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  • State: Tamil Nadu
  • Famous for/as: Waterfront
  • District: Tirunelvelli
Courtallam is a small township located in the district of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Situated at an altitude of 167 metres on the Western Ghats, Courtallam is the anglicised version of Kuttralam.

Known as 'Spa of the South', the township is famous for its cascading waterfalls and ancient temples. The location features as many as seven waterfalls, which originate from the Chittar River. The town is also referred to as Mukthiveli, Nannagaram, Pithur Kanda, Theerthapuram, Thirunagaram and Vasanthaperur.
Like many other Indian towns and cities, the township of Courtallam is also linked with mythological stories. According to legend, Lord Shiva commissioned saint Agastya to avoid imbalance due to the growing huddle in the Great Kailash on his celestial wedding.

The inscriptions in the temples of Courtallam depict the feature of Chola and Pandya kings. According to local beliefs, the Sabha is one of the five Sabhas where Lord Nataraja had performed his trademark cosmic dance.

Since the town is known for its waterfalls, tourists can head to the nearest fall to enjoy themselves. There is not much to shop in Courtallam other than local produce and souvenirs sold at local roadside shops. Tenkasi is a small town located nearby and it has a number of small restaurants that serve traditional South Indian fare.
Tourists can also arrive at Tenkasi Railway Station to enter the town, 6 km away from the destination. The nearest airport to Courtallam is the Tuticorin Airport (TCR), which is located at a distance of 86 km. Travellers can also drive down to the town from Tirunelveli.
The best time to visit Courtallam is between June and September. Courtallam enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year.

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K baburao

  • Tourist
  • K baburao
  • Lives in Visakhapatnam
  • 5 Reviews
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"Nature's gift, Courtallam"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Mar 2, 2016
December, and January months are very best for Travellers. We advise Newly married couples, Young and Youth, Children and Middle age people. We cannot suggest old people to go there. Everyone should visit Temples, and Water Falls, in between of 10 AM to 4 PM only. Its very dangerous to visit during Night Time and early in the morning as per as our knowledge is concerned.
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Vasu Thali

  • Explorer
  • Vasu Thali
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Palakkad
  • 9 Reviews
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  •  5082 readers

"A place of water falls, Courtallam"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Jan 3, 2016
A good place to visit in December. A place between two average cities Shenkotai and Tenkasi. Many average home stays available. Good tolerable restaurants in that places only, have to take a ride. The falls are nice to see, but not so nice with so many people taking bath. Five falls and old falls very nice to see. There is an old temple on a hill nearby, probably the highest point to take a nice view around. Tenkasi is only 5 km away and has nice temple-Tenkasi Kasi Vishwanathar temple. Palaruvi, Kollam, Kerala is only about 30 km away is a very beautiful sight.
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Sathyanarayanan Balasubramanian

  • Connoisseur
  • Sathyanarayanan Balasubramanian
  • Lives in Erode
  • 10 Reviews
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  •  4109 readers

"Deepavali celebrations at Courtallam"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Nov 22, 2015
Had a 3 day family trip to Courtallam from 8th to 10 the Nov. Visited palaruvi waterfalls, old courtallam waterfalls and fivefalls in first day. Visited Manimuthar dam, mabimuthar falls, manjolai, agasthiar falls, sorimuthu ayyanar temple, papanasam sivan temple and mundhu thurai on second day. Went to main falls, kutralanathar temple, again fivefalls and srivilliputhur andal temple on deepavali. It was a memorable trip.
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Abdul Matin

  • Scout
  • Abdul Matin
  • Lives in Chennai
  • 3 Reviews
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"Courtallam-An awesome city"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Nov 5, 2015
I studied in Seyad Residential School, Five Falls, Ilanji road, Courtallam for 6 years and have visited the falls several times. Although water flow depends on seasonal rains, June to Oct and then Nov to Dec, the monsoon rain pours in Kerala, and so one of the five falls - Main falls, five falls, Puli falls, Shenbaga falls or old Kutraalam has sufficient water all the time. When we have holiday, I used to go to any of these falls with my friends and have a good bath and leave to my home. I have visited at night times also and when we go inside water our body get rejoiced and it is not cool.
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Shanta Daniel

  • Explorer
  • Shanta Daniel
  • Lives in Chennai
  • 9 Reviews
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"Serene Stay at Courtallam"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Sep 7, 2015
This is a wonderful destination in South Tamil Nadu. This place was quite popular with the people of Tamil Nadu but I had not thought that this would be such a nice place until finally I visited it.

