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Hampi Info

  • State: Karnataka
  • Famous for/as: Heritage
  • Altitude: 467 m
  • Pincode: 583001
  • District: Bellary
  • Language: Kannada
  • STD code: 08394
  • Weather: Summer 20 to 40°C, Winter 12 to 34°C
Hampi is a village located in the north of Karnataka, amongst the ruins of the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, Vijayanagara. The town lies on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, 74 km away from Bellary. It is located atop a rugged terrain, 467 m above sea level. 

The place is a significant religious centre of the Vijayanagara Empire due to the presence of the historic Virupaksha Temple along with many other monuments of the old city. UNESCO has listed the Vittal Temple and other ruins of the town of Hampi as a World Heritage Site.

History of Hampi

The history of Hampi is related with the historical Kishkindha, which is known for the ‘Vanara’ or Monkey Kingdom, whose reference is also there in the epic Ramayana. Hampi was the settlement of main areas of the Vijayanagara Empire since 1336 to 1565. After this, these areas were persecuted by the Deccan Muslim Confederacy due to the decisive location of Hampi with the Tungabhadra River on one side and hills on the other three sides. 

The Archaeological Survey of India and other researchers also take deep interest in the place due to its historical and architectural significance. The region of Hampi is full of large stones, out of which the statues of Hindu gods and goddesses have been crafted. The town is also an important mining site due to the presence of several mineral deposits in this region. 

People and Culture of Hampi

The place hosts the annual Vijayanagara Festival, organised every January by the Government of Karnataka. Popularly known as Hampi Utsav or Hampi Festival. This cultural affair is a mix of dance, music, drama, processions and a host of other events which take visitors back to the grandeur of the bygone days of the Vijaynagara Empire. 

Along with this, the town is also famous for the Purandara Festival, which is held around the end of January to celebrate the birth anniversary of the poet Purandar, in the Vittal Temple. 

Things to do in Hampi

The popular Virupaksha Temple situated near the Hampi Bazaar is one of the oldest monuments of the town. Its top is 50 m from the ground with its main Shrine being dedicated to the Virupaksha form of Lord Shiva. 

The Hemakuta Hill located at the south of this temple contains early ruins of the Jain Temples and a colossal idol of Lord Narasimha. The sightseeing areas of Hampi are divided into two regions namely the Hampi Bazaar and the Royal Centre, near Kamalapuram. The World Heritage Site of Hampi, the Vittal Temple, is located 2 km east of the Hampi Bazaar. 

Travelling to Hampi

Located at a distance of 60 km Bellary domestic airport, serves as the closest airport. Bangalore International Airport is the nearest international Airport at a distance of 350 km. Tourists can avail taxis from Bellary to Hampi and from Bangalore to Hampi. Bangalore airport is well connected to all major cities of India. Hospet railway station, at a distance of 13 km from Hampi is the nearest railhead. Hospet is well connected to Bangalore, Hyderabad and other major cities in Karnataka and neighboring states. Hampi is well connected by road through KSRTC bus services. 

Accommodation options in Hampi

Tourists in Hampi can avail various accommodation options, ranging from budget hotels to 5 star hotels.
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Kumari Priya

  • Scout
  • Kumari Priya
  • Lives in Bokaro
  • 2 Reviews
  •  14 readers

"Perfect destination for solo trip and internet free holiday" new review

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted 2 days ago
We should visit hampi at least once, as we should see our ancient civilization and how beautiful india was in its ancient days. You will see what actual architectural beauty lies there that too during that time when there was no such technology.

Well in hampi you can visit all spaces as it will not take more than one day to see all places in one side of the river. And for food you should have some snacks with your self. You will get idli, dosa in morning everywhere. And for lunch you can stop at any small small shops. The food was really good over maintaining the taste.

