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  • State: Gujarat
  • Famous for/as: Pilgrimage
  • Altitude: 16 m
Dwarka is situated towards the western-most part of the Indian state of Gujarat. Located on the tip of the Saurashtra peninsula on the Arabian Sea, Dwarka was once referred to as the Golden City. Dwaraka has remarkable significance as per Hindu lore since the place is categorised under both the ‘Chardham’ sites and the ‘sapta-puris’ (seven sacred cities).

The name ‘Dwarka’ that came from two words – dwara (door) and ka (Brahma) – stood for ‘gateway to the spiritual union with Brahma’. Dwarka is one of the ancient cities of India with a history that dates back to the 1500 BC and is linked to the ancient Hindu texts like the Gita and Puranas. Dwarka is associated with the life of Lord Krishna, who is believed to be one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

According to legend, Dwarka was submerged in water after the death of Lord Krishna and the demise of the Yadava Dynasty. The present-day Dwarka was the Kushasthali of the ancient times which enjoyed a proud spot along the Saurashtra coast.  It is believed that Dwarka was rebuilt six times by different civilisations and the present-day Dwarka is the 7th one.

The search for the lost city of Dwarka commenced in the early 1930’s. Archeologists of the Marine Archeology Unit (MAU) discovered the immersed township of Dwarka during their explorations which were conducted in 1983 – 1990.

This submerged township was built in six sectors and its general layout corresponded to the descriptions of the golden city of Dwarka as mentioned in the ancient texts.  Copper coins, foundations of boulders, old constructions, pottery samples, etc. that date back to around 1500 BC were also excavated.

Present-day Dwarka sits on the right side of the river banks of the Gomati. Dwarka is a renowned historical and religious site and has the Dwarkadheesh Temple or Jagat Temple, which was built more than 2000 years ago. The Dwarkadheesh temple of Dwarka, built as per ancient Hindu architecture, is a five storey, ornate temple that rests on 60 pillars.

Nageshwar Mahadev, Rukmini Temple, Bhalka Tirth, Gomati Ghat Temples, etc. are some other popular pilgrim spots in Dwarka. Dwarka is also the seat of Adi Shankaracharya, who established four ‘maths’ in four different parts of India. The Sharada Peetha of Dwarka is a famous research centre of Sanskrit language.

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  • Tourist
  • Umarji
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"Dwarkadheesh darshan on auspicious holi dhuleti" new review

  • 4.0/7
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
Destination is little offbeat, but celebrating holi festival in front of the lord dwarkadheesh has its own importance. Temple location is great - just on the sea shore. Gomti River merges into the Arabian Sea at dwarkadheesh temple. Taking holy dip in this sangam washes off all your sins according to the hindu belief. We did just that and it felt very refreshing even though the atmosphere was little cold for the comfort.
It being a very Auspicious day and also a holiday, the rush was a lot more than routine. The queue was moving smoothly and darshan was satisfying. Gull and colors being sprinkled in the sanctum sanctorium was making the whole atmosphere very divine.
The place is worth a visit.
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Jai Dait

  • Tourist
  • Jai Dait
  • Lives in Mumbai
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"Jai Dwarkadheesh"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
They say, "aap Dwarka nahi aate hai, jab tak dwarkadheesh nahi bulate hai .. "
So it seems we got our call. With this, I completed my third pilgrim of char dhams, out of four- after Puri of Jagannath and Rameswaram.
This place is something I wanted to visit so desperately. Because of its importance and the Location.
Dwarka is around 400 km from Ahmedabad. There are direct trains from various cities. The main temple is not far away from the station. It is barely 3km from the railway station. One can get share or private autos from outside the station, if you don't have your own vehicle.
There are lot of hotels in Dwarka, even if you do not have prior reservation at the hotel you can get one easily here.
Just check the temple timings. Because the temple remain closed at various timings during the day on part of the rituals of the deity.
There are various places to visit apart from main temple. Gomti Ghat, Gayatri temple and sunset point are the nearest. Nageshwar temple, the twelfth jostling is 17km away and Beyt Dwarka is 30km.
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Pradipta bhoumick

  • Tourist
  • Pradipta bhoumick
  • 2 Reviews
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"May be visited once"

  • 3.5/7
  • Posted Nov 11, 2016
Dwarka is a place to be visited by the pilgrims. It is believed to be the holy capital of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna, the Yaduvanshi king, used to rule his empire from this place, in Dwapar Yuga. Actually this is believed that His main palace and the courtroom had been drowned in the sea. But the sea too could not take His throne, which afterwards had been established in Dwarkadhish temple by His son and grandson.

Devotees must visit the place once in a lifetime. Dwarkadhish temple, Bet Dwarka, Rukmani Devi Temple, Nageshwar temple (one of the jyotirlingas), Gomti Ghat, are worth seeing.