The overall stay at this place is amazing. The climate is very unstable. It would be so unpredictable as to when it would rain or when it would stay sunny or cloudy. The weather kept changing throughout the day. However, this destination is quite windy because of the wind currents from the Podhigai Mountain Range - the Western Ghats. The nights were quiet cool.

The shower-time at the waterfalls are quite enjoyable especially when there was no crowd around. Minimal waters at the falls are ideal for enjoyment however, with the increase in inflow of the waters it is advisable to take precautions to protect children and properties not to be washed away in the violent water splashes.
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Sanganur Swaminathan

  • Connoisseur
  • Sanganur Swaminathan
  • Soulseeker
  • Lives in Chennai
  • 21 photos
  • 20 Reviews
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  •  30474 readers

"A nice experience at Courtallam"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Jun 19, 2015
Courtallam has many waterfalls and usually they get water during June to August; however, one could experience the falls during September / October also, when the crowds would be less. The fine mist-like water droplets add pleasure to the atmosphere.

The fruit " Mangustan" is a special fruit available at Courtallam during the season only, though not everyone may like its taste!

The Shiva temple at Courtallam is also a very important place to visit.
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Kherwal Soren

  • Explorer
  • Kherwal Soren
  • Lives in Asansol
  • 4 photos
  • 1 Review
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"Serene waterfalls!"

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted Mar 23, 2015
I went to Courtallam waterfalls during my summer internship. I boarded the bus from Trivandrum on Saturday, early morning at around 4 am. It took 5 hours approx to reach the exact destination (inside Courtallam city- you just need to ask the bus conductor to let you know when that place arrives from where you can hire a cab in around 500 Rs which will take you to 5 main water falls). My experience was quite good. I was alone so basically I was into photography. I somehow managed to climb some lower mountains from where I got some good pictures of the falls and relaxed there as well. It took me 3 hr to visit all the falls. I returned to Trivandrum then,the same day.
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Aman Deepa

  • Explorer
  • Aman Deepa
  • Lives in Vellore
  • 7 Reviews
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"A good place with waterfalls & shopping"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Dec 16, 2014
This place is really cool(chill), mostly Courtallam is suitable for couples especially newly married couples.

Courtallam is fully occupied with falls and there are five falls- Lotus falls, Crazy falls, Nagaraja falls, etc.

After bathing in falls, head to some road side shops and take hot chats, that is really nice. Here bathing in falls and eating and roaming is the only work also some kinds of shopping like handmade wooden works in road side and natural hair oils are best lists.

Train is not available at Courtallam, so bus or car is best Trains means you will struck at Thirunelveli itself. But train is the best and cheaper way of travelling or you can travel by your own car. Bus it is really a bad idea, not only here, travelling a longer distance in bus is a bad idea, I hate that.
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Ajit Chajjed

  • Scout
  • Ajit Chajjed
  • 1 Review
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  •  13227 readers

"Best place on earth."

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Sep 20, 2014
Travellers must visit because nature is at its best. 5 falls and main falls is must visit. Local food near main falls is delicious. Idly and Sambar are best there and ya Tamil sapdu is also good. Falls kept us busy whole day. I was shocked when my friends told that even at midnight we can to the falls and I went around 1 am also and it was too cold and awesome fun. My advice to travellers would be please do visit Courtallam. Its one of the 1000 places you must visit before you die!!
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Naveen Kumar

  • Scout
  • Naveen Kumar
  • Lives in Madurai
  • 4 Reviews
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"Best to visit during the weekdays"

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted Aug 14, 2014
Coutrallam on Saturday & Sunday during the season time is very crowded. Better choose weekday Monday to Thursday with family visit. Have bath Old Falls and Main Falls and have parotta and chicken at Border Kadai. Falls are most enjoyable during early morning, but people can visit those falls 24/7.
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  • 5 votes

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