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Dr shrikant Kasawlekar

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Dr shrikant Kasawlekar
Posted Jan 8, 2016 Jan 8, 2016
Mode of Transport:Bus
If you are left with no option then this is the choice you have to make. Usually the trains are full and there is no Direct Bus or Train to Guhagar. Hence State-Transport is the only option. I stayed in Thane, so I was informed that its only now that they have started Direct Buses from Khopat to Guhagar everyday in the evening at 9 pm. Book your tickets online as this bus is always full.
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  • Non-AC
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I happen to visit this place quit often, this is one of my favourite place to visit. Because I feel I am at home, though you don't get the luxury of hotel but you get the people at home. You get food you want and of course the love and care you would want when you are out.

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Trip Includes:  | Guhagar | Gopalgad Hill | Hedvi | Guhagar Beach
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