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Awesomeness !!! A perfect getaway for anyone, anytime

A perfect getaway to the perfect destination !!! Heavenly, homely and excellent customer service !! The food is unlike any other hotel and the staff are very courteous. The beach is well maintained and the view of the beach from the bay view restaurant is breathtaking. All in all, had an awesome time and looking forward to visiting the resort soon.


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Deep relaxation in the Seashore

Covelong's etymology goes like, COVE meaning a
Naturally formed cave through aging of rocks. So
"Covelong" is a beach of rocks. It is called
"Kovalam" in local Tamil language. It is located
To the south of world's second largest MARINA
Beach at Chennai. Covelong is a neat and clear
Beach with deep shallows and natural rocks for
Added scenic beauty. Local angler's boats will
Add beauty for the beach. A Hindu temple and a
Church near the shore will give peace for all
Walks of people. One can have good time at
Evening with local boys surfing with wood logs.

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Covelong Beach


Covelong Beach


Covelong Overview

Covelong, on the east coast bordering the route to Mahabalipuram and nearly 40 km south of Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, is an ideal destination for a quick getaway. In the earlier days, Covelong was a port town developed by Saadat Ali Nawab, which was then taken over by the French under the the French General Labourdonnais in 1746. Later, the British led by Robert Clive destroyed it in 1752.

Covelong is known for its unique shore temples dating from the 5th - 8th centuries. The temples belong to the Pallava rulers, and are made of single, rock cut caves, and other different structures. A canal running parallel to the Bay of Bengal divides Covelong Beach from the mainland and flows from Chennai to Mahabalipuram. Covelong is a well-known place for water sports like windsurfing, swimming and others.

Today, Covelong is better known for its fishing activities and the calm and serene beaches. Besides nature, Covelong also has some historical places near the beautiful beaches. There is an ancient Dutch fort nearby with a few walls remaining. An ancient Catholic Church is amongst the most famous of many religious monuments at Covelong. From Covelong, tours can be taken to nearby Mahabalipuram, famous for its rock temples built in the 6th-8th centuries.

The best time to visit Covelong is November to February. The destination can be easily reached by buses from Pondicherry, Travancore, Kanchipuram, Karaikal and Chennai. Since it is close to Chennai, it can also be reached by flights and trains to Chennai from where buses are available to Covelong.