful lawns, flower beds, shrubs, trees and numerous pools and fountains. During the evenings the whole garden is lit up with colourful fountains.

HolidayIQ reviewer Noorul says, “It is good to visit the place during the night time because they have a great water fountain just after the sunset. And the garden and its floral beauty is very nice and very romantic indeed.”

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