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  • State: Maharashtra
  • Famous for/as: Hill
  • District: Amravati
Chikhaldara is a famous city in the Amravati District in the Vidarbha region of the state of Maharashtra. It is a beautiful hill station replete with wildlife, lakes, waterfalls and viewpoints. This city is named after Keechaka, who was killed by Bhima and was thrown into this valley, named dari in Marathi. The valley thus came to be known as Keechakadara or Chikhaldara.

There are several valleys in the region that feature dense forests with long trees. This city is located at an altitude of 1118 metres above sea level and is also the only coffee-growing area in the state of Maharashtra. Furthermore, Chikhaldara is also the name of a plateau situated in the cotton growing area. According to legend, this is the place where Lord Krishna carried his wife Rukmanee.

This hilly area was discovered in 1823 by Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment. The region reminded him of England, especially during the autumn months of September and October, when tree leaves covered the ground. He proposed to make this place as the seat of the Government of India. Some of the villages located near Chikhaldara are Badnapur, Morgad, Salona, Semadoh, Sonapur and Devgaon.

Chikhaldara is famous for the Melghat Tiger Project, Hurricane Point, Devi Point, Prospect Point, Dhakana-Kolkaz National Park and the Semadoh Lake. It is located approximately 1100 metres above the main sea level, which gives a distinct climate to the destination from that of the remaining areas in the region.

Chikhaldara is the only hill resort in the Vidarbha region that has a cool breezy weather, which is ideal for a summer getaway. The best time to travel to Chikhaldara is between October and June.

Chikhaldara is one of the weekend getaway options for travelers living in Amravati and Akola.

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Rajen Vora

  • Tourist
  • Rajen Vora
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 1 Review
  •  418 readers

"Excellent place"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jan 16, 2017
Excellent & beautiful hill station. We are regularly conduct tour from last 10 years
Chikhaldhara tour is our monopoly
So many farm house of stroabery and other fruits. So many sight seens
Maleghat tiger safari jungle
Good location
Pollution free
Near by muktagiri jain temple
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Nitin Pethkar

  • Guru
  • Nitin Pethkar
  • Lives in Nagpur
  • 10 photos
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  •  82162 readers

"Only hill station in the Vidarbha region"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Jul 9, 2016
The deep misty valleys of Chikhaldara has a new shade in every fold unwrapped. Chikhaldara (chikaldara, chikhaldhara) is located in Amaravati district of Vidarbha region. The only hill station in the Vidarbha region offers you an abundance of wildlife, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls. Chikhaldara has many things to be explored.
It is named after "Keechaka". This is the place where Bheema killed villainous Keechaka and threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as "Keechakadara" - "Chikhaldara" is its corruption.
Chikhaldara is full of deep valleys, and these valleys are full of velvet mist and majestic trees. Chikhaldara is situated at an altitude of 1, 118 m and has the added distinction of being the only overgrowing area in Maharashtra. Chikhaldara is full of deep valleys, All this makes it a very popular summer retreat. With abundance of natural scenery, exciting wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls and a placid lake, the beauty of Chikhaldara is overwhelming. The climate is always breezy and walking on the clouds often becomes a reality.
Places of interest
• Places of interest in and around Chikhaldara are the Melghat Tiger Project, Dhakana-Kolkaz National Park, Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, Devi Point, Gavilgad and Narnala Fort, the Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, the Tribal Museum and the Semadoh Lake. • The Melghat Tiger Project has 82 tigers1 and also houses other animals like panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild bear, and wild dogs.
• The scenic beauty of the misty mountains with rich variety of flora could be observed from Hurricane Point, and Devi Point. 1
• Excursions to Gavilgad and Narnala Fort are also memorable ones. The mystery of nature unfolds itself in every twists and turns of the hilly way.
• Oct - Feb: Cool and crisp. Temp in Dec-Jan Period is well below 10 deg C. Winter Clothing is necessary.
• March - Mid June: Warm in day and cool in the evenings. Comfortable summer clothing. But carrying a jacket/shawl is advisable for nights.
• July - Sept: Monsoon Time. Carrying rain gear is recommended. It is advisable to carry warm clothing for evening.
Keeping in mind that it is a forest area, wearing bright clothing is not recommended. Earthy/pastel shades are best suited and especially necessary for the wild-life Safari.
The best season for visiting is from March to June.
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Yasha Deshpande

