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Belgaum Info

  • State: Karnataka
  • Famous for/as: City
  • Altitude: 762 m
  • Pincode: 590001
  • District: Belgaum
  • Language: Kannada,Marathi
  • STD code: 0831
  • Weather: Summer 19 to 36°C, Winter 15 to 29°C
Belgaum town is situated in the Belgaum district, in the north – western region of Karnataka of Southern India. Belgaum is a popular tourist destination in the Southern part of Karnataka owing to its rich historical background and natural beauty.

Belgaum is one among the oldest cities of Karnataka. It lies at a distance of about 504 km from Bangalore, 550 km from Mumbai, 159 km from Panaji and 336 km from Pune. Since Belgaum is located in between Maharashtra and Goa, the place has acquired a unique culture and heritage of its own.  

As per archaeological investigations, Belgaum was once known as Venugrama (Bamboo village) and was a part of the Chalukya Empire between the 6th and 8th century AD. The town of Belgaum was built during the 12th century by the rulers of the region, Rattas.

The rule of the Rattas in Belgaum was later followed by the Yadavas of Devangiri, which later was overrun by the great Vijaynagar Kingdom. During the 15th century, Belgaum was captured by the Bahamani rulers of the Deccan. Belgaum Fort, which was built by the Rattas, was renovated by the Bahamani rulers and several new monuments like Safa Masjid and Jamia Masjid were added to it.

Belgaum came under the rule of the Maratha Empire for a brief period after which the Adil Shahi rulers of Bijapur succeeded the area. Later, Belgaum was known by the name Azamnagar when it came under the rule of Aurangzeb during 1686.

Hyder Ali of Mysore captured and ruled Belgaum for a brief period but it was eventually taken over by the Peshwa with the assistance of the British. Belgaum became a prominent garrison town under the British for a long period. Belgaum played a major role during Indian Freedom Movement as well.

Belgaum is also known by the name ‘Malendu’ (Rain Country).  Belgaum town lies at the foothills of the Western Ghats which is responsible for the lush vegetation in the area. The scenic beauty of Belgaum and its surroundings has significantly improved the tourism industry.

Today, Belgaum is known for the Airmen Training School, an Indian Air Force training centre located at Sambra and the Commando School and School of Jungle Warfare of the Indian Army.

Belgaum Fort, Kamala Basti, St. Mary's Church, Mahadeva temple, Kapileshwara Temple, Safa Mosque, Gokak falls, Rakaskop, Jamboti, Varapoha Falls, etc. are some of the major tourist attractions of Belgaum.

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Pritvi Kanchi

  • Expert
  • Pritvi Kanchi
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 46 Reviews
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  •  55055 readers

"The most important tourist attractions in North Karnataka"

  • 7/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
Belgaum is one of the most important tourist attractions in North Karnataka. Gokak Falls is around 6 kilometres from gokak town nestled on the Ghataprabha river. Gokak town is around 65 kilometres from belgaum town. There is a hanging bridge across the ghataprabha river. Hidkal Dam is also located in Gokak Taluk of belgaum district. Kittur is around 45 kilometres from belgaum town and is well-known for the heroics of kittur rani chennamma against the misdeeds of the British rule. Saundatti, located 72 kilometres from belgaum is famous for the Yellamma Devi Temple. Magod Falls is located 17 kilometres from yellapur nestled on the bedti river. Satoddi Falls is around 32 kilometres from yellapur close to sirsi town. The best season to visit all these places is between September to February.
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Vivek Kumar

  • Scout
  • Vivek Kumar
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  1116 readers

"A nice city with good weather"

  • 5/7
  • Posted May 11, 2015
It's a nice place. Weather is very good. It rains heavily in rainy season. There are 2 medical college, JNMC & BIMS.

There are lots of shopping brand outlets. Near jnmc there is KFC, Domino's, Subway to chill out. There are many good restaurants also to eat like Sun and sand, Mithila, Sankam, Sanman, Saffron, Niyaz etc.

Overall place is nice and can enjoy a lot.
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  • 1 vote

Shobha Vr

  • Scout
  • Shobha Vr
  • 1 Review
  •  2 helpful votes
  •  531 readers

"Wonderful experiece in Belgaum"

  • 5/7
  • Posted May 4, 2015
Belgaum is such a beautiful place. Its the second capital of Karnataka state. Just 8 hours journey from Bangalore. 8 hours by bus, 10 hours by train.

Climate in Belgaum is wonderful. There are so many tourist places in Belgaum like kamal basadi, old fort, old fort temple, lakshmi temple etc. All these places are just within 4 km from Belgaum main bustand. In, military mahadev temple there is a small zoo with deers, ostrich n so on. Its good to visit with your children.

