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Giridih is in the Chhotanagpur region of Jharkhand state and the area is mostly covered with bamboo and sal trees. Giridih was created in the year 1972 from the district of Hazaribagh. The district of Giridih shares its geographical boundaries......Read more on Giridih

Top Giridih sightseeing recommended by travellers

Kharagdiha, Giridih
Rank 1
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Places to Visit in Giridih
  • Type: Village
Kharagdiha, a village near Giridih, is popular for the Langta Baba Samadhi Sthal. Langta Baba was a saint who was worshipped by the local people as god. A Surya temple is situated in the middle of a lake in the shape of a lotus near Kharagdiha. Read More »
Khandoli, Giridih
Rank 2
Ranked 2 of 9
Places to Visit in Giridih
  • Type: Lake
Khandoli village has a reservoir and is known for activities like parasailing, boating, kayaking, rock climbing and camel and elephant safari. A watchtower and a 600 ft hillock are located nearby Khandoli. Read More »
Madhuban, Giridih
Rank 3
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Places to Visit in Giridih
  • Type: Place of Worship
Madhuban, a Jain pilgrim centre, is situated close to Pirtand tehsil in the district of Giridih. The place is known for an ancient temple which is around 2000 years old. The Bhomiyaji Asthan and the Jain temple of Samosharan are also situated nearby. A Jain museum that displays different... Read More »
Hari Har Dham, Giridih
Rank 4
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Places to Visit in Giridih
  • Type: Religious Place
The Hari Har Dham is famous for a Shivalinga that is 65 ft high. It took around 30 years to make this Shivalinga. The dham is visited by many travellers, especially during the Shravan Poornima. Read More »
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Usri Falls, Giridih
Rank 5
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Places to Visit in Giridih
  • Type: Water Fall
The Usri Falls is located around 13 km from Giridih. It falls from a height of around 40 ft and is surrounded by a dense forest. River Usri, a tributary of the Barakar River, flows down a gorge as Usri Falls that finally divides into three fast flowing streams. Read More »
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