From the aesthetics point of view, the place is actually too congested as well as dirty. Main mode of transportation within the city is by Auto Rickshaws through narrow lanes and bylanes. Roads are not in good condition. It is believed that the place was actually cursed by Durvasa Muni and that's why so dry.
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Vasudevan mutluru

  • Tourist
  • Vasudevan mutluru
  • 2 Reviews
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"Once in my life Destination - Dwaraka"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Oct 15, 2016
Dwarka is many centuries old, dusty small town with narrow lanes & by - lanes. The presiding dirty of Dwaraka temple is Lord Krishna & it is a most sacred place for believers in Hinduism. Darshan during non festive days is quite easy. Understand that during " Krishna Astami " & Holi & Diwali festival days, the town is too much crowded. New wooden suspended bridge, near the temple and a short path way to Arabian Sea estuary is worth walking across. Dwaraka Peetam, established by Sankara is within temple.
A visit to " Nageshwar temple ( 16 Km away ( Autu takes Rs 30 for to&fro) is worth it. Going to pet - Dwaraka, 32 Km away can be kept optional.
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Shvetang Gupta

  • Tourist
  • Shvetang Gupta
  • 19 photos
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"Must seen one time in life"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Sep 25, 2016
Dwarika is a religious place and as my view all must see one time in his life. I reached Dwarika in morning after check in hotel we started explore Dwarika first I asked to hotel manager how to visit all places in Dwarika but hotel manager tell us you have to pay 600 ₹ from auto for near by attraction in Dwarka after that we came out and asked local auto rickshaw he told me only 200₹ and I started to visit all temple so please be careful. We have completed with in 2 hours all sight seen in Dwarka as dwarikadhis temple, swaminarayan temple, badkeshwar mahadev and many more and in I purchase bus ticket rest all sight seen as bheit Dwarka, rukmani temple, nageshwar mahadev, gopi talao. In bus guide help me to explore all the places in brief and bus is the chief and best option.
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Pritesh Mehta

  • Guru
  • Pritesh Mehta
  • Lives in Baroda
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  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Aug 18, 2016
This place is very spiritual and ancient. There were Lord Krishna Live there and there life leave there. There is flow Gomti river and there meet to Sea. This scene is very good looking every Shivratri there has been made a embosse of Loard Shiva. There are main Temple of Lord Krishna Dwarkadhish. This temple is very old. Every Janmastmi there are came many more people to darshanam. There is one side Gomati river and one side main market. There surrounding very good visit place .. There people beloved in Lord Dwarkadhish. Dwarka has very good city. There are all types of facility are available. Food, Hotels, restaurant and other facility is available. It is very famous to Lord Krishha. I gave you advice that you must be go there darshanam in a life because it is real ancient place.
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Ashok Kumar

  • Scout
  • Ashok Kumar
  • Lives in Ludhiana
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"Excellent pilgrimage place"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jun 28, 2016
Dwarka is one of the four Dhams, the other three are Badrinath, Jagannath Puri, and Rameshwaram. There is a direct train to Dwarka from Delhi. We travelled by air to Ahemdabad and then by car to Dwarka and Somnath. The journey was memorable. We went to Bet Dwarka, covered Nagarjun Jostling and to themain attraction, the Dwarkadhish temple. We had very good darshan, both in the morning and evening. We enjoyed the sea beach and the Gayatri mantra chant on the beach.
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Bharat bhasin

  • Tourist
  • Bharat bhasin
  • 6 Reviews
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"A perfect destination for hindus"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Jun 3, 2016
I had traveled from Porbandar to Dwarka by road a distance of about 125 KM. The roads are fairly good in whole of Gujarat and it took us approx 2 hrs to reach the temple site. The people around the temple are generally helpful and we had no problem in having peaceful darshan. Ambience is so which is normally expected around temples, but nobody troubled us for any payment or otherwise. A visit is a must who believe in hindu religion and you have mental peace after the visit.
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Veera badraiah Koppunoor

  • Scout
  • Veera badraiah Koppunoor
  • Soulseeker
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"Very good visiting temple city"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted May 27, 2016
Very good & beautiful temples available in Dwaraka, Gujarat. We are 4 couples visited Dwarkadheesh Temple, Bet Dwarka, Nagesham Daruka Vane & taken holy dip in Gomti River, rUkmini Devi Temple, Sunset View Point on 22nd May by 6 pm and also Harathi in main temple by 7 pm great experience to reaching to Bet Dwaraka by 11 am on 23rd May by boat, we enjoyed so much. We were attended the abhishek to the jyotirlinga Nageshwar Mahadev at Darukavan Temple on 23rd May by 7 am.
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Manoj kumar mshra

  • Tourist
  • Manoj kumar mshra
  • Lives in Varanasi
  • 1 Review
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"Excellent travel destination"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted May 3, 2016
Dwarka is mainly hindu religious place but its scenic beauty of sea shore temple and beach are the attractions for travellers.

Beyt Dwarka is very dirty and bad smell place through out journey period. Only religious purpose it may be visited. Dwarkadheesh temple is one of the best temple of India. So it is must visit destination of a travellers of India/Gujarat.
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