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Abhinav Singh4.3/5

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Welcome to the land of lord shiv.

Best place for religious tour.
I travelled with my family and found the place quite religious and peaceful.
Avoid travelling during sawan season as the rush at that time is at the peak.
Place is peaceful in offseason and spending some time at the temple premises of baba baidhyanath will surely win your heart.
Must visit for lord Shiva.
Om namah shivaya.

C.s. manish Dasgupta5.0/5

101 reviews

Deoghar-Home to Mahadev

As the name signifies .. Lord Shiva or mahadev resides here. As per Hindu mythology Ravana was being blessed by Lord Shiva to carry him as Shiva lingam but the condition was he must not keep it on ground. While carrying Lord in lingam form through jungles and mountains Ravana got tired and was restless as he was searching for a place to urinate. He gave the lingam to Lord Hanuman to hold it while he goes to be his own. Lord Hanuman kept it on the ground which in turn became permanent. Ravana got angry as he was unable to lift the lingam hence he tried to crush it by his foot. The lingam hence is deeply rooted here and you can only see and pray the tip of lingam. Take enough water as offerings as the person's who are there to offer prayers they become restless at times and during the tug of war to offer flowers and Ganga jail first they will push you.

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