Well it's too hot over there so you can carry umbrella and sunscreen. And shoes especially as you have to walk a lot over there.
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Mayuri Sen

  • Tourist
  • Mayuri Sen
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 22 photos
  • 16 Reviews
  •  918 readers

"Untold stories of Hampi" new review

  • 6/7
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
I have travelled so many places in India & abroad and I feel that there is no other place like India. One weekend I was looking for a short, sweet & pocket friendly place to visit near Hyderabad and after a long Google search I have decided to visit Hampi and Badami Caves. Hampi has managed to be one among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are yearning for a location where you can just chill, yet view a mixture of culture and fun, you should visit Hampi.

This trip was the most memorable and amazing trip of my life. I have get a luna(Two wheeler) on rent. I have never ride luna before in my life to Rome around the city which I have to push so many times on the hilly road of Hampi. We have started our Hampi tour from Virupaksha temple, the oldest temple in Hampi. Vijay vittala temple, Krishna temple, Badavi linga, Ugra Narsimha there are countless temples and monuments in Hampi and each one is telling a story of its own. A fun trip on coracle (a huge floating basket) at Tungabhadra River, A beautiful sunrise & an amazing sunset I have never seen before.

A heritage to be proud of, an outstanding 6th & 7th century heritage site and our glorious past HAMPI. This trip have change my life forever. Make me a traveler from tourist now I go to places for experience, not just to see stuff. To have fun and become a better traveler.
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Sasank Baruah

  • Scout
  • Sasank Baruah
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  1699 readers

"Welcome to Ancient India" new review

  • 7/7
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
Hampi known as Vijayanagara is one of the best kept secret of Ancient India (before the coming of Mughal rule in India). It is not just a historian's paradise, but also offers a rich traditional culture of the Lambadi tribe. The magnificent architect of the 13th century A. D. Temples is brilliant to astonish any art lover.

A visit near a Full moon night will provide a spectacular view of the shining Tungabhadra river surrounded by mystifying wonder of the Deccan boulders. Visit Hampi for adventure, learning, nature and reclining holiday with your family, kids and friends.

It offers a great place for cycling enthusiasts, rock climbers, for trekking and also for meditation. Prefer staying on the secluded north bank for the river, which offers some of the best guest-houses (like Shanti & Mowgli etc. Cards accepted in most of the places, still carry sufficient amount of cash) and also offers a variety of food, good for vegetarians as well as non-veggies, found to extremely clean and hygienic.

Shoppers can buy some local stuffs (mostly handicrafts) like metal jewelries, bags, rags etc (with a little bargaining). Best time to visit is from Sept till Jan (the weather remains hot & dry, so carry caps, suns creams, shades etc. )

Special things to do: Hire cycles at the daytime and go sight seeing in a group around Hampi (along with kids); spot a higher place (maybe a larger rock top) near your stay to see how beautiful the Hampi grows by the moonlight.

You can turn this into one of the best romantic holiday or an adventure with your kids or a wild night-out with your friends!

Hampi is very close to Hospet. Hospet is well connected by roads & rail from Goa, Hyderabad & Bangalore.
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Mallika Raghavendra

  • Connoisseur
  • Mallika Raghavendra
  • Cityslicker
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 19 Reviews
  •  44 helpful votes
  •  23952 readers

"Stones that tell a story" new review

  • 6/7
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
The minute you reach Hampi you are transported to the past and a different era, where time is of no consequence and where all you had to do was to savour the wonder of the moment and get lost in the wonderful monuments and architecture of mysterious Hampi

If you have a very active imagination you can visualize the life of the kings, Maharanis and the people of Hampi long long ago. Their leisurely lifestyle, their dedication to the arts and their fierce defence of their stronghold. Every stone tells a story and you just need to be still and quiet and you can hear the past whispering to you

If you really want to appreciate the atmosphere it is best to do it in silence. If your companions are very talkative it is best to leave them behind in the hotel and explore the place alone.

Some of the monuments have been neglected but on the whole a most wondrous experience.

