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  • Type: Religious Place
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Trikuta Parvata, Deoghar
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Places to Visit in 7 Deoghar
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6.7 / 7 1
5 Ratings & 5 Reviews
Trikuta Parvata, collectively known as Trikutachal, is a combination of three main peaks on the hill, which are situated at the height of around 2,470 ft. The site is Located at a distance of around 10 km from Deoghar on the way to Dumka. The site served as a location for... Read More »
  • Type: Religious Place
voted as clean
Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar
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Places to Visit in 7 Deoghar
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5.9 / 7 1
14 Ratings & 12 Reviews
Baidyanath Dham is one of the prominent Hindu pilgrimage spots, located in Deoghar district of Indian state of Jharkhand. Situated in the Santhal Parganas, the temple complex houses the holy temple of Baba Baidyanath with a Jyotirlingam enshrined within its sanctum and 22... Read More »
"Baidyanath dham temple"Apr 21, 2017 "Kolkata to Jasidih"Dec 19, 2016
Basukinath Temple, Deoghar
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Places to Visit in 7 Deoghar
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5.2 / 7 1
3 Ratings & 2 Reviews
Basukinath Temple, another famous pilgrimage spot, is frequently thronged by visitors and devotees throughout the year for its popular Shiva Temple. It is believed that the pilgrimage to Babadham is incomplete without paying homage at Basukinath. The history of this popularly... Read More »
"Holy place to visit"Dec 26, 2015 "Beautiful Temple"Oct 4, 2013
  • Type: Religious Place
voted as clean
Nandan Pahar, Deoghar
Rank 4
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Places to Visit in 7 Deoghar
Average Rating
5.6 / 7 1
6 Ratings & 5 Reviews
Nandan Pahar is located at a distance of around 3 kmfrom Baba Baidyanath Dham station. The numerous temples on the hill have beautiful idols of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh and Kartik. The site also has a water tank, which supplies filtered water to the entire destination. Tourists... Read More »
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Naulakha Mandir, Deoghar
Rank 5
Ranked 5 of 33
Places to Visit in 7 Deoghar
Average Rating
5.5 / 7 1
5 Ratings & 4 Reviews
Naulakha Mandir is situated at a distance of around 2 km from Baba Baidyanath Temple. Possessing similar architecture of Ramakrishna Temple in Belur, the shrine encompasses beautiful idols of Radha and Krishna ranging about 146 ft in height. The name of the temple is... Read More »
"Beautiful Temple"Jan 1, 2017 "Good Mandir facilities"Feb 29, 2016
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