Araku Valley Tourism

Araku Valley Tourism

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  • State: Andhra Pradesh
  • Famous for/as: Hill
  • District: Visakhapatnam
Araku Valley is an extremely scenic hill station in the district of Vishakhapatnam in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Famous for its expanse of coffee plantation, the valley is surrounded by green hills, lush valleys in different shades of green, and forests all around. 

Located in the country’s Eastern Ghats, it is at an average altitude of 911 meters above sea level and is at a distance of 115 km from the city of Vishakhapatnam. The valley is quite close to the Orissa border in the north. 

Things to do in Araku Valley

The natural beauty of the valley is the main attraction of the place and draws tourists from all over the country as well as abroad. The journey to the valley is equally enthralling passing through dense forestry and scenic hills and valleys. At about a distance of 29 km is known for Borra caves, which is famous for its million-year old stalactites and stalagmites. 

The Ananthagiri hills, which is known for its coffee plantation is also on the way to Araku Valley. And not just coffee plantation, the hill is also popular for its forests, lovely orchards and the serene environment. 

The Araku Valley is mainly inhabited by the local tribes.  The Tribal Museum here is a place worth visiting since it houses a range of tribal handicrafts and artefacts of the indigenous tribal lifestyle. 

The valley is perfect for a trekking trip or to just enjoy a relaxed vacation taking in the beautiful view of the landscape around. There are quite a few streams and waterfalls nearby which are visited by tourists and add to the beauty of the place. The Sangda waterfalls is one such beautiful waterfall. 

The valley experiences a moderate climate which is neither too hot nor too cold. During the peak of summer however temperatures does soar, and the humidity also increases. Winter here is quite pleasant with comfortable temperatures and minimal humidity. The best time to visit Araku Valley is during the months of October to March during which time the weather is perfect for trekking and spending the day outdoors exploring the valley.

Travelling to Araku Valley

Araku Valley is connected both by road and rail, but most people prefer using the railways since the ride is considered to be one of the best, passing through a range of tunnels and valleys. The view by the side of the tracks is stunning and allows travellers to get a glimpse of the unexplored sides of the area.

Vishakhapatnam airport serves as the closest airport to Araku Valley at a distance of 115 km. Tourists can hire taxis which cost about Rs 1500 to reach Araku Valley from airport. There are regular buses from Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley. 

Accommodation options in Araku Valley

There is a wide array of accommodation options in Araku Valley available for tourists depending on their needs and budget.

Araku Valley is one of the weekend getaway options for travelers living in Srikakulam and Kakinada.

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Sandeep Batta

  • Tourist
  • Sandeep Batta
  • Lives in Anantapur
  • 1 Review
  •  1133 readers

"Travelling with friends, cheering up."

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Apr 18, 2017
It was a feeling whether to share it or not! Go with the group to get the better experience and feeling that can never get when you travel with parents or some other family members. Better travel safe by
Getting better riders because the route is dangarous and ruthless.
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Chandan Pal

  • Tourist
  • Chandan Pal
  • Lives in Bhilai
  • 3 Reviews
  •  5 helpful votes
  •  2908 readers

"Wonder place for relaxing"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Feb 26, 2017
We 3 went to Araku via vizak
We stay hartia valley resort of Aptdc
Hotel is good but restrurent service is very poor
Food is not available as per normal choise. To be looked in
Here you get mountain as well as sea combination of both
In vizak you should not miss Yarada beach
Coffi museum. And light house
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  • YES
  • 3 votes


  • Scout
  • Suman
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 4 photos
  • 10 Reviews
  •  8 helpful votes
  •  4752 readers

"Kindaul passenger"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jan 6, 2017
Train no. : -58501 ... Departure station: Vizag, usually platform no 5 ... Time of departure: 7. 05 am ... Arrival station: Araku ... Arrival time : 11. 05 usually late by 15 -20 minutes ... Distance covered: 125 Km
Ensure you are on the right hand side seat of the kindaul passenger to enjoy the valley. Don't worry if you are on the left hand side ... You will see the different flora and fauna the eastern ghat as well as the rock walls rising 5 -10 fet away from you.
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  • YES
  • 2 votes

