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Wed 23rd Aug

20° c

Light rain in the afternoon and evening.

  • Wind: 

    4 km/h

  • Humidity: 

    81 %

  • Pressure: 

    1007 mb

  • Cloud Cover: 

    99 %

  • Visibility: 


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Bengaluru is often referred to as the Pensioner's Heaven due to its pleasant and comfortable climate. It has a dry tropical savanna climate with moderately hot summers and comfortably cold winters. Situated at an altitude of 949 meters above sea level, Bangalore experiences a pleasant weather throughout the year because of its high elevation. The city experiences distinct wet and dry spells with the occasional heat waves during the summer and the cool winter breeze.

The city has its summer between the months of February to May and the average summer temperature in Bengaluru is 33.6° Celsius. The warmest month is April and the maximum temperature level during this time can go up to 36°Celsius. However, even during the summer months the temperature remains mostly comfortable and many a time people have to use light blankets during the nights. This is usually because of the frequent rainfalls and thunderstorms that that the city witnesses which to a great extent moderates the summer heat.

The city experiences a fair share of rainfall brought on by the south-western monsoons. The monsoon season prevails between the months of July and September, and the city often gets flooded in areas during these months. The city in fact receives rainfall from both the northeast and the southwest monsoons and the wettest month is usually August. The average annual rainfall that the city gets is 859 mm.

The winter months from December to February are pleasant with the occasional chilly evenings. The coldest month is January and the average temperature is around 15.1° Celsius. Visitors can enjoy the foggy early mornings during the months of November to February, and this intensifies in the month of December and January. Although the winter temperatures do not go below 12° Celsius, it does get a little chilly at times during the evenings and nights due to the breeze.

The best time to visit the city is during the months of October to February. During this time the climate remains pleasant with mild, comfortable temperatures and very little rainfall. One can enjoy the cool pleasant breeze and a clear weather.

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