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  • State: Madhya Pradesh
  • Famous for/as: Pilgrimage
  • Altitude: 3438 m
  • District: Anuppur
Amarkantak is a pilgrim town which is situated in the Anuppur District in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This town is also known as the 'Theerthraj', meaning the king of pilgrimages. It is a meeting place of the Satpuras and Vindhyas, the two huge mountain ranges in Madhya Pradesh.

Amarkantak is also the origin of the Narmada River, Johilla River and Son River. The Narmada River flows towards the western side and the Son River flows to the east. There are various holy ponds, Maikal Hills and dense forests in the region that attract adventure seekers from across the globe.

This region has an elevation of around 1,048 metres above sea level. The Kapil Dhara Falls are located near Gaumukh, which is the source of the Narmada River. Through these falls, the Narmada River leaves Anuppur and enters the Dindori District, covering more than 20 metres.

Kabir Chabutra is around 4 kilometres from Amarkantak and is a junction point of Bilaspur, Dindori and Anuppur Districts. The Narmada River is more than 150 million years old and is considered to be sacred by Hindus. It is believed that pilgrims visiting Amarkantak can attain ‘nirvana’ or ultimate salvation.

The rivers originating from Amarkantak find description in Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas, Shatapatha Brahmana and Vashistha Samhita. It is believed that Amarkantak was called as Piksh Parvat in the Puranas.

Amarkantak was founded about 6,000 years back by the Suryavanshi Samrat Mandhata, who named this town as Mandhata. The wife of Samrat Purukutsa (son of Samrat Mandhata), named the river as Narmada. This area had an occupational significance, which led to the settlement of the descendants of Mandhata on the banks of river Narmada.

The Puranas also state that this Vindhyachal area was situated in the kingdom of Ayodhya. Popular rishis like Bhrigu Rishi, Kapila Muni and Markandeya Rishi had their ashrams in this region. It is also believed that the Pandavas stayed here in Amarkantak during their exile.

Adi Shankaracharya was also born here after 3,000 years of Mahabharata in 788 AD. He founded the famous Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple. The Kalachuri King was given this area in dowry by the Chedi King during the 10th or 11th century AD.

Karnadeva of the Kalachuri dynasty constructed various temples at this location during his reign from 1042 to 1072 AD. The King of Nagpur ruled Amarkantak till 1808, which later came under the British rule. Recently, the UPA government selected Amarkantak as the place for India's first Tribal University.

The best season to visit Amarkantak is in the month of April, when the temperature varies from 14⁰ Celsius to 27⁰ Celsius.

Amarkantak is one of the weekend getaway options for travelers living in Bilaspur and Bandhavgarh.

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Basab Ray chaudhuri

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  • Basab Ray chaudhuri
  • Lives in Kolkata
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"Holy place." new review

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted 1 week ago
Origin of River Narmada is within a temple complex at Amarkantak. You can go there from Bilaspur - 3 to 4 hours journey. It is a high land of 3000 ft altitude. Spending a day is sufficient to visit all the places of interest. MP TOURISM runs hotel at Amarkantak, a nice one.
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  • Tourist
  • Duranking
  • 1 Review
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"Nice place. Mm ... M."

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted 3 months ago
Famous mountain ... There are a lot of romantic scenes. Beautiful sceneries ... River and so much. Come here and enjoy with couple or family ... Lots of fun here ... So don't worry ... Here flow river tapi and narmda meets at amarkantak .. Mikael mountain range
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Panil Patil

  • Explorer
  • Panil Patil
  • 10 Reviews
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"Hotel amarkantak very good"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted May 6, 2017
Hotel is given very good facilities and service and clean as having parking facility I advise to go this hotel and having good excellence service very cleaned and hygiene and hotel given good service to customers and clean in hotel. Have advice to go to this hotel
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Satish shukla

