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Rachit jain

Rachit jain

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My weekend trip, a lifetime memorable refreshing and relaxing moments at Diveagar and Murud Janjira

Diveagar is the untouched beach and calm place of Raigad district of Maharashtra State (Western Ghats - Konkan Region) Easy reach from Mumbai and Pune. We had a refreshing and relaxing weekend outing their. Some basic water sports and good taste of food with light rain shower in the evening was a great mix.
Early morning walk on the beach with my wife and local touch Vada pav with tea was overwhelming and relaxing.
Janjira Fort in the Murud is good place for one time visit better for history lovers. The Ferry Boat. (Chappu) was the new experience.

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Shiva Ukali

Shiva Ukali4.3/5

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Great day of my life ..

The Diveaagar beach is well known tourist place of Maharashtra. It is located in Raigadh district in konkan area. The beach is fully surrounded by trees and crops of farm. Every person enjoy here.
We had a grear time here with banana ride, thrill boat ride, speed boar riding, parachute riding and so on ..
This is an ideal place for everyone of any age group. I insist you try to visit in life at least once ..

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Diveagar Overview

About Diveagar Tourism
Located in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, Diveagar is a famous beachside village, which is at a distance of approximately 5 km from Shrivardhan. The village is situated in the Raigad District, which is densely covered with betel nut and coconut trees.
Diveagar Beach or better known as the seashore stretches 6 km and is one of the chief attractions of the destination. Characteristic of white sand and crystal clear water, this beach is surrounded by Suru trees, which are rarely found on this coast. There is a fishing settlement located at one end of the beach, while the other end houses a sanctuary of migratory seagulls.
The village also houses a temple, which is another major attraction in the destination. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the temple has an idol, which has a mask made of pure gold. This mask was found by Draupadi Dharma Patil on 17th November 1997, while she was digging in her betel nut farm. She found a copper box in the farm which contained the gold mask of Lord Ganesha. Two other major attractions are the Sundernarayan Temple and the Suvarnaganesha Temple.
The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, located in Mumbai, at a distance of approximately 200 km from the village. Diveagar does not have its own railhead and the nearest train station is Mangaon Railway Station. This station is located at a distance of around 31.4 km from Diveagar. Buses are also available from Pune, most of which are air-conditioned.
October to December is the ideal time to visit the beach destination.

Photos of Diveagar

Diveagar, Maharashtra
On the way River view, Treking point in Tamhani
Diveagar, Maharashtra
On the way River view, Treking point in Tamhani
Diveagar, Maharashtra
On the way River view, Treking point in Tamhani
Diveagar, Maharashtra
Diveagar, Maharashtra

There is so much to see in Diveagar.

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