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Gajner, located in the Thar Desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan is a city of historical importance. Like most other states of Rajasthan, Gajner too has a lot of palaces and historical monuments. The most important of these is the Gajner Palace. The Palace was a hunting resort for Maharajas and British colonels.

The Gajner Palace was built by the Maharaja of Gajner, Sir Ganga Singh. Spread across an area of 6,000 acres, the palace is now a heritage hotel with a part of it serving as a bird sanctuary. Hundreds of migratory birds of different species visit this sanctuary within the palace every year. The palace also houses a temple which attracts a lot of devotees during the Urs festival.

Like the rest of Rajasthan, Gajner too experiences extreme climatic conditions. It experiences extreme hot weather during the summer months of May to August while the winter months of December to February witness temperatures of 8-10° Celsius. The best time to visit Gajner is from September to March.

Located 30 km from the town of Bikaner, Gajner does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station is at Bikaner while the nearest airport to Gajner is at Jodhpur.

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