  • Tourist
  • Satish shukla
  • 1 photo
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  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Apr 28, 2017
The Amarkantak, I read in my text books in my childhood, the origin of the holy river Narmada Mata. I was excited to see this place. It is very spiritual place and very good for visit with family. There are several spots to visit. It is totally natural place and the temperature here remains low in comparison of the average temperature of India, and so, good for summer holidays.
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Mohan Jitpure

  • Tourist
  • Mohan Jitpure
  • Lives in Betul
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"Amarkantak Is situated in Anuppur District in MP"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Feb 25, 2017
Amarkantak is a pilgrim town and a Nagar Panchayat in Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, India. The Amarkantak region is a unique natural heritage area and is the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura Ranges, with the Mikael Hills being the fulcrum. This is where the Narmada River, the Son River and Johila River emerge.
Popular 15th-century Indian mystic and poet Kabir is said to have meditated on Kabir Chabutra, also called the platform of Kabir, situated in the town of Amarkantak. [1]
Is is to beautiful place and known for greenery I have visited here first time in April 2008 and in 2013-14, also so many other places connected to Amarkantak like Dhugdh Dhara, Kapil Dhara, Keshava Narayan Temple, Narmada Udgam Kund, Yantra Temple, Jain Mandir and many other places many road links to this place 70 Km from Anuppur by bus and 230 Km from Jabalpur by Bus also can reach from Pandra By bus.
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Ambuj A

