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Sanchit saxena

Sanchit saxena5.0/5

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"GOKARNA" - Lose yourself to find yourself

Perfect getaway destination for people searching for peace. Nature is untouched in some part of the town eg: Paradise Beach. Beaches with enough people that you don't feel lonely but at the same time feel free as it is not crowded as Goa. There are total 5 beaches and each beach offer something different from other. There are three ways to commute from one beach to another, 1) by bike 2) by ferries 3) by trekking . My favorite way and the one I will highly recommend is trekking. You can enjoy the ferries when you are returning to your hotel or shack from paradise beach . The place apart from great scenic view of the Arabian Sea offers the serenity. This doesn't mean that there are no parties. You can always chill out at Kudle Beach and Om Beach. Booze Smoke Guitar and the ambience of these two beaches are unmatched in the evening time Nearby places such as Murudeshwar and Jog Falls serves as cherry on the top.

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Satyesh Jha

Satyesh Jha4.3/5

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Something for Everyone

Gokarna is the perfect blend of Beach meets Hill Station. You can bask in the sun on its warm sandy beaches, visit the coffee plantations or even do a short trek. Stay options in Gokarna include a plethora of beach shacks, homestays and hotels . . The beaches are super clean and the locals are quite friendly . Must visit places: Kudle Beach, Om Beach

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Good beach to sit relax and have a dip  Video Review

Good beach to sit relax and have a dip

Murudeshwara Temple  Video Review

Murudeshwara Temple

Serene and clean beach  Video Review

Serene and clean beach

Kudle Beach (Gangs Cafe view)  Video Review

Kudle Beach (Gangs Cafe view)

murdheswara temple clean and neat!!! must see  Video Review

murdheswara temple clean and neat!!! must see

Murudeshwara Temple  Video Review

Murudeshwara Temple

Murudeshwara Temple  Video Review

Murudeshwara Temple

Murudeshwara Temple  Video Review

Murudeshwara Temple

Very peaceful and clean  Video Review

Very peaceful and clean

Superb view  Video Review

Superb view

Gokarna Overview

History of Gokarna

A small town tucked in North Karnataka, the history of Gokarna goes back to the times of Ravana and Shiva. It is believed that Ravana performed Tapas on Mount Kailash to receive blessings from Lord Shiva. Ravana was looking for a blessing in the form of Atmalinga. Impressed by the devotion, Shiva granted the Atmalinga but put forth restrictions to avoid any misuse and took help of Lord Ganesha in the process. In the current day, the linga is established in Mahabaleshwara temple, which is now a Gokarna attraction.

People And Culture of Gokarna

Initially, Gokarna was visited for its religious importance. The story of the legends, the beautiful temples of Gokarna are all held great in the eyes of the devotees. But off late, Gokarna has turned into a beautiful holiday destination. Kannada is the main language spoken in Gokarna, followed by Konkani and English. With traditional tiled roofing, Gokarna is a pretty laid back town with two main streets filled with all shops. Gokarna places to visit hold up the culture very well.

Things To Do in Gokarna

Places to visit in Gokarna are mainly beaches and temples. Kudle beach, Om beach, half moon beach, Paradise beach are a must go to when in Gokarna. The beautiful beaches are perfect for a relaxed break, a massage and also yoga retreats. Apart from that one can also hit the Gokarna tourist places by visiting the Anshi National Park, Kotitirtha, Lalguli Falls, Karwar, to enjoy stunning scenic beauty and nature’s creations. Gokarna sightseeing for the religious ones is not a disappointed as they can head to the famous Mahabaleshwar temple where the Atmalinga is placed. Murdeshwara temple and Badrakali temple are always the famous places to see in Gokarna one should not miss when in Gokarna.

Food And Shopping in Gokarna

There are so many things to do in Gokarna apart from sightseeing. From cafes to beach side restaurants, hotels to luxury dining, all kinds of food can be enjoyed in Gokarna. Gokarna tour is incomplete without Namaste Cafe, a famous hot spot to go to which serves western food like shakes, burgers and pizzas. Mahalaxmi restaurant is another must go to, owing to its amazing food and relaxing ambience. Prema and Pai restaurants are a few other to mention. Shopping in Gokarna is all about souvenirs, brass lamps, decorative items and jewellery made out of sea shell. Kallusakkare is very famous in Gokarna, which is a must to take back home. Street shopping in Gokarna is highly reasonable, famous amongst the tourists for their hippie dresses.

Accommodation in Gokarna

There are many options to choose from on how to reach Gokarna. Goa is the nearest airport to Gokarna, which is well connected to all cities. If a traveller chooses to take the train, Ankola railway station is the nearest. Trains to Ankola run from Mangalore and Mumbai as well. There is very good connectivity by bus to Gokarna from Bangalore, Mangalore, Mumbai, Madagaon, Kochi.

Sightseeing in Gokarna can be made easier by making the right choice to stay. From beach resorts to shacks, hotels in Gokarna have a huge variety. Om Beach resort, Sanskruti resort, Gokarna International beach resort are a few to mention.

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