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  • Type: Mountain
The rocks, Bellary
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Places to Visit in Bellary
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The city of Bellary mainly spreads around two hills of rocky granite, namely the Kumbara Gudda and the Bellary Gudda, which are visible from every corner of the town. In Kannada language, hill is called Gudda. Extraction of granite from the granite rocks and hills of Bellary... Read More »
  • Type: Zoo
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Bellary Zoo, Bellary
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Places to Visit in Bellary
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The children park and zoo of Bellary was established in 1981. Covering an area of 2.4 hectares, this zoo supports wildlife like Crocodile, Blackbuck, Indian Peafowl, Spotted deer (Chital), Jackal, Python, Cobra, Panther, Bear and Boar. This zoo is on the verge of relocation to... Read More »
"Needs maintenance"Mar 23, 2015
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Bellary Fort, Bellary
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Places to Visit in Bellary
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Perched on top of the Fort Hill or Bellary Gudda is the Bellary Fort, which was constructed by Hande Hanumappa Nayaka, around the hill during the period of Vijaynagara Empire. This Fort was later captured by Hyder Ali in 1769 who renovated it and re-designed it with the aid of... Read More »
"Beautiful Bellary Fort"Dec 13, 2015
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  • Type: Hill
Kumbara Gudda, Bellary
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Places to Visit in Bellary
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Kumbara Gudda, is the sister of Bellary Hill and is known by another name - Face Hill as well. It has received such a name due to the southeast view of this hill, which bears resemblance to the side angle of a human face. This hill is renowned for its naturally created carved... Read More »
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  • Type: Mountain
Bellary Gudda, Bellary
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Places to Visit in Bellary
Bellary Gudda, with a perimeter of approximately 3.2 km and a height of 480 ft is the World’s second biggest monolithic mount. From the northeast to southwest, this hill’s length is measured to be around 1,150 ft. The four sides of this hill is covered with some... Read More »

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