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Badrinath Climate & Weather



Tue 26th Sep

9° c

Clear throughout the day.

  • Wind: 

    1 km/h

  • Humidity: 

    34 %

  • Pressure: 

    1011 mb

  • Cloud Cover: 

    3 %

  • Visibility: 


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Badrinath is a hill resort and a popular pilgrimage destination in North India. Badrinath is located in the Garhwal region of the Chamoli district of Uttaranchal at an altitude of 3133 meters.

Badrinath remains quite chilly throughout the year. The average maximum temperature recorded is 18 Celsius and the average minimum is 8 Celsius. Warm and woollen clothes are hence required for a stay in Badrinath throughout the year.

Summer in Badrinath comes in March and extends up to June. Days during summer are pleasant with moderate climate. Intermittent rainfalls can be experienced during summer. The maximum temperature recorded during summer in Badrinath is 18 Celsius. Nights are cold with a minimum temperature of 10 Celsius. Light woollen clothes are advisable while planning a trip to Badrinath during summer.

Monsoon in Badrinath begins from July and extends up to October with heavy rain falls. A drop down in temperature is experienced during monsoon with a maximum temperature of 13 Celsius. Pilgrimage to Badrinath temple during monsoon can become difficult due to heavy showers.    

Winter in Badrinath starts from November and extends up to February. The winter in Badrinath is often accompanied by snow falls. Winter is very chilly with an average temperature of 5 Celsius. Most often temperatures touch subzero levels and the whole area becomes snow-bound. Heavy woollen clothes are a must during winter to survive the biting cold.   

Badrinath temple remains open from the first week of May till the second week of November. Hence May to November is the best season of pilgrimage to Badrinath temple. This is also the perfect time for sightseeing. Summer and monsoon in Badrinath is also a time for rituals, processions and festivities. Hence accommodation can become difficult during the pilgrimage season.

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