Rapolu Nikhil

  • Tourist
  • Rapolu Nikhil
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 13 photos
  • 14 Reviews
  •  38 helpful votes
  •  32381 readers

"Wonderful place and chilled place"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Dec 5, 2016
Araku Valley is a Hill station in Visakhapatnam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is a valley in the Eastern Ghats inhabited by different tribes. I visited this place few years ago. I love this place a lot. The cool place with green plantation. Everyone can enjoy the place a lot. Days you spend in the araku valley be good memories in your life.
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  • YES
  • 4 votes

Kulkarni Atul

  • Tourist
  • Kulkarni Atul
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 10 photos
  • 11 Reviews
  •  3 helpful votes
  •  16368 readers

"Adventurous place"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Sep 5, 2016
Was with a group there.. Had a great time at waterfalls and from there felt to stay there and decided... The weather was damn cool. We would feel that at 4 pm itself. Best way to enjoy is by putting campfires and the place Chaprai which on seeing initially thought, it would be a waste but had a good time there too.
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Naga phaneendra nagubandi

  • Tourist
  • Naga phaneendra nagubandi
  • 2 Reviews
  •  5355 readers

"Excellent Experience"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Aug 25, 2016
The Araku Valley experience is one of the most enjoyable trip for everyone who faces a hassle daily routine life.

In the trip you will get a chance to visit:

1. Borra Caves (3/5)

2. Katiki Waterfalls (4/5)

3. Shooting Spots

4. Coffee Plants

5. Chapa Rayi (5/5 if plenty of water is there).
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Ashish Bhattacharya

  • Tourist
  • Ashish Bhattacharya
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 6 Reviews
  •  1 helpful vote
  •  6299 readers


  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Aug 1, 2016
The travellers who visits Visakhapatnam must visit Araku valley. The hill station is a must visit for its breathtaking views which can't be expressed in words. Although, the place offers very few activities, it rejuvenate the whole body. The Chaprai waterfalls, Tribal Museum, Padmapuram Botanical Garden are the major attraction. On the route from Visakhapatnam, one can also visit Borra Caves.
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Sayantan datta

  • Tourist
  • Sayantan datta
  • 2 Reviews
  •  3 helpful votes
  •  6282 readers

"Felt better than Munnar"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jul 29, 2016
The train ride to Arakku is awesome but be sure to book in advance and if possible reserve a window seat on the right side !! The train journey is filled with amazing views and plethora of tunnels. Weather is very nice, the temperature was around perfect 24C during the month of July. However, it is recommended that you carry umbrella since it rains now and then. Visit all the water falls if possible but don't waste time visiting tribal museum and botanical garden. Be sure to visit Borra caves. This part is interesting. Apart from the general places inside the caves which are well lit with flood lights, there are plenty of opportunities for adventurous ones who want to enjoy the cave in its pristine form where the only source of light is the LED torch. The adventure trip includes 45 minutes of journey trough cave followed by steep descent though dense forest and then climbing 90 degree mountain using only natural flora for support. Be sure to take a good tour guide if you plan on to get adventurous. You need to get your hands as well as clothes dirty in order to visit those places.
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  • 3 votes

Heera Chand

  • Tourist
  • Heera Chand
  • 3 Reviews
  •  6 helpful votes
  •  10811 readers

"Too hot and few good places to visit"

  • 3.0/7
  • Posted May 25, 2016
The place is not at all fit to be visited in summer. Though it is designated as a hill station, but the temperature during the day soars up to 46 degree ie. Much higher than any township. There is no water at the waterfall. Food is horrible and costly. Except Borra Cave, Tribal Museum and Coffee Museum, there is no place to visit.
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  • YES
  • 3 votes

Bhargav Reddy

  • Tourist
  • Bhargav Reddy
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 13 photos
  • 9 Reviews
  •  1 helpful vote
  •  25217 readers

"Beautiful location"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted May 7, 2016
The place is located 910 m above mean sea level. Excellent location for holiday stay, movie shoots. Going to katiki waterfalls is like an small adventure it is a memorable adventure and chaparai waterfalls is also good. Borra caves, Tribal museum, Ananthagiri hills are the other ones to watch out for.
  • Was this review useful?
  • YES
  • 1 vote

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