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The township of Haldia, situated on the banks of River Haldi, lies in the Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. It is a chief seaport of West Bengal with its location being 50 kilometres south-west from Kolkata. Due to this reason, the town has......Read more on Haldia

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India Says Yes Award

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Haldia Dock, Haldia
Haldia Dock, Haldia
Rank 1
Ranked 1 of 14
Places to Visit in Haldia
  • Type: Market
Haldia Dock, located on of the major trading centre in the region, was commissioned by Kolkata Port Trust in 1977. The complex features composite cargo handling facilities with particular emphasis on bulk cargo. It is due to the port of Haldia, the place has emerged as a commercial hub... Read More »
Mahishadal Rajbari, Haldia
Rank 2
Ranked 2 of 14
Places to Visit in Haldia
  • Type: Palace
Mahishadal Rajbari is an erstwhile estate of Janardan Upadhyay of Uttar Pradesh. At present, the site has become a major tourist attraction that features a rich collection of stuffed bodies of animals, painting and furniture. The Mahishadal Raj estate houses two palaces, wherein the old... Read More »
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Hamilton School, Haldia
Rank 3
Ranked 3 of 14
Places to Visit in Haldia
  • Type: Monument
The Hamilton School is one of the most ancient learning centres in the province of Kolkata, established in 1852. The institution was founded by Mr. Robert Charles Hamilton, a salt merchant and a philanthropist. He, along with the association of Mr. David Hare, founded the centre for... Read More »
Bargabhima Temple, Haldia
Rank 4
Ranked 4 of 14
Places to Visit in Haldia
  • Type: Place of Worship
Bargabhima Temple is one of the popular revered shrines, which is dedicated to Hindu goddess ‘Tara’. The temple was built by Kings of Mayur dynasty in the Orissan style of architecture. The chief deity of the temple is Goddess Bargabhima, who is a manifestation of Shakti. The... Read More »
Gopaljew Temple, Haldia
Rank 5
Ranked 5 of 14
Places to Visit in Haldia
  • Type: Religious Place
Gopaljew Temple is one of the renowned shrines, housed inside the estate of Mahishadal. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, called as Gopalji, whose sculpture is one of the attractions of the temple. According to historians, the shrine was established by Rani Janaki in 1778. Built... Read More »
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