Then there is gokak falls, hidkal dam, godchinmalki which are like heavenly places with water. Gokak falls and Godchinmalki are lovely places to visit during rainy season. There are so many small waterfalls in godchinamalki but in gokak falls we find big and beautiful water falls. The scenery, when we stand on the bridge built above the gokak falls, its beautiful. Its hard to explain in words. When I had been to gokak falls last rainy reason, I had an amazing experience. I even got to see double rainbows which was a visual treat.

Then there is Navilatirtha and Saundatti which are very famous visiting places in belgaum. Navilatirtha has a beautiful garden with numerous variety of flower plants. Yellamma temple in saundatti is very beautiful and a must place to visit if anyone loves to visit temples. So do visit Belgaum, wonderful time is guaranteed:)
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  • 2 votes

Akash Kl

  • Scout
  • Akash Kl
  • 3 Reviews
  •  39 helpful votes
  •  3824 readers

"Amazing city with beauty all around"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Oct 7, 2014
It is a nice place. Gokak falls is around 60 km from there. And Tilari is around Around 30 km. Godachin malakki falls, kamal basti are wonder full places to visit as well. Climate of Belgaum is very cool. The Belgaum fort is amazing with its awesome beauty.
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  • 5 votes

Appasab Murugunde

  • Scout
  • Appasab Murugunde
  • 1 Review
  •  7 helpful votes
  •  1345 readers

"A place where you can find 15 water falls"

  • 4/7
  • Posted Aug 18, 2014
Belgaum is a nice place. The places to see nearby are, Gokak falls which is around 60 km from Belgaum, Tilari around 30 km from Belgaum, Paragada(there are 15 water falls there) and Godachin Malakki falls. We had a nice family trip, and people should visit this place to really enjoy and relax in their holidays
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  • 7 votes

Siddhesh naik

  • Scout
  • Siddhesh naik
  • Lives in Goa
  • 3 Reviews
  •  28 helpful votes
  •  4696 readers

"Good shopping and food destination"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Jul 9, 2014
Belgaum had a rich cultural diversity and some very good shopping destinations. The food was also good especially the newly opened dhaba close to Anupam Hotel. The food there was really awesome. Planning to visit again soon. A must visit place for everyone.
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  • 3 votes

Nissar ahmad

  • Explorer
  • Nissar ahmad
  • Cityslicker
  • 6 Reviews
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  •  5776 readers

"Masti in Belgaum"

  • 7/7
  • Posted Dec 31, 2013
Belgaum is a well known place in India and loved by the people. Climate of Belgaum is very cool place. Especiality of this place is there is Belgaum fort here and for shopping there is big bazar. It is different from other places because its climate is awesome. There is one well known restaurant called niyaz. its just the amazing restaurant very delicious food is available there. There is one famous circle called Rani Chennama circle.
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  • 3 votes

Amit Deshpande

  • Scout
  • Amit Deshpande
  • Critic
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 3 Reviews
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  •  3634 readers

"Cool place"

  • Posted Aug 5, 2013
Good place with various places to visit. Belgaum enjoys rich cultural diversity stemming from its proximity to the states of Maharashtra and Goa.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Udaya Bhavan, Kamat. Don't miss to see Killa lake.

Activities & things to do: -

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: -
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  • 2 votes

Sandesh Bhise

  • Scout
  • Sandesh Bhise
  • Flashpacker
  • Lives in Goa
  • 3 Reviews
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  •  3445 readers


  • Posted Aug 2, 2013
Good, shopping is cheap as well as you can enjoy fresh vegetables, do not forget to buy Belgaum sweet especially 'Kunda'

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Perfect

Activities & things to do: Enjoy weather

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Best to travell by car
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  • 3 votes

Madhusudan Navelkar

  • Scout
  • Madhusudan Navelkar
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  3364 readers

"Belgaum Visit"

  • Posted Jan 31, 2013
Belgaum is a good city with proper in-roads and traffic system. Belguam is a shopping destination for clothes and other household items. Food and people are also friendly.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food is good specially veg. Prefer Suruchi and Hotel Sanman for pure veg food. Shetty,s is also good for snacks.
Khade bazar at Belgaum city and Shahapur are the 2 shopping mains.
Sight seeing can be at Fort, temples in Belgaum and the highway of Pune Bangalore.

Activities & things to do: Shopping, shopping and eating.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: From Goa best option is vis Amboli or Anmod. With the road from Chorla Ghat getting a facelift this road will be a shorter to reach Belgaum from Goa.
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