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Planning a Holiday? 7 Escapes to Nature

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Looking to escape the daily city life? HolidayIQ reviewers tell you where to find nature's healing touch! 

1. Munnar

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HolidayIQ Reviewer JOJI JOSEPH adds, “Blossom Park - Worth visiting when in Munnar... A nature park set in a vast stretch of wooded land for nature walking, adventure trails, boating in tranquil waters, watches migratory water birds, enjoy the aroma of fresh mountain flowers or become playful in the vast stretch of tempting lawn. ” Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Satheesh Rajan adds, “Beautiful landscapes with Sandalwoods I had the chance to visit Marayoor 6 months back. It's the first time I am travelling there. It's around 60kms from Munnar. The road to Marayoor is just awesome. Marayoor is known for its Sandalwood forests. And you can feel it the moment you step in Marayoor. The atmosphere is filled with the scents of Sandalwood. There is a big forest with Sandal woods and you can find herd of Elephants in it. ” Read Full Review

2. Coorg

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HolidayIQ Reviewer Venkatesh Kini says, “Good forest, animals roam freely - deer, elephants... There were several varieties of birds their sound filled the forest. For the rest of the journey which lasted nearly an hour it was a scenic ride with several types of trees and dense vegetation around the road. ” Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Subhojit Panda says, “Amazing Falls and also a good place for photography... Abbey Falls are just amazing to explore....The space provided to watch the Falls is small. Do not forget to capture the forest long trees while going to and while returning from the Falls.” Read Full Review

3. Manali

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Snow | Valley | Hill | Weather

HolidayIQ Reviewer Aseem Bhardwaj shares, “Take a break to Manali,a place where nature has splashed it`s benevolent abundance in a manner of breathtaking beauty....Manali- Abode of Gods” Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Rahul Pratap Singh shares, “Cool, Calm and Scenic environment so relax and feel spirituality ...Interesting place for understanding the distinctive culture of the Kullu Valley. Hadimba Temple in Manali is, perhaps, the main tourist attraction. ...Outside the temple is decorated with horns of animals sacrificed to Hadimba Devi (which is considered an incarnation of the Goddess Kali). ... Temple is located in a Cedar forest ...Moreover Cedars here incredibly huge size with thickness and height of the trunk. ” Read Full Review

4. Pachmarhi

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Hill | Nature | Sunset | Forest

HolidayIQ Reviewer R C shares, “Great experience in nature's lap Don't go chasing tigers here. They are a rare sight. What's more likely is you might meet its smaller, shyer cousin, the leopard....Or maybe a bear with cubs, or maybe nilgai or barking deer or chausingha, or black buck or a few of its 300+ avian inhabitants..... The little speedboat ride across the Denwa river to get to the sanctuary makes it a little more exciting. Then, there are the options. The traditional jeep safari, a canoe safari to look at the birds occupying the mud flats along the river, a speedboat ride for the same purpose, or an elephant safari (which was cancelled when we visited because a young tigress had just been brought into the reserve), a night safari in the buffer zone. This is a beautiful forest with delightful scenic pockets to break your fast in the middle of a safari and all in all seems rather well run. A good addition to any bucket list.” Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Snehal Raibole shares, “We were driving through the park with a forest guard when we asked us to stop the car and avoid making any sound. A few minutes later we saw a Tiger with her cub crossing the road. We were stunned for a few minutes. I'll say its was one of the best moments of our lives. ” Read Full Review


5. Dandeli

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Forest | Nature | Jungle | Wildlife

HolidayIQ Reviewer pallavi Mhatre adds, “Adventurous climb to reach the caves...These caves are in between the jungle. It is a long walk through thick forest. ...This place is a must visit for adventure lovers.” Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Sri Tej adds, “Superb place filled with beauty of nature It was an amazing to have river rafting in Dandeli. Made my day still remember 16th June was memorable. It gave me awesome experience on all water sports. Beauty of nature is seen in this place.” Read Full Review

6. Corbett

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Safari | Jungle | Forest | Nature

HolidayIQ Reviewer Pratham Tyagi adds, “Land of breathtaking escape One of the most beautiful forests in India on foothills of Shivalik range offer something for every nature lover. With just 6 hours drive from capital of India, it's a getaway like no other. High rise Sal forests welcomes you with an awe and a photographer relishes every moment, be it a wide-angle lens or a Zoom lens for Wildlife. ” Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer Tushar Bhutani shares, “Amazing forest experience Jim Corbett is an amazing place to relax and recreate if you are looking for a short break from your busy and hectic city schedule. The feeling of staying near to a forest area gives the much needed peace and break from the hus hus city life. ” Read Full Review

7. Thekkady(Periyar)

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Lake | Elephant | Tiger | Wildlife

HolidayIQ Reviewer NILADRI BANERJEE shares, “Where diversity flirts with nature Everything about Periyar is so beautiful. The journey starts with the uphill travel with spice garden on both sides of the zig zag hilly roads, and you will find almost all the spices growing there that are found in India. ...Then comes the SAFARI, the Periyar Lake, situated ideally in the centre surrounded with forests and mini hillocks, which are home to a wide variety of animals and birds as the gardens are in spices. ” Read Full Review

HolidayIQ Reviewer SUBRAMANIA PALLAVOOR shares, “If you want to enjoy the mountains, forests and cascading water falls coupled with sighting of wild animals this is the place to be in. The range is called Gavi forest and is one of the last remaining ecological remains of Western Ghats. One needs prior permission of the forest Department to enter this preserve of wild animals. ” Read Full Review

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