  • Tourist
  • Ambuj A
  • Lives in Indore
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"2 Day Excursion Visit@Amarkantak during MoonSoon"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Aug 19, 2016
Day 1= 13th August 2016
I reached Pendra Road @ around 4:00 am in Morning, as usual Station was small and silent, on arriving out there were many Cab drivers who offered there Rates for Amarkantak Site seeing ie Pendra to Amarkantak in range from (INR) ₹ 1, 500-2, 000 and there was Taxi of IG Tribal University which asked for ₹100/ passenger as it would drop while going 2 university. But on walking few step outside Station campus there was also a BUS which charged ₹40/ passenger and was schedule to leave at around 5:30-6:00 am, but since V were 3-4 co-passenger so v managed to convince Taxi driver for ₹50/ passenger, so Bargaining started from the beginning only.
Since in previous days it was raining, so climate was cool and quit pleasing till road to Amarkantak is mixture of good and bad patches, On reaching Amarkantak V where dropped on Narmada Mandir Road which had many famous like Gurudwara>Kalyani Ashram>Shiv Gopal>Radey Radey Dharamshala>Shanti Kutir>Paryatak Lodge and Sarvodaya Visram grih, predominantly all are same as majority of them operate (for 24 Hrs period which check out at 12:00 am) & charge as Hotels/Lodge (200-600 for Single or 600-1500 Non-AC; Double and 1500-2500 AC) but have registered under Dharamshala Act to avoid taxes. I literally went in all places to inquire about stay in which there was following response as on August 2016:-
Kalyani Ashram=Strictly ONLY for Kalyani Ashram Followers/Members/ those referred with appropriate Letter by Center heads which are situated in various places
Shiv Go pal Dharamshala=₹ 600 for Double Bed but was little congested and stinking with Beedi smell.
Radey Dharamshala=₹ 600 for Double Bed but was little congested and needed repair
Jain Dharamshala=₹ 600-1200, but it is situated 1-1. 5 km on inclined height from Mandir Road. It also has DG, clean and I was not sure whether they accommodate non-jain or not.
Mirituinjay Dharamshala=₹ 1000-1200 for Double Bed, it was well maintained but Manager sits from 8:00am hence there was no one to attend / inform room availability, it was perhaps only place where I found Diesel Generator available and operating.
Shanti Kutir Dharamshala 200-300 for single Bed or ₹ 600 for Double Bed, it is adjacent to Mrityunjaya ashram so it was also maintained fortunately Manager was available and was kind enough to offer a room.
 Narmada Ghat is just in front after market and walkable so you may relax by watching Narmada flow during evening.
 you get vehicle for Site seeing/Bus Stand just outside gate.
 Nicely Maintained and Clean.
 Water Facility= RO for Drinking and Geyser for Hot water
 No DG / Solar Battery
 Room had Indian Toilet and
 Blanket had smell of Mustard Oil.
Paryatak Lodge=₹ 600 for Double Bed, It was stinking with Beedi smell and Desi Daru bottle all around.
Sarvodaya Vishram Grih 1650 for Air cooled Double Bed and ₹ 2300 for AC Double Bed, So it was costly which was different from the review which I read on various Sites like Trivago/Go-Ibibo/ Trip advisior, etc.
Note:- There is Post Office adjacent to Kalyani Asharm on Mandir Road from where you can reserve Railways Pneumatically tickets. All accommodation mentioned in Amarkantak are connected on 11kV feeder, hence frequent and regular POWER CUT. Amarkantak is not Cheap place from accommodation to Food to Water Bottle to Cold Drinks everything is item is 20-40% costly them normal and average Taxi fare range between @ ₹ 15-20/km.
After taking rest and getting fresh, I walked outside for breakfast and also to inquire about Site seeing charges. I found two adjacent food joints namely Basant Bhojanalaya, which offered Thali (5 Roti, 2 Sabzi, Dal, Rice, Pickle & Salad)@ ₹ 80 and Shivam which offered nice Dosa@₹ 40, it perhaps where I found Meetai (sweets/deserts) ie. Gulab Jamum@₹ 10/piece, I had this daily and with each meal & Peedha@₹ 340/kg both where good. Majority of Site charges ranged from ₹ 500 for Ape/Ace/Magic type vehicle or ₹ 1000 for Bolero/Trax.
Before arriving I had go ogled about Places to visit @ Amarkantak, so visited following places which are in 1-1. 5 km radius of Narmada Mandir between afternoons to evening:-
1) Narmada Mandir = It is close proximity from, beware of Pandas as they think and Govt of India only issue, currency in above ₹500/1000  and Plastic tumblers and even discarded Bottles (good C that they are recycling)  may cost you in domination of ₹ 10/20/50 depending of Capacity. As usual mandir had lot disciples and believers of Lord shiva who came with there aspirations and beliefs in temple. Besides them there were Pandas who made there earning through (Dakshina= A kind of Donation) given by visitors/disciples and believers, But there was one temple in premise which was clean, smelled great, not congested and silent humming of Mantras, the Pujari was from Bengal & explained in details about ritual and importance of Narmada' and asked for Up-front.
2) Karan Mandir= It is just after Narmada Mandir, it's collection of beautifully carved heritage Temple mainly of Lord Shiva best thing that Archaeology of MP is maintaining it nicely. It has one temple called Mahadev' were you need to descend few steps to have darshan. It is believed that during Mahashiv Ratri, Narmada flood its chamber and performs Puja of Lord Shiva with lighting Deepak (Oil Lamp) in submerged state. No one is allowed to stay in Karan Mandir after Dusk due security and Paranormal effects?
3) Guru dwara=It is close proximity from again a nice clam, serene place it also offers langer in afternoon and evening and rooms for accommodation were also OK and economical.
4)Jain mandir= It is being constructed at inclined height of 1. 5 km from which is approachable through (Temporary Road) or 3 Km through Cemented Road. I would suggest /Pug-Dhandi as it is gets you feeling of Adventure 
5)Narmada Ghat= It is walkable and straight from, We went in evening to Narmada Arti but it take place @ 18:30-19:30 inside temple, so we enjoyed the ambience of Narmada" Flow just listen to chanting of various temples located on bank of Narmada, I also met a Bengali (as usual living up to my apprehensions about Bengali, he was a traveller and well read), he updated about various places and Stories related to in Amarkantak.
