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Berhampur also known as Brahmapur is situated on the eastern coastline of Ganjam District, in the state of Orissa. It lies south of Chilika Lake, and has an agriculturally fertile land comprising dense forests. The city is popular as the ‘Silk......Read more on Berhampur

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Grameswara Temple, Berhampur
Rank 1
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Places to Visit in Berhampur
  • Type: Temple
Grameswara Temple is a well-known Shiva temple situated at Berhampur in Prachi valley near Bhubaneswar. This ancient temple is also a landmark destination of Berhampur and lies at a distance of 37 km from the capital city. Apart from Lord Shiva, who is the principal deity of the shrine, you can... Read More »
Gopalpur Beach, Berhampur
Rank 2
Ranked 2 of 14
Places to Visit in Berhampur
  • Type: Beach
At about a distance of 16 km from Berhampur, the small beach town of Gopalpur is on the Bay of Bengal. This town is known to have unspoiled beaches in the state. Like in the old days, the lighthouse still exists and blinks at night to guide the ships in middle of the deep sea with directions to... Read More »
Maa Bhairavi Temple, Berhampur
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Places to Visit in Berhampur
  • Type: Place of Worship
In the district of Gamjam, close to the city of Berhampur, the Maa Bhairavi Temple is located in the remote village of Mantridi. The diety has been carved in a crude fashion with one leg and four arms. This shrine was discovered while ploughing the land, where the idol was hidden underneath.... Read More »
Taratarini Temple, Berhampur
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Places to Visit in Berhampur
  • Type: Place of Worship
Taratarini Temple is located in the Southern part of Orissa. It is a renowned religious place, which is presided over by Goddess Tara and Tarini - the twin sisters. It is perched atop a hill surrounded by the sacred Rushikulya River. Reaching the shrines of the temple is an interesting and... Read More »
Aryapalli Beach, Berhampur
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Ranked 5 of 14
Places to Visit in Berhampur
  • Type: Beach
At a distance of 30 km from Berhampur is the Aryapalli Beach. Swimming, surfing and sun bathing are some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the beach. Plantations of casuarinas surround the beach. Sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed as  well. The ideal time to visit this beach... Read More »
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