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Pritesh Mehta

Pritesh Mehta5.0/5

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Girnar, best religious visit

The Girnar is top most beautiful mountain. It is most hightest big mountain of Gujarat. There are climb up 10000 stairs. It is very good for climb. It is one of most beautiful mountain. There are all facility available on the way. The person climb early in the morning and came back at afternoon. One of the most important think that there are do pradakshina by "Nagabava" and other person they do pradakshina at kartikay poonam. They do pradakshina by walked and then after they bathing at damodar kund and then they go invisible. It is the most beloved of god. There are may person do parikaram and feel very happy in life. In pradakshina very good arrangement of person and very happy feel there. We did this parikrama and very happy to feel it. You must be ready to do parikarama next time.

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Sagar Mewada

Sagar Mewada3.9/5

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Must go for animal lovers

We travelled Gir as a part of school trip. First place to visit here is the Gir Forest itself. The animals, especially the great lion look magnificent. Being very close to them is a really tempting experience. The guides and protectors are good and they make the location safe. There are a lot of different temples around to visit too. I recommend going to safari least once.

I am heading to Girnar

Girnar Overview

Girnar is a mountainous region located in Junagadh district, about 327 km from Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. Girnar is located at a height of 3660 ft above sea level and the region is popular for its lush green forest cover of Gir and for several places of religious importance. There are several temples here that are of importance to the Hindus and Jains along with the presence of mosques for Muslim pilgrims, making the place an example of unity in diversity.

The Girnar hills are a collection of five hills, and on each hill, there is an ancient Jain temple belonging to the 12th century. The temple can be reached by climbing 4000 steps. Other than temples, there is also a big mosque, where childless women seek blessings.

Standing 1031 meters tall, the mountains in Girnar are the highest peaks in Gujarat. There are numerous temples and tourist attractions here including Bharathari Gufa (cave), Mali Parab, Ramchandra Temple and Hathi Pashan, enroute to the summit.

Other popular attractions present here are the Jain temples that are dedicated to the Tirthankars and the Neminath temple, which consist of ancient marble works along with sculptures. Other temples present in Girnar include the Abhinandan Prabhu Temple that was built by King Kumar Pal.

Girnar does not have any airport of its own and the nearest airport is in Rajkot, which is located at a distance of 132 km. Girnar does not have a train station of its own either and the nearest station is at Junagadh, 5 km away.

Girnar is easily reachable by road as a lot of buses run from all major cities of Gujarat to Junagadh, from where Girnar can be reached. Moreover, buses run from areas like Ahmedabad, Surat, Valsad and Mumbai to Junagadh.

The weather conditions here are very extreme as summers here are hot and dry with temperatures reaching a maximum of 44⁰ Celsius. The summer here ranges from the months of March to June. The region receives monsoon in the months of July, August and September in form of moderate rainfall. The best time to visit Girnar is during winters, in the months of October to January with a minimum temperature of 10⁰ Celsius.