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Ganpatipule Info

  • State: Maharashtra
  • Famous for/as: Beach
  • District: Ratnagiri

History of Ganapatipule

Located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Ganapatipule is a small heritage town. It lies on the Konkan Coast and serves as a great holiday destination for beach lovers. The town is mainly known for its 400 years old statue of Lord Ganapati. According to legend, after being insulted by a local lady, Lord Ganapati moved away from his original abode which was known as ‘Gule’ to another place a few kilometres away known as ‘Pule’. This is how the place received its name. Since the place is not very commercialised, it is a retreat from the bustling city life. From forts to beautiful sandy beaches, there are many interesting places to visit in Ganapatipule.

People and Culture of Ganapatipule

The population of Ganapatipule mainly comprises Maharashtrians and Marathi is the prominent language of the place. Gauri Ganpathi and Marg Chaturthi are two most significant festivals celebrated in the region.

Things to Do in Ganapatipule

Ganapatipule Beach is among the most popular Ganapatipule tourist places. It is a rocky beach with cashew trees lined along the beach. The Jaigad Fort is also among the chief Ganapatipule attractions. The exterior walls of the fort feature bulwarks. The fort offers a beautiful view of the bay and the sea. On the western end of the Jaigad Fort is the Jaigad Lighthouse. It is believed to be around 180 years old and offers a splendid view of the surrounding. While sightseeing in Ganapatipule, one must definitely visit the Thebaw Palace, which served as a home to the king and queen of Burma for five years.

Ganapati Swayambhu Temple is also among the important Ganapatipule places to visit. This 400 years old temple dedicated to Ganesha, is built of pure white sand. The idol of Ganesha is believed to be a monolith which was self-created and discovered over 1600 years ago. There are many things to do in Ganapatipule for tourists who seek adventure. One can engage in various water sports arranged by the Maharashtra tourism department such as banana ride, row boats, water scooters, etc.

Food and Shopping in Ganapatipule

After exploring the numerous places to see in Ganapatipule, one can indulge in authentic Maharashtrian cuisine which is served at the numerous food joints around the place. Fish Curry and Kokam curry are two popular dishes of Ganapatipule which are worth trying. Bhanu Joshi Bhojnalay, Mehendales Swaad Dining are few of the restaurants that serve authentic local cuisine. During the Ganapatipule tour, one must definitely try ‘modak’, which is regarded as the favourite sweet dish of Lord Ganesha.

Tourists can shop for artefacts, souvenirs and other decorative items made of seashells from the shops located near the Ganapatipule sightseeing places. If you visit the place during summers, make sure to buy some ‘hapus’ mangoes which are a specialty of the place. Cashew nuts, mango pickles are some of the other things that you can buy.

Accommodation in Ganapatipule

Those who are wondering how to reach Ganapatipule need not worry since there are many options. The closest airport and railway station from Ganapatipule is in Ratnagiri, which is located at a distance of 30 km. Therefore, it is well connected by road, rail and air. There are numerous buses that ply from Mumbai to Ganapatipule. One can also rent a cab and drive down to the place.

There are numerous hotels in Ganapatipule that offer all modern facilities. One can easily find budget and luxury hotels in Ganapatipule.

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Ganpatipule Traveller Reviews

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Pankaj Gurav

  • Tourist
  • Pankaj Gurav
  • Lives in Thane
  • 4 Reviews
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  •  61 readers

"Very clean and beautiful beach" new review

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted 1 week ago
Konkan is very rich with beautiful seashores. Ganpatipule is one of the beautiful place to visit. Ganpatipule have long seashore with white sand. Sea water is very clear. You will find some stalls of coconut water and baraf ka gola. There are some things to keep in mind when you enjoy on Ganpatipule Beach:

1. If you are going in sea, do not go more inside. Here sea water can pull you inside. So enjoy but don't go more inside.

2. If you are planning to enjoy scooter boat ensure that you and scooter wala both are wearing life jackets.
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  • YES
  • 1 vote

Akash Bajare

  • Tourist
  • Akash Bajare
  • Lives in Nagpur
  • 2 Reviews
  •  828 readers

"Very good place"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted May 27, 2016
Ganpatipule is holy place having good beaches. The temple is so clean. The beach of Ganpatipule is very clean with clear water. Sand of beach is golden yellowish. Better resorts is available at Ganpatipule for tourists and devotees. Aarey Waare beach, Bhandarra beach, Prachin Konkan are also good for visiting.
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Sarswatichandra kulkarni

  • Tourist
  • Sarswatichandra kulkarni
  • 3 Reviews
  •  1 helpful vote
  •  905 readers

"A great experience"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted May 21, 2016
The holy place Ganpatipule is a feast for nature and history lovers. This the only beach place where holiness is maintained. Most importantly Prachin Konkan garden is must visit place, where one will find old culture of konkan. We enjoyed a lot.
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  • YES
  • 1 vote

Sumit Arora

  • Scout
  • Sumit Arora
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 1 photo
  • 11 Reviews
  •  1559 readers

"Good place for all age groups"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted May 16, 2016
God Ganesha's temple next to cleanest beach of India. It serves both the purposes - visiting God home and enjoying time with the family.

