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Pavan Kadu

Pavan Kaduratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Candle Light Dinner on Baga Beach is awesome

Baga Beach is the place where you can fell.. Sea life. We love this place we had a great time with beautiful blue sea and the water sport and sun bath is very delight to have on beach. Anyone can take sun bed in very cheapest rate and having fun with your love one, having beer and fresh fruit juice. Food is very tasty, mostly sea food like fish, we had enjoy candle light dinner with hooka pot and enjoy the sound of sea waves. Also we had love to dance on floor disc. I advice everyone to visit Baga Beach in the night time, having great time with your love and family.

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  • Candle Light Dinner on Baga Beach is awesome
  • Candle Light Dinner on Baga Beach is awesome

Gaurav Khurana

Gaurav Khuranaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

A great destination for adventurers!!

8 boys of 20-25 age group, A beach, Blue Waters, No tensions, Alcohol...!! All you need to have the feel of heaven on earth...!! Well we group of 8 youngsters were on adventure of Goa and we selected Baga beach for our vacations. And now we are proud that we selected that destination. And we booked blue beach resorts to stay.

wwwwwooooowwwwwwwwwwww what a resort, well I have discussed in detail about this in my hotel review, so not getting in detail, I would like to say its a perfect resort to enjoy the beauty of beach. Finally when we reached at goa airport we all were very excited instead of having stress of journey. Excitement was obvious because we all were going to experience the beach beauties for the first time in our life. Haha dont get me wrong, i ' m talking about the natural beauty of beach:P

Well finally when we reached at the seaside of the resort, a sensation ran through out of our veins. The expressions on all of our faces are not expressible. What an awesome view yarrrrr. The sunset time, you cant just imagine if you have never seen a beach sunset. I was lost in the scene for few minutes, and I revived my self when my friends called me for heading towards our rooms. Even after reaching to room i was just thinking about the view and after few minutes we were back on the beach to start the fun.

And the fun begun with the sound of hurrrreeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. We all ran towards the waves. As we want to touch the sun from there. I was having the feel of heaven. We all jumped in to the waves and the funny moment, 6 of us just fell down there and was difficult to stand there for us. The laugh goes louder and louder.

We spent 3-4 hours there, Unforgettable moments...!!

Now the goa beach night party has been started in bar of the resort. We can hear the loud music there. We just moved there and had a great view of beach beauties dancing there :p Dancing and partying till the morning.

Next day we woke up at around 3 pm. and the surprize was waiting for us. Manager of resort informed us that we had got free tickets for the boat surfing on the waves. We all became delighted and started to prepare ourselves for adventure. Really its an amazing experience to surf on the waves. Feel of heaven.

I can write and write a number of pages on all of my tour, but I had to stop now and close my experience. Now the tips part. Must carry torch, extra snickers (Because sand in the pants irritates a lot so you have to change many) Girls should carry sunburn cream too however m okay without that too :P
Most importantly CAMERA.. Because all of us idiots forget to took the camera. And we still regret that:(

Here I end my review by the line SAGA of BAGA still on my mind....!!!!!!!! Bang On...!!!!!

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