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  • Type: Historic Place
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Mandar Hills, Bhagalpur
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Places to Visit in Bhagalpur
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The Mandar Hills are located at a distance of 30 km from the city of Bhagalpur and carry mythological significance for the city. They are based on 800 ft high granite hill. These hills have their mention in a popular Hindu mythology related ‘amritmanthana’.... Read More »
Ancient Vikramsila University, Bhagalpur
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Places to Visit in Bhagalpur
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The University of Vikramshila is another sightseeing attraction of Bhagalpur situated at 38 km from the city, in the town of Vikramshila. It serves as an education centre teaching Tantric Buddhism. This university was established by Dharmapala, which was the devout Pala King... Read More »
  • Type: Temple
Vaasupujya Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Mandir, Bhagalpur
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Places to Visit in Bhagalpur
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  • Type: Religious Place
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Ghuran Peer Baba, Bhagalpur
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Places to Visit in Bhagalpur
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  • Type: Craft
Colganj Rock Cut Temples, Bhagalpur
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Places to Visit in Bhagalpur
The Colganj rock cut Temples are one of the main tourist attractions of Bhagalpur. They are situated at 8 km west of Sultanganj City. The rock cut carvings present on these temples date back to the Gupta Period. These carvings depict many Hindu, Jain and Buddhist deities.... Read More »

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