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Get Closer to Nature in Coorg With Your Micromax Dual 5

Get Closer to Nature in Coorg With Your Micromax Dual 5

If there’s anything a photographer loves more their camera, it’s the gorgeous scenery nature has to offer. Coorg is one of the first places that comes to mind when one considers taking refuge in the lap of nature. With clean air, lush forests and natural vistas that captivate your very soul, a journey through your lens, in Coorg, is just pure music to the soul!

Take your tête-à-tête with nature to the next level by conversing through the powerful lens of the new Micromax Dual 5! Explore all mother nature has to offer and never miss a colour on the brilliant 13.97 cm (5.5) FHD SUPER AMOLED screen. Allow your imagination to run wild as you won’t have to worry about being cramped for space with the phone’s 128 GB ROM which is further expandable up to 128 GB.

Evolve the way you represent your vision with the help of the revolutionary double 13MP rear camera (with a dual tone flash) and a 13 MP front camera with a soft flash, fine tuned to your selfie needs! Be on the sidelines or embrace the next generation of mobile camera- the choice is yours! Walk with HolidayIQ traveller Mahuya Paul and experience nature up-close.

The colour and contrast are brought out beautifully with the help of two brilliant 13MP cameras.

Forget colours if you can get black and white shots of this quality! Make sure you explore more emotions with the black and white mode.

Make DSLR cameras history with you Micromax Dual 5. With close up shots that retain every single detail of a picture with brilliant colour retention, you can now go professional with your phone!

From now on, never let a colour escape your third eye - your Micromax Dual 5 lens. Make sure to capture the stunningly vibrant hues nature has to offer by experimenting with different modes and settings. Feel the power and accuracy of the autofocus and the macro mode to assist you with bringing your best!

The contrast reproduction is as accurate as it comes, apart from the noise-free photos! This is particularly helpful while capturing expansive landscapes.

When in Coorg, it’s impossible not to be enchanted by the greenery around you and what better way to capture the vibrant shades of nature than to do that directly in a forest! Here you can see a balanced play between light and shadows bringing out the depth in the field effectively.

It’s impossible to not talk about coffee and Coorg in the same breath and any journey to Coorg is incomplete without pictures of coffee beans. The beans beautifully captured here, (using soft focus) are in their nascent stage and these very beans ripen to take brilliant hues of brown to appear as coffee as we know it!

You’ll also come across some stunning hanging bridges which make for a wonderful spectacle, apart from being thrilling to cross. The contrast between nature and the man-made bridge is beautiful to observe and best capture with you powerful dual lenses. A medley of colours inspires you to further explore what’s in store for you!

You can also be sure of capturing even the most colourful objects flawlessly with the monochrome mode. Sometimes, the single colour format is better to draw attention to the architectural marvel of a place such as the gorgeous Namdroling monastery.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you make full use of the brilliant Micromax Dual 5 with its many modes like the Pro mode, 4K video shooting with 3D video capacity, and a great macro mode. Be the artist you’ve always wanted to be.

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