After coming from Narmada Mandir you may be approached by many Taxi drivers for Site seeing. I met few Taxi owner who offered following rates:- Mr. Guddu; ₹ 600 for 8 Places (ACE owner)-9009945953, Mr. Rajkumar; ₹ 800 for 8 Places (Maruti-Omni owner)--7049775167, Jaiswal; ₹ 400-700 for 8 Places (Bolero/Trax
Day 2 = 14th August 2016
As I needed to cover far places I started early, so had Brunch @ Basant Bhojanalaya, during discussion I was updated that they also provide taxis for Site seeing @ ₹ 700 for Half Day and ₹ 1200 for Full day. Considering previous day rates I booked ACE for Half day, through ACE needed servicing but considering the rappo that was built with Bhojanalay owner and promise that there driver wont hackle during the various site seeing places, We took Bholenath name and visited following places:-
1) Jwaleshwar Mahadev Triplicated around 8km from /City center, Road is well paved and on both side of road has big trees which give feeling of hill station. Mandir is situated in Gorela district, Chhattisgarh.
2) Amareshwar Mahadev Triplicated around 1km from Jaleshwar Mahadev Temple, it has big Shiv Ling where you need to climb through Stairs and offer water+Milk+Flower,
3) Kabir Chabutra =We drove approx. 30 km from Jaleshwar Mahadev Temple back in City and moved towards area in vicinity of Pendra Road district, Surrounded by lush green forest and with drizzling at that time, place had fabulous ambience. It is said that Narmada did ablution of Saint Kabir with Milk hence the pond has traces of Milk which visible till 12:00 am, we were lucky to reach before 12am and observe it.
4) Dhandi Rishi Ashram= As guided by Bengali last day, On our way back we stopped at Dhandi Ashram situated on bank of Check Dam built of Narmada.
5) Kapil Dhara (Kapil Waterfall)=After that we headed towards famous destination of Amarkantak, which 20km from Kabir Chabutra, If your influential you may be allowed to take your four wheeler inside else you have park near barricade, We walk approx. 2-2. 5km on muddy/sludgy road, you need to cross bridge that climb few steps to watch a Kapil Dara fall adjacent of Kapil munni ashram, don't try to walk till fall as it is slippery and since there is no barricade chances of accident by slipping on rock and falling many feets below are HIGH but the enjoyment and adventure begins when you descend through stairs and reach where water falls it's a awesome feeling you may also take Bath under Fall as where already drenched and had spare clothes V took snaps and moved ahead towards Dudh Dhara. *This place is Monkey Prone area
>Dudh Dhara Falls Trace little back and then descend again more down through rocky steps, rain, clamour of Narmada water, trees and Rocky terrain added to fun of adventure. On reaching Dudh dara there was little nuisance created by few as they having Bath under Water Fall, but can chill around by sitting near water and feeling ambience of place, trees and Nature etc. *This place is Monkey Prone area.
6) Bhrigu Mandala =This is another hyped area for adventures but Taxi avoid going because of following reason, road is extremely bad, little secluded outer place from main city hence they need to wait until passenger come back, Passenger need to descend rocky terrain and them walk 2. 5-3km to reach place, I was told that Guide is need (another Expense of ₹ 100-300, so bargain) so as avoid forgetting trace back point and any lucky confrontation with Black Bear . Since it was very slipper and was not having my safety knife (kukery) hence I had to avoid in this trip, but I was having gut feeling that this would adventures and place worth to visit.
7) Duna Pani
8) Mai ki Bagiya=This was a next destination which had well paved road, it is just small place with Devi ji (Goddesses Durga ji) Mandir and surrounded by big green trees.
9)Son Udgam Temple=This on same well paved road ahead of Mai ki Bagiya As soon as you arrive you would be surrounded by locals who would sell Channa, peanunts for feeding to Monkey and Langurs which creates predicament situation for visitors as Monkey and Langurs may hound you if don't feed them, so keep safe distance from locals sellers.
Closely guarded by Monkeys from Both side of railing, V descended stairs down, there were few Temples around but most amazing was Sunset point which had clouds and fog, considering the safety margins v only stood on places where monkey came frequently and had railings, as many places don't have railing. Amidst fog and enticement of scenic beauty of place you may decend many Feets down, so be cautious.
10) Shri Yantra Mandir=Just well paved road ahead of Son Udgam Temple is this splendid carved Mandir, but entry is not permitted as it opens just once in year. But still managed to admire the marvellous grand statues from outside.
*Note:- Be little cautious as this place is Monkey Prone area, so Visitors get panic when they come near for Food & other eatable items, so keep your Mobile, wallets, purses, etc in safely.
Taxi driver dropped us back near and V paid him off, Checked out and had dinner@ Basant Bhojanlaya and took Taxi which charged ₹ 10 for Bus stand which was less than km. As per locals there are 2 bus (₹40/person) for Pendra Road Railways station @ 18:15 and 21:00 so inquire before your arrive as it takes approx. 2 hrs to drive back 45km through serpentine roads, so majority of passengers nauseate (headache & vomit) while descending down hilly road.
Overall my visit (Lodging, Foo ding & Travelling) to Amarkanatak during monsoon season was awesome, infact it was no less than Himalayan trip as I enjoyed the calm, serene and silent ambience of places which had many Big/Small or Old/ recently built Mandirs (temples) in lush green forest of Amarkantak Ranges. But year by year Amarkanatak is also succumbing to CLIMATE CHANGE, as during visit I observed that since majority of locals are immigrants from various places of MP and CG, hence they are just here Monetary benefits and Dharmshala/lodges are built on Government land with nexus of various dept but among all these tacit's Nature is suffering as there is no proper Sewage and Waste disposal mechanism and it indirectly gets flushed in Holy Narmada river right near Narmada Udgam/ Source of inception. Hope Developments and Pollution Monitoring Agencies awake and take appropriate measures to promote sustainable development and Environmental Conservation.
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Mamtabhaskar Bhasakar

  • Tourist
  • Mamtabhaskar Bhasakar
  • Lives in Bhilai
  • 1 Review
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"Nice place to visit"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Jun 18, 2016
I have enjoy with my family from Amarkantak my best part my time. I am so happy this trip. I saw the Jain temple and Kapil river etc. My trip was 3 days and me and family travel the train. My aim is world tour with family and many adventure trip.
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Animesh Jain

  • Tourist
  • Animesh Jain
  • Lives in Bilaspur
  • 1 Review
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"Religious place"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jan 18, 2016
Amarkantak is very religious place. Every one have must go there. There are many temples and Amarkantak is very good place. I visited to Jain mandir. That was very good experience of mine. Amarkantak was very nice place to go with family
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Vidyut Maurya

  • Expert
  • Vidyut Maurya
  • Soulseeker
  • Lives in Ghaziabad
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"Hidden beauty, Amarkantak"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Dec 14, 2015
Amarkantak is not only a temple town but a nice hill station. Climate is good for health. Here you can see the origin of Narmada and Sone rivers flowing in different directions. At the origin of Narmada a great temple of Narmada. Here you can also see a Sikh Gurudwara. You can reach Amarkantak by Pendra Road railway station. After Pendra get a taxi for Amarkantak.
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Arun Nigam

  • Explorer
  • Arun Nigam
  • Lives in Jagdalpur
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"Hilltop pilgrimage in central India"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jul 3, 2015
Amarkantak is 124 km from Bilaspur just on the state boundary of MP and CG, a serene hilltop pilgrim centre, from where two major rivers originate within a couple of kilometer. Narmada flows to the west and some to the east. A quiet tourist destination not so big, you can even walk all around enjoying cool cool breeze.

A number of ancient temples and monuments are there. Variety of accommodation from ashrams and dharamshalas to lodges to moderate hotels to suit your pocket. But prefer staying with m. P. Tourism's tent village. Where you get dozens of air conditioned tents well arranged in neat and clean area and ample parking space, hill range view, big dining hall serving tasty north Indian and South Indian food. It is advisable to start early to reach Amarkantak because hill area with clouds and changing beauty every turning. This road passes through achanakmar wildlife sanctuary. 2 to 3 days stay is enough for body and mind rejuvenation.
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