This place can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, from kids to old age, young to couples.

Not many good restaurants are there, therefore it is important to select a good hotel. Most of the hotels are cheap but Fern Group has one really good one there.

Best place to be if you like to be on beaches but away from noise and pollution. Not a very commercial place, still very natural not many money minded people.
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Sandeep Jain

  • Tourist
  • Sandeep Jain
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 6 photos
  • 2 Reviews
  •  1075 readers

"Awesome gateway for beach and Mango lovers"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted May 9, 2016
Must visit for Mango seasons (April-June) or during end of rainy season or during winter time.

Clean beaches and water. Friendly people/localites. Less crowded place.

Veg Food: Durvankur

Best beach location: Opposite Blue Ocean Resort and Spa.

Good to visit across year, except during peak rains (this place has heavy rains).
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Ashutosh Singh

  • Tourist
  • Ashutosh Singh
  • Lives in Bhopal
  • 1 Review
  •  1162 readers

"Weekend getaway to Ganpati ji & beach"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted May 3, 2016
If you have two nights & two days to spend with family & friends & are looking for not too much to spend & just relax, Ganpatipule could be the place for you. I have visited it twice & found it good enough to visit once again. Take your own car, better drive it yourself. From Mumbai it is roughly 340 kms on Konkan highway. It will take about 9 hrs of safe & relaxed driving. Start early at 6 am to beat the office rush. Fill your cool box, get light snacks & music. Once there you have two options of staying - a high end " FERN" - a Mahindra resorts property & not so fancy, with Maharashtra tourism. I stayed at Mah tourism. Decent place with good location - right on the beach, good tasty food, awesome view from your room.

Spend time on the shallow, clean & safe beach, some water sports activities are available, Visit the famous Ganpati ji temple, go for a long walk on the beach. The time would fly away. We also had very traditional Maharashtrian food at one of the locals home, on request made well in advance. It was a great experience. On our way back we purchased Alphonso mango puree from a local shop as well. It is sub 25k short holiday.
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Tridip dutta

  • Tourist
  • Tridip dutta
  • 3 Reviews
  •  2 helpful votes
  •  1622 readers

"The cleanest beach in Maharashtra"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Apr 27, 2016
This is the cleanest beach as well as the best temple in whole INDIA were we can get the darshan of bappa without any push or guards pushing. We had the darshan and were standing near Ganpati idol more than 10 min. Then we sat in the temple for more than an hr. The temple is connected with the beach so it's more beautiful and as it is not yet commercialised as the beaches are so clean.

We visited Konkan to have fish i.e Pomfret, prawns, bangda, surmai, bombil but it is so costly than in our place in mumbai its same price as in konkan then what the use of going there, we can have it in mumbai. The tender coconut is also the same as in mumbai. If anybody want to visit Konkan for food then its waste of time you will get the same taste and in same price in mumbai too.

If you visit for Mangoes then you have to go to Ratnagiri you will get the riped one but in Ganpatipule you will get raw mangoes.

We have to get our own transportation as the rickshaw is also costly.
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  • 2 votes

Pravin Ghule

  • Connoisseur
  • Pravin Ghule
  • Lives in Kolhapur
  • 32 photos
  • 22 Reviews
  •  168 helpful votes
  •  40582 readers

"Good place to enjoy"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Mar 29, 2016
Ganpatipule is among best beaches in India. Clean water, Ganesh Temple, water sports are main attractions. Must visit if you are in Mumbai or Konkan area. Good road connectivity. Try Ganpatipule to Ratnagiri by car for seaside paradise drive. Best for visit with family and in winter season.
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  • 2 votes

Saniket Chavan

  • Tourist
  • Saniket Chavan
  • Lives in Thane
  • 1 Review
  •  1 helpful vote
  •  1763 readers

"It a beautiful destination"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Feb 23, 2016
Peaceful place religious & famous temple can be seen. Superb beach & water sports are found. Its a religious place to spend a time with family & friends. There are nice hotel facilities nearby too stay. The beach is awesome & you can have the traditional Maharashtrian food & fishes.
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  • YES
  • 1 vote

Abhijith gorpade .

  • Tourist
  • Abhijith gorpade .
  • Lives in Satara
  • 2 Reviews
  •  1 helpful vote
  •  2004 readers

"Awesome religious destination!"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Feb 4, 2016
Ganpatipule is a feast for those who want to have religious as well as relaxing trip. We went in a relatively off season of the year and enjoyed the Ganpatipule temple and the beach. This place is accessible by road from Mumbai as well as Kolhapur. Weather is a bit humid as expected.
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  • 1 vote

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