  • Explorer
  • Yasha Deshpande
  • Lives in Raipur
  • 16 photos
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  •  24152 readers

"Hill top town"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Mar 31, 2016
If one is a nature lover and want to have a relaxed holiday should visit CHIKHALDARA. It is a very small town powered by wind energy and far away from commercialisation. We been there in the month of December but best time to visit this place is in rainy season because in that season one can have experience of river rafting and other water sports. Keechakadara, Mata ka Mandir, Eco Point, Old Fort etc, are few point to visit. We choose Satpura Retreat Resort for our stay there. It's one among the best resort there and we have amazing hospitality experience.
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Desi Bels

  • Explorer
  • Desi Bels
  • 6 Reviews
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"Off-season oasis"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Aug 8, 2015
Chikaldhara is one of the lesser known getaways in Maharashtra. The monsoon is perhaps the best season to pay a visit, though I'd recommend the summer months for those searching for much cooler environs. The summer months witness less tourists, making it ideal for spending quiet holidays. Writers will find this a perfect location to stare down plateaued valleys for inspiration and the right setting for framing words.

The Melghat Tiger Reserve is not very far from here. I had the pleasure of listening to the mechanics of tiger census collection from two very bright ladies that were working for the forest department. One couldn't help but admire their passion for the wild (extended periods in the jungle), and dedication in choosing a profession in the milieu that they grew up in.

The villages tell a tale of chronological inconsistency. The main road through the town presents a static snapshot of a mid-20th century setting. Only the present is, unfortunately, on a deteriorating trend. Chikaldhara is instructive on how NGO activities directed towards development sometimes results in a handout mentality. I spoke to several locals that didn't want to step out of their settings despite the unsavory conditions.

For prospective travelers that plan to self-drive, the roads are reasonable. Akola, or Amravati are good pit-stop locations for night layovers. For those looking to drive from/to Mumbai/Nasik, highly recommend the Nashik - Dhule - Jalgaon - Bhusaval - Akola - Chikaldhara route. The one through Madhya Pradesh touching Burhanpur is best avoided (no decent toilet facilities, forgettable roads)
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  • Scout
  • Prajwal
  • Lives in Amravati
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"Perfect for personal space"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Jul 26, 2015
I find this place as very cool and very interesting. Very less people were seen in this place which gives personnel space for couple and time to roam around. There are 3 road which goes to Chikhaldara from Paratwada. Out of which Via Semadoh is very interesting with jungle view and small rivers. Around 32 km from Paratwada.
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Yogendra Sahu

  • Scout
  • Yogendra Sahu
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Bhilai
  • 4 Reviews
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"Monsoon paradise!"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jul 21, 2015
So this was the last destination of my bike road trip, which was followed as from Raipur to khairagarh - kawardha- chilphi valley- mandala-jabalpur - dhuadhaar - pipariya - matkuli - pachmarhi - tamia - hoshangabaad forest reserve - paratdwaad - chikkaldara this was my final spot and I rested there like anything the place is so peace full, the ride was breath taking and the greenery of the first monsoon shower added to the the scene much more its a must visit place for all the people from chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra as a road trip!
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Pratima Bhatt

  • Scout
  • Pratima Bhatt
  • Lives in Kolhapur
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"Small world with many animals, peace of mind and happiness"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jul 23, 2014
Chikhaldara just the name makes me feel relaxed, calm and happy.
I love calm places amidst nature's bounty and if there's wildlife in it too, then I feel like I've hit a jackpot! Chikhaldara is an offbeat location, hill station, in Maharashtra and since not many people know about it, it is not yet commercialized.
If you come from places like Nagpur or Amravati or Akola, then Chikhaldara will be a hillstation for you. I'd visited this place with family and we found it hotter than our hometown even though it's a hill station So, people living in moderate to cold regions, do not get carried away by the 'hill station'
We visited in April, so it was the peak of summer. The temperature was well above 40 degrees even before 12 PM. So be careful about when you visit.
Coming to the destination, it has so many ghats, I went crazy! Everywhere you look; there are valleys and a lot of greenery and monkeys. Monkeys everywhere! If during hot summers the place looked so green, I can only imagine how lush it could be in monsoons.
The tourist attractions here are not many, but the few ones are worth visiting repeatedly. The prime ones being Devi point where you will spot more monkeys than humans even during a festival rush, Shakkar lake, Government gardens, Bhimkund, Panchbol point, Gavilgad fort, Melghat tiger reserve and sunset point. All except the Government gardens are quite well maintained. We couldn't enjoy the jungle safari much, because a tree had fallen right across the street and it was not moved because apparently, the reserve administration does not interfere in the natural occurrence within the reserve limits. We spotted bison, peacocks and some Eagles there. Chikhaldara also happens to be the only coffee growing region in Maharashtra.
Coming to the hospitality, I have never been treated with so much warmth and friendliness at any tourist destination before! It's a sparsely populated area and the people are extremely helpful and warm...if they know you are a tourist, they will come up to you and explain the entire history of the tourist spot you are at, no matter how long that takes! And they don't expect anything in return. They are very proud of their culture and history which is endearing.
All in all, it is a beautiful place with the friendliest population, some rare tourist attractions and a massive treat for any nature lover.
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Manish Maurya

