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Kushal tandon

Kushal tandon3.9/5

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Eerie quiet which soothes no one

The overall experience about the place was questionable till the very end. We were so worried about living conditions around that we didn't even try to come out of the hotel room. Apart from the good local food that was served around the place, there is nothing too unique about the place. As far as the silver beach is concerned, it's good if its your first visit to a beach. If you have visited paradise beach or similar, silver beach will look like a waste of time.

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Pritvi Kanchi

Pritvi Kanchi4.6/5

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A trip to coastal Cuddalore

I had been to Cuddalore by road in the month of December 2015. Cuddalore is a must-visit in the coastal hinterland of Tamil Nadu. The must-visit attractions in around Cuddalore include the Silver beach, Kali Temple, Nataraja temple and the pichavaram back-waters. The silver beach is located on the eastern side of Cuddalore and facilities such as horse-riding and boating can be availed of by tourists. The Kali temple is located 43 kilometers from Cuddalore in Chidambaram and was built by the Cholas. The Nataraja temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Pichavaram backwaters are set in the backdrop of approximately 14000 acres of forest and backwaters. One can spot a lot of flora and fauna in this majestic tourist place. Bird-watchers can view lot of magnificent birds like herons and pelicans. This tourism hot-spot of Tamil Nadu is accessible throughout the year from almost all major cities of South India.

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Silver beach  Video Review

Silver beach

Silver Beach  Video Review

Silver Beach

Divine Devanathan  Video Review

Divine Devanathan

I am heading to Cuddalore

Cuddalore Overview

Cuddalore is a fast growing industrial city located south of Pondicherry on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. The word Cuddalore literally means Sea Town in Tamil. Cuddalore is known for its picturesque beaches and its ancient Saiva and Vaishnava temples.

The Gedilam River flows through the town and separates the Old Town from Thirupadiripuliyur. Old Town was an ancient seaport and traded with the Roman Empire approximately 2000 years ago. Cuddalore was first conquered by the Dutch, followed by Portugal, France and later Britain. The British built Fort St David in Cuddalore near Devanampattinam. The city has some highly respected schools, founded by Europeans in the 17th century, which are perhaps the oldest surviving schools in India.

Though Cuddalore was heavily affected by the tidal waves of the 2004 tsunami, the city with its indomitable spirit has swung back into action. Cuddalore is connected to other parts of Tamil Nadu through a very good rail and road network.