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 Amarnath Yatra Registration Process: Complete Details
How to Easily Register for Amarnath Yatra? I mean i need complete details on it. Where to Register? how to register and etc. Please help me as soon as possible so that i can visit the place peacefully. This is my first time so kinda confused
 Amarnath yatra!
I want to send my parents for the Amarnath Yatra. Please let me know the Darshan procedures. They are aged i hope that would not be a problem, shall i contact any travel agent? If you know any reliable travel agent then please let me knw. Does the temple has any opening or closing time? Please give me a detailed information about all these queries. :) :D
 Amarnath tour!
What will be the weather conditions now at Amarnath now? I am planning for a short trip there,Please help me with a itinerary. :)
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Amarnath Yatra Article - The annual Amarnath Yatra is one of the most sacred and popular pilgrimages to the holy snow-clad cave shrine of Lord Shiva in the beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir.
Amarnath Yatra - The Amarnath Yatra is organised every year by the Jammu & Kashmir Govt. during the month of sharavan ( July and August).
Official Websites
District site of Anantnag - Anantnag is one of the six districts of the Kashmir Valley situated in its south and south western direction. Anantnag is called the granary of the Kashmir Valley as it is agriculturally very fertile.
Jammu & Kashmir Government - Jammu & Kashmir Government portal covering diverse topics including health, tourism, culture, climate, Tenders and e-Governance.
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Lord Shiva mace on way to Amarnath cave - The holy mace of Lord Shiva known as 'Chhari Mubarak' was taken out of its seat inside the Dashanami Akhara temple for its traditional journey to the Amarnath cave.
Pilgrimages in India - Amarnath Yatra - Amarnath is a popular pilgrim shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva reported to be around 5000 years old.
Weather- Weather forecast for Amarnath with a fast, easy to use interface. Includes weather maps, graphics and radar images.

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