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Sanjay kumar srivastava3.6/5

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Average place

I was there for three days business trip. You will not find very good roads when you get down from airport. No AC in arrival hall at airport. People are very nice. I have been to Kohima by road, nice view. Acasia and hotel Lake Shilloi is budget hotel which comes in Rs. 2500. Market will be always jammed with traffic. Lots of development is required.

Amey Keskar3.6/5

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A good place

If you are going to Nagaland make sure that you know someone locally. It is good place, the people are good not fully developed city but the people of Dimapur have traffic discipline they follow traffic rules the vehicle's are more compared to size of roads but you will not see much traffic because trained traffic officials and disciplined people.

I am heading to Dimapur

Dimapur Overview

Dimapur is located in the western most part of Nagaland and is surrounded by the district of Kohima in the south-eastern part, district of Karbi Anglong in the west, and Kolaghat district of Assam in the northern part.

The boundary on the eastern part of Dimapur is formed by Dhansiri River, while the western part of the district consists mostly of forests and hills. After the initial development of the town with the presence of road, rail, and air links, on January 24th, 2004, Dimapur was upgraded to a district.

Dimapur used to be the capital of the Kachari tribe, which ruled the region before the 13th century and the same can be felt from the remains scattered around the town area. The remains here mostly include temples, embankments and baths that give a glimpse of the culture prevalent here during that period, which was Hinduism. People here during the 13th century were mostly non-Aryans, who belonged to the ancient tribe that ruled here.

Some of the attractions here include the Diezephe Craft Village, which is located around 13 km from Dimapur. This village is under the supervision of the Nagaland Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, which is taking necessary steps in the development of the art of weaving and craftsmanship. Some rare works of bamboo, cane and woodcarving can be found here.

Other attractions present here include the Rangapahar Reserve Forest that covers a total area of 20.20 hectares and houses some of the most endangered species of birds as well as animals.

Dimapur is connected both by rail and air, which makes it the only city of Nagaland with such connectivity. Dimapur has a major airport that connects three other Indian cities. Direct trains are there for New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai from Dimapur.

Generally, Dimapur has two seasons, from the month of October to May is the dry season and from the month of June to September is the wet season. The dry season here has both hot and cold weathers, in which, May is the hottest month with the temperature going up to 40⁰ Celsius. By the second week of June, Dimapur receives the southwest monsoon while the months of July and August receive very heavy rainfall.