Idols of Nagadevatha - Anantapur Photo

Idols of Nagadevatha - Anantapur Photo

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The district of Anantapur is located in the western part of Andhra Pradesh. This region is also known by the name of Anantapuram and was earlier known as ‘Anantasagaram’, which means an ‘endless ocean’. It got this name because of the huge tank......Read more on Anantapur

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  • Type: Ashram
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Prasanthi Nilayam, Anantapur
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Places to Visit in Anantapur
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4 Ratings & 3 Reviews
"Sri Sai Prasanti Nilayam"Jun 16, 2016 "Heaven on Earth"Jan 22, 2016
  • Type: Temple
ISKCON Temple, Anantapur
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Places to Visit in Anantapur
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6 Ratings & 2 Reviews
Radha Parthasarathi Temple, built by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Anantaprur, was inaugurated in February 2008. Constructed at a cost of Rs.5 crore, this grand temple is situated at Somaladoddi village which is just in the outskirts of the... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Veerabhadra Temple, Anantapur
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Places to Visit in Anantapur
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Veerabhadra Temple is located in Lepakshi village, which is 15 km east of Hindupur in the Anantapur district. The temple is quintessential of Vijayanagara architectural style. Built in around 16th century, this temple was sculpted by Vishwakarma Brahmin Stapathis. The... Read More »
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Thimmamma Marrimanu, Anantapur
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Places to Visit in Anantapur
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5 Ratings & 2 Reviews
Thimmamma Marrimanu is named after the famous banyan tree, which is locally called as Thimmamma Marrimanu as well. With its branches spreading over 5 acres, it is regarded as the biggest of its kind in South India. This tree was recorded as the biggest tree in the Guinness... Read More »
Ravadurg Gooty Fort, Anantapur
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Places to Visit in Anantapur
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3 Ratings & 1 Review
Gooty Fort is one of the oldest hill forts of Andhra Pradesh. Built in the shape of a shell, this fort comprises 15 forts with 15 main doors, which are referred to as 'Mukhadwaralu'. Inside the fortress, there is a series of walls connected by 14 gateways and flanked by... Read More »

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