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Good view  Video Review

Good view

Good view  Video Review

Good view

Peaceful lake  Video Review

Peaceful lake

Why read when you can see - Amazing Architecture  Video Review

Why read when you can see - Amazing Architecture

For sculpture lovers  Video Review

For sculpture lovers

Ramayana story and Bhagavata depicted  Video Review

Ramayana story and Bhagavata depicted

Awesome Vijayanagar experience  Video Review

Awesome Vijayanagar experience

Pampa Sarovar- treated as sacred sarovar  Video Review

Pampa Sarovar- treated as sacred sarovar

The famous chariot of Hampi  Video Review

The famous chariot of Hampi

A thousand different shades of Rama  Video Review

A thousand different shades of Rama

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Shilpi Jain

Shilpi Jain4.3/5

24 reviews

Leisure and Relaxing holiday

Hampi is a beautiful heritage town in Karnataka with very rich history. It was the dynasty of king Krishna dev rai and hold a very important place in Indian History . . We visited this town in the month of Jan however the best time to visit this place as suggested by locals is the month of July-Sep. Most of the tourists destinations here are the ruins of Vijayanagar empire but the history associated with it is very interesting and shows the rich culture during those times. Stone chariot is the most famous sculpture in Hampi. Apart from this there are various temples, market, stepwells. Virupaksha temple, Vithala temple, Elephant Stables, Queens's Bath, Lotus palace, Big Shivling, Hampi bazar etc are must watch places. This side of Hampi is for travelers who wish to