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Cave Temples Of Badami

Cave Temples Of Badami  Video Reviewvideo play

Cave Temples Of Badami

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Kotilinga Temple

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Sai Shekar

Sai Shekarratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 11 months ago

A feast for those people who loves art and appreciates art

I'm from Ballari a city in Karnataka, to reach Badami you need to go "Gadag"a place which approximately 100kms away from my place. First we reached "Gadag", Badami is 60 kms away from Gadag you need to catch up a Govt bus which requires minimum 1. 5hrs to reach Badami from Gadag.
Firstly you need to see is the Badami caves which is beautiful artwork of our ancient history, as you can see in the above pictures.
A person who is truly interested towards art and who wants to grab the details and appreciate one, Badami is the right place for those art enthusiasts.
The main disadvantage of this place is it has less number of buses to Gadag, a person who says to make a stay in Badami can do it, but one trip is bit difficult.
There many other places to be visited, the best choice and we visited was by hiring a auto who took up the responsibility of showing us places like Banashankari, Pattadakallu which is a beautiful place and must be visited atleast once in your life.
Mainly you need to be wise and carefully while choosing a auto guy, to cover Pattadakallu, and 4 other places he asks 500-600; that is reasonable price and if you want to visit iholle you need to pay him around 800/-
I had only been to Badami, pattadakal, banashankari and some two other places which is a beauty place to visit
A place which is filled with Indian art and heritage.

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Shyamala Kamath

Shyamala Kamathratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

12 reviewsPosted 10 months ago


In Kannada Badami means almond. Since the rocks here are in brownish almond colour it has got the name Badami.
These are the natural rocks formed by cooling of volcanic lava.
The Royal dynasty Chalukyas have carved these beautiful caves to promote their art. Its unique way of carving Upside down instead of down to up.
Its beautiful piece of art worth watching. Better to hire a guide who will explain the story behind these sculpture and share interesting information. Guide will cost you Rs 500.
There are also evidences of Islamic attack on these places. You will find governor office and the accountant office built in Islamic style. Also few constructions made by Tipu Sultan. Hence this place will be useful for people interested in History, art, photographers and those who just want to admire the beauty.
The city is quiet hot and too sunny. Even though the caves are pretty cool in contrast if you prefer to roam in the city better carry hat.
Beware of monkeys. Don't leave your valuable aside even for a second especially while taking pics.
Food speciality is Jola roti(corn bread). There are few eateries near busstop. Its better to book a cab and go to this place. Be careful when you keep your luggage in the roof top carriers. Monkeys don't spare them too.

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