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Ganpatipule is a small town situated in the state of Maharashtra. It lies in Ratnagiri District to the south of Chiplun town. The origin of the name of the town lies in mythology. History of GanpatipuleAccording to legend, God Ganpati took......Read more on Ganapatipule

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Ganapatipule Temple, Ganapatipule
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The Ganapatipule Temple is located at the foot of a hillock. The interior design of this temple is quite different from that of other Indian temples. The deity of this temple faces the west unlike other Indian temples in which the deity faces the east. Read More »
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  • Type: Temple
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Ganapati Swayambhu Temple, Ganapatipule
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The Swayambhu Ganapati Temple is believed to be 400 years old. According to legend, a farmer while walking through the Kerda jungles discovered the idol of Ganapati and later on he built a temple around the idol. The Ganapati idol in the temple is built of pure white... Read More »
"A divine place"4 weeks ago "Best devotional feeling"Jan 30, 2016
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Jaigad Fort, Ganapatipule
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Jaigad Fort is located at the tip of a peninsula in the district of Ratnagiri. It overlooks the bay formed at the place where the Shastri River meets the Arabian Sea. This fort is about 35 km from the region of Ganapatipule and has a lighthouse nearby which is known as the... Read More »
"Very badly maintained Fot"Jan 4, 2016 "Not worth it"Aug 26, 2014
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Thebaw Palace, Ganapatipule
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Places to Visit in Ganapatipule
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The Thebaw Palace was the home of the exiled king and queen of erstwhile Burma for nearly five years. Some of the selective stone tombs and belongings are still preserved in the palace. Read More »
  • Type: Light House
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Jaigad Lighthouse, Ganapatipule
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Places to Visit in Ganapatipule
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The lighthouse of Jaigad was built in the year 1832 and is situated on the western edge of Jaigad Fort. The Jaigad lighthouse was built by British army officer John Oswald and is around 180 years old. The lighthouse is open until 5 pm, except Sundays. It guides ships sailing... Read More »
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