  • Scout
  • Manish Maurya
  • Lives in Surat
  • 3 Reviews
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"A place with splendid views"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jul 12, 2014
Located in the vicinity of Amaravati as a hill station, Chikhaldara is known for it's warming nature, fountains, hills, sunset points, lakes and Tiger Project. A good place to visit with friends and family. We booked a car from Nagpur, which took around five hours to travel around 250 km by road. We had only one day trip so hotel wasn't required. We had a great day. Food was great in the restaurants.
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Aslam Sheikh

  • Scout
  • Aslam Sheikh
  • Lives in Indore
  • 4 photos
  • 2 Reviews
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"Chikhaldara-Scenic beauty"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Nov 21, 2013
Let me introduce Myself, I am an engineer by profession and wild life enthusiast, am very much fond of adventure sports and trips to calm natural places, Chikaldara's 154 sq. Kms Forest offers it all. It was Diwali vacation and i was looking forward for good calm place to re-energize myself with family. Chikaldara was there to offer it all but i barely knew. I went there on a feedback given by a fellow workmen on our production line who hails from there.

I have booked a rest house which was privately owned near to botanical garden through the same source. There are many rest houses here, Caretakers are there to cater the food and logistics. I am based in Indore, route to me was Via Khandwa, Dharni & then simadoh and then Chikaldara, all in all 300 kms one way.

I must say I have enjoyed the drive after Dharni and way to simadoh through national park. Best of scenic views and wildlife can be seen, Deer and monkeys are common. There are 83 tigers are there in open in this reserve.
Simadoh was the place to take a break, from Simadoh to Chikaldara it is 23 KMS Uphill & Serpentine route, very steep and challenging drive. Best of the best drivers can fumble , you have to be very cautious and should have some experience of driving uphill serpentine roads before driving here. Anyways money i spent on purchasing tata safari is felt worth here.

Parental Tip : Be very sure to give children a Anti-Vomiting meds-otherwise sure they will throw up.

Reaching Chikaldara - When i reached chikaldara it was amazing to find such rest house near to Hurricane sunrise point, from this point i can clearly see valley view. Caretaker was very good person to compliment the needs and quires about the place. I have hired his services for food too and was fairly charged. Thus i got home made food every day ( I stayed 4 days). Campfire was my daily routine.

About Chikaldara: Very nice place, Historic, scenic, Natural, Boating, Historic Temples, Well governed ( Don't worry about getting cheated). There are 30 to 40 Places to see in this vicinity, Fort, Sunset points, sunrise points, wildlife sanctuary, Waterfalls etc 4 days was even less to see the place. i Will visit again.
Season to visit :
Sep - Dec ( Scenic beauty)
Wildlife - April - June (Tiger & other animals spotted )

Eating Out - Not so good restaurants.
Essentials - Pre-booking, Driver ( If you are not confident to drive on terrains) Camera, Binocular, shades, Umbrella, Torch etc
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Harsha Vardhan

  • Scout
  • Harsha Vardhan
  • Lives in Panaji
  • 4 Reviews
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"under develop hillstation vid good secnic buty"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jun 18, 2013
Located far from amravati n no other mode of transportation other dan roadways n day too st bus.
good place coz less crowed.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Very secnic beauty
food is OK,but u won't get breakfast coz restaurants r not opening before 12
not a shoppers paradise

Activities & things to do: Sightseeing, tiger reserve n just to enjoy d beautiful weather

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Better go to amravati n from der chikaldara by st coz dat is really cheaper
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