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This Will Leave You Nostalgic! 16 Boarding Schools In India That Have Spectacular Campuses

Lawrence School, Lovedale

HolidayIQ Travellers list down 16 boarding schools that make up for an awesome place to study. Read on.

1. Sherwood College, Nainital

This infamous school is located on a large,sprawling campus on the Ayarpatta hill, which commands a breathtaking view of neighbouring country side. Former students include Amitabh Bachchan, Kabir Bedi, Ram Kapoor, Captain Pratap Singh (Mahavir Chakra) and Rattan Chadha (Mexx International).

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2. St. Bede's, Shimla


This beautiful college is nestled blissfully among vast expanses of vivid picturesque greens, tucked in the mountains and their snow-draped peaks. Hillsides lined  with tall Himalayan Deodar trees leading to the Iron gate of the college. The college buildings shows influences of medieval architecture called the Tudor style. A laid back campus away from the humdrum of the city life is what every academic needs to focus on their goals. Some of the prominent former students include names like Preity Zinta, Ish Amitoj Kaur (US based filmmaker), Kalpana Karthik (Dev Anand’s Wife) and Meera Shankar (former Ambassador of India to the US).

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3. Woodstock School, Mussoorie


The woodstock campus covers more than 250 acres of protected forests  on the foothills of Himalayas. The campus provides a spectacular view of the Doon valley, Tehri Hills and the ancient Siwalik mountain range. Noted Alumni include Raghu Ram (MTV Roadies), Vj Bani and Robert Griffin. 

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4. Scindia School, Gwalior


Located in the historic Gwalior fort which towers almost 300 feet over the Gwalior city, the campus stretches over 110 acres. The school campus packs a old world charm to it which along with the majestic and natural setting provides an ideal environment for budding minds. Notable ex-students of this school include Sanjay Singh Yadav (writer), Anand Shankar (musician), Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.      

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5. St. Paul's School, Darjeeling

Source:- Wikipedia

Known as one of the oldest and most most pre-eminent schools, St.Paul’s is also known for its sprawling green campus as much its academic excellence. This is the only British-era public school in Asia which has a history that is as rich in tradition as in accomplishments. Ex-Alumni includes names like Jamling Tenzing Norgay (son of 1st Everest Summiteer), filmmaker Kaizad Gustad and Anjan Dutta.

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6. Lawrence School, Lovedale, Ooty


The Lawrence School, Lovedale, has a campus of 750 acres. Although the campus is huge, the built up area is only 45 acres. The school is located at a height of 7200 feet above sea level and thus enjoys a year long pleasant climate. Notable ex-students of Lawrence school include Akshaye Khanna, Arundhati Roy, Vijay Menon and Gul Panag.  

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7. Heritage School, Pune 

Source:- Heritage School Pune

Located on a pristine land near Talegaon which is an hour’s drive away from Pune city. The campus expands over 40 acres of land with residential clusters comprised of spacious building with modern facilities. The campus includes state-of-the-art classrooms, a laboratory and library, and audio-visual room and art studio, and a playground for sports and recreation.

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8. Druk White Lotus School, Shey, Ladakh


Who doesn’t remember Rancho…. ehh I meant Phunsukh Wangdu from 3 idiots. This school’s design packs a combination of local building techniques and materials with leading edge environmental design to make them effective in the extreme climate. 

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9. Unison World School, Dehradun


The campus is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Himalayan mountain ranges. The school offers finest accommodation with living facilities. 

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10. Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong

Source:- Wikipedia

Set in a forest 5 km from Kurseong between Siliguri and Darjeeling at an altitude of 5500 feet  above sea level, the Goethals Memorial School is one of the most tranquil places to discover your true passion.

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11. Montfort School, Yercaud

Source:- Wikimedia

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, situated in the Shevaroys range of in the Eastern Ghats. Who doesn’t wish to go to a school like that? 

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12. St. Mary's High School, Mount Abu


Located amidst the Aravalli ranges in Rajasthan, this school campus is one of the coolest ever. It is situated near the Nakki lake, training students earlier in life to appreciate beauty. 

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13. Step By Step, Jaipur


The Pink city has something attractive that is not pink for a change. This school building looks like a huge castle. Coloured in Blue and White, it’ll make you feel like you’re on the Scottish land.

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14. Dalhousie Public School, Dalhousie

Source:- Dpsdalhousie

Surrounded by snow capped peaks, this school is located at 2700m above sea level making it one of the best on this list. 

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15. Welham Girls' School, Dehradun

Source:- Euttaranchal

Dehradun is one of the oldest cities in the Himalayas. It’s not just the surroundings that are beautiful, but the campus won’t make you feel like getting out as well. Noted Alumni includes Tavleen Singh (Journalist), Radhika Roy (Politician), Madhu Trehan (Journalist), Kareena Kapoor, Deepa Mehta (filmmaker) and Brinda Karat (Politician). 

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16. Mayo College, Ajmer

Source:- Mayocollege

Well known as one of the best boarding schools in India, the building is a beautiful ancient structure which was built by the British in 1885 and costed Rs. 3.28 lakh then. Some of the notable ex-students of this school includes names like Jaswant Singh (Politician), Vivek Oberoi and Kunwar Natwar Singh.

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Edit: The image for Sherwood college in Nainital has been changed as one of our travellers pointed out the error.



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