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Vinod Nair3.6/5

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Very Inviting, Pristine Well Maintained Fort

Baikal Fort in Kasargod is definitely an off beat destination in Kerala and you must visit this place if you are around Kasargod, Kannur or for that matter Mangalore. It is close by to these 3 places.
The Fort is widespread overlooking the Baikal Beach and gives fantastic view of the ocean and the Baikal beach front.
The Beach is kept pristine clean and well maintained. Parking is available with ample space for cars and even buses. There are few eateries outside with some basic snacks and toy stores and that has helped it to be kept clean. Nothing inside the fort which is a real need to maintain its sanctity. There is a nice garden at the entrance of the beach and thats a very thoughtfully done idea as you get nice shades and corners to sit and chill once you are done strolling on the beach.
Overall a wonderful destination in Kasargod and kids will enjoy this experience with lessons in History over the making and further capturing of this Fort.
Have enclosed pics showing the timings and entry charges. We stayed at Baikal Palace which is close by to the Baikal Fort and Beach and decent economy hotel. There are other luxury stay options as well such as Tej Baikal and Lalit Baikal. Try them out as well.
The sunset from the Baikal Fort and its Beach is Marvellous experience. Hence try being there before sunset, explore the entire Fort and as the sun sets experience it first at the Fort and immediately go to the adjoining beach and soak in the sunset experience and relax there.

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Tanjila tamboli

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The unexplored beauty of Baikal !!!

Baikal fort and beach was the last trip I went in start of October! The journey was so beautifulas we went from Bangalore to Baikal via. It was fantastic as a road trip! About Bekal, It is quite unexplored destination so we choose that to explore the real beauty of nature and we were overwhelmed by seeing it! When you reach there the view from fort is the real thing !!! Like you can completely see the difference ... At one side you'll see all coconut trees till your eyes reach! Right opposite side you'll see all the sea water till your eyes reach! This thung satisfied me a lot ... The freshness of air, the roaring of see, music of wind gives a compliment to the destination! Also beach was less crowded so enjoyed a lot! Calmness is the thing over there I observed ... That gave me peace of mind ... Literally I forgot about daily life schedule and problems ... It was too good :) sea food was great there! Loved it ... Overall trip was the BEST !!!

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Bekal Overview

Situated on the shore of the Pallikara village, Bekal is small town on the eastern seashore of Kerala. Located 16 km away from the Kasargod Town, Bekal is an important town of Kasargod district. During the Perumal age, the town was a part of Mahodayapuram. After the decline of Mahodayapuram Perumals by the 12th century, North Kerala including Bekal came under the administrative control of Kolathunadu. During the reign of Kolathiries, Bekal flourished as an important port town of Thulunadu.

In 1565, the Battle of Thalikkottai resulted in the decline of the Vijayanagara Empire. Several feudatory chieftains including the Keladi Nayakas became politically strong after the end of Vijayanagara Empire. Soon, the Nayakas realised the political and economic importance of the region and conquered it. During this time, Bekal served as a centre in establishing the domination of Nayakas in Malabar.

According to a local Kannada writer, Bekal Rama Nayak, Bekal is derived from the word Baliakulam, which means Big Palace. In ancient time, every palace was protected by a fort and hence Bekal fort was also constructed. In 1763, this fort was captured by Hyder Ali, who passed it to Tipu Sultan. Later in 1799, Bekal came under the administrative control of English East India Company. During this time, Bekal became the headquarters of the Bekal Taluk of South Canara District, which was administered by Bombay Presidency.

In 1862, South Canara became a part of the Madras Presidency and Bekal Taluk was replaced by Kasargod Taluk. The oldest ritualistic temple art form of India, Theyyam, is predominant in the region. Every year from October through May, grand display of this ritual art is held at several places in the region. Kalaripayattu, the martial art form and Yakshagana, a musical theatre, are also an integral part of the culture of Bekal.

Major attraction in the town is Bekal Fort, which is one of the best preserved forts in Kerala. Underneath the Bekal Fort is the Bekal Beach, which is characterised by golden sand and palm trees. Furthermore, Valiyaparamba, which is around 19 km away from the destination, is famous as the beautiful stretch of backwater in Kerala.

The airport nearest to Bekal is Mangalore International Airport, which is located around 50 km away from the town. Kasargod and Kanhangad are the nearest railheads that can be used for reaching the destination by train. The town is also connected to Kasargod and Kanhangad by regular bus service operated by Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. Best time to visit Bekal is from October through March, when weather is favourable for outing and sightseeing.