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Dr prabal Awasthi

Dr prabal Awasthi4.3/5

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Colva beach . . Place to relax and relive your memorie

Colva beach . In south Goa . Is much clean and calm . As compared to rushy beaches of north Goa . Water sports are more enjoyable due to less rush . Hotels are along beach . So you can enjoy lovely stay . And create memories . South Goa and its churches it's people and standstill beauty all of these reflect in silence of Colva

Gita Madhu

Gita Madhu3.2/5

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Rustic, Russian and Really Relaxing

Colva is the third Goa beach I've visited and, compared to Palolem and Miramar, I liked it. Palolem was just too white. And Miramar was inundated with domestic tourists. Colva has a nice mix of both.

Of course you suddenly feel as if you're looking at one of those Soviet magazines we used to get for free when I was young with Russians here, there and everywhere of various ages, genders and sizes. Most hotels and eateries and shops have signboards in Russian.

I can only tell you about the area around Amigo Plaza. You just come out of the hotel and you can walk to the left to get to many eateries for any budget and shops and other signs of civilisation. Right in front of the hotel is a set of eateries, one of which is for the people and the other for the fancy people.

If you turn to your right and walk a few steps you can turn to your left at a small informal path and find the beach in the blink of an eye and a fancy beach shack too. And more Russians.

If you choose to continue straight ahead after turning you will be walking along an almost deserted road with green fields on either side and then a small set of eateries and shops. We didn't get any further as we'd ventured there for our morning cup of tea. Along with us were a few locals.

An average person on a visit here should take the first option. Along that road are a spa and some hotels. At the end of the road to your left is the favourite restaurant of Indian tourists here: Sagar Kinara.

It's vegetarian upstairs and not downstairs where you can also get your alcohol.

From there if you turn to the right you get to walk down to the sea past tattoo parlours, shops selling knick knacks and yet more eateries. Just as the shops end you have a small local market where you and have tea and more for less than elsewhere.

And a little after that is the fabulous and decently priced 49ers by the sea! We enjoyed some great feni there and food as we watched the sea.

The other famous place for fresh fish and probably cheaper is Manisha (if I recall right).

The beach is nice and clean and calm near Amigo Plaza and turns into something like Miramar mayhem near 49ers and the other eateries on the beach. On that side it's just almost a total mess.

Perhaps it was the season, perhaps Colva is always like this but it's fairly peaceful and very relaxing.

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  • Rustic, Russian and Really Relaxing
  • Rustic, Russian and Really Relaxing

I am heading to Colva

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Very popular beach among the tourists  Video Review

Very popular beach among the tourists

Church is dedicated to Our Lady Of Mercy  Video Review

Church is dedicated to Our Lady Of Mercy

Beach and village is very beautiful and fashionable  Video Review

Beach and village is very beautiful and fashionable

Still they adorn  Video Review

Still they adorn

Colva Overview

Colva is a hamlet, recognised by one of the largest Goan beaches, that stretches over 25 kilometres. Located 6 kilometres from Margao (Madgaon), Colva lies in the southern region of Goa.

The destination is favoured by tourists as it hosts parties, carnivals and flea markets. Travellers of all segments have several activities at the destination located on the south of Bogmalo and Cabo de Rama to the north.

A retreat for the elite during the British Era, Colva is a one of the favoured holiday locations nearby Goa at present. It is one of the longest running beaches stretching 25 km along the coastline.

The white sandy beach stretch is outlined with coconut palms. The turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea along with this beach are a beautiful sight. To complement the retreating beach environment, there are colonial villas and fishing huts close to the beach.

A paradise for shell collectors, tourists can stroll along the coastline to find treasure of shells scattered all over. Besides, the ideal water currents and shallow waters make the coastline an ideal spot for swimming. The Arabian Sea has a moderate temperature of 27° Celsius throughout the year, which supports water activities.

Among other activities, watching the sun set from the beach is popular. Tourists can also engage in fishing and adventure activities like parasailing, jet skiing and boat rides.

Like rest of the state of Goa, Colva features churches of the colonial era. The hamlet houses the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, one of the ancient churches of Goa that was established in 1581.

Coffee is a famous refreshing drink of the coastal region, which is available in various forms. Other delicacies of Colva are seafood and bamboo shoot dishes.

The climatic conditions remain temperate throughout the year, except for the summer months from June to October. The ideal time to visit Colva is between the months of September and March.

There is so much to see in Colva.

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