Seeing these wonderful spectacular monuments makes one proud to be an Indian and proud of our inheritance.
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  • 1 vote

Sumiya Ebrahim

  • Scout
  • Sumiya Ebrahim
  • Lives in Bengalooru
  • 4 photos
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  848 readers

"Lost My Soul in Hampi"

  • 6/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
Either you can soak yourself in the majestic ruins of hampi or you can sit back and relax in the numerous Bohemian Cafes near River Tungabhadra. Either way it is a treat. Hampi relaxes you and calms you down. Dont miss the beautiful Sunrise from Hanuman Temple in Matanga Hill overlooking the beautiful serpent-like flowing Tungabandra through the big boulders of Hampi.

Best to avoid Hampi during Summer.
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  • 1 vote

Kevin Standage

  • Scout
  • Kevin Standage
  • Lives in Pune
  • 2 photos
  • 1 Review
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  •  1137 readers

"The perfect place to see a stunning Hampi sunset"

  • 7/7
  • Posted 3 months ago
I've visited India over 15 times and spent a few days exploring Hampi a couple of years ago. The place is simply stunning, you need about 4 days to cover just the main sights, and there's much more to see on the periphery that hardly anyone ever explores.

One of the things I did do whilst there was scout out what I believe is the perfect spot to see the sunset for photography. Forget "sunset view", there's better to be had !

I've attached a couple of shots.

Have fun - I did !
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  • 2 votes

Vinay raj Vinay

  • Scout
  • Vinay raj Vinay
  • 1 Review
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  •  1302 readers

"A nice historical place"

  • 7/7
  • Posted Apr 8, 2015
This was my best place for this year. Such an amazing sculpture. The detailed carving and how nice they have figured it out, amazing to see. The guide which I had got was knowledge person. He showed me all and explained in detail. The history behind it is interesting. Guide was very friendly there, he helped me out in finding good hotels near by and showed the surrounding places.
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  • 12 votes

Ajith Padmasree

  • Scout
  • Ajith Padmasree
  • Lives in Palakkad
  • 3 Reviews
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  •  5477 readers

"A perfect solo trip destination"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Apr 6, 2015
It was my first solo trip and when I decided to go for a solo trip I have a lot of doubts and concerns like, is Hampi a good choice, how will I travel alone, can I enjoy the trip alone, etc. And now I can say that if you like to travel alone, Hampi is a good option. But it's better to avoid summer season since it's damn hot. And don't forget to bargain with auto drivers and bike renting people. If it's off season like summer, you will get it for a cheap rate.
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  • 14 votes

Sowmya Pratapa

  • Scout
  • Sowmya Pratapa
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 4 Reviews
  •  9 helpful votes
  •  1599 readers

"A beautiful historical destination"

  • 7/7
  • Posted Mar 23, 2015
Made an impromptu trip to Hampi in September. The weather man said rain and more rain so was apprehensive but the it turned out that we enjoyed the amazing Indian monsoon as well as the awe inspiring architecture of ages gone by.

Stayed at Virupapur Gadde and found out how the goras get to backpack for so cheap. The accommodation was Spartan but clean and the food Continental and Indian both value for money.

Well as for the place, crossing over to Hampi from the gadde on a coracle was in itself a quaint experience. One almost felt that time stood still here. There's enough history to keep you hooked and if you are here just to be transported to Krishnadevaraya's court and time. Then so be it!

Relaxed, historical, far from the madding crowd, trip down memory lane. Our 3 day holiday was all of these and more!
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  • 9 votes

Nikhil Singhal

  • Scout
  • Nikhil Singhal
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 1 Review
  •  15 helpful votes
  •  1574 readers

"Nice weekend getaway from Bangalore"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Mar 21, 2015
Hampi has an elaborate history, with a lot of ruins of temples, which one should visit.

We stayed in Gauri Resort, which is other side of river from ruins.

Must see:
1. Sunset from the temple.
2. Boating
3. Reservoir
4. Shopping street

It is a nice weekend getaway from Bangalore and Hyderabad (as its almost mid point from these 2 cities). Food is not so great but overall relaxed atmosphere of the place is so good. At night, visit any of the riverside restaurants, which generally have nice music and lighting.
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  • 15 votes

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