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  • Type: Water Fall
Kapil Dhara, Amarkantak
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5 Ratings & 3 Reviews
Kapil Dhara, which is also called as the Kapil Waterfall, is located just 6 km towards the north-west of the Narmadakund Temples. This waterfall is around 100 ft tall and is surrounded with dense forests and mountains. Kapil Dhara is named after the sage Kapil Muni, who is... Read More »
Amarkantak Temple, Amarkantak
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6.0 / 7 1
4 Ratings & 3 Reviews
  • Type: Park
Mai ki Bagiya, Amarkantak
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4.7 / 7 1
3 Ratings & 1 Review
Mai ki Bagiya (Goddess Garden) is also known as Mother's Garden. This garden is situated around 5 km from Narmadakund and covers the surrounding forests. The garden has been built in honour of the Goddess Narmada. It is a natural garden which features banana, mango,... Read More »
"Enjoy the scenic beauty"Sep 10, 2014
Ancient Temples of Kalachuri Period, Amarkantak
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Ancient Temples of Kalachuri Period were exclusively built by Kalachuri Maharaja Karnadeva (1042 - 1072 AD). These temples are located just behind the Narmadakund towards the south direction. The Kalachuri architecture is famous and includes the Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple and... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Narmadakund and Temples, Amarkantak
Rank 5
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Narmadakund is the place of origin of river Narmada, which is surrounded by 16 major stone temples. This place covers around 6 acres of land and comprises over 23 statues of various deities. In the central position, there is an eleven corner kund, which is around 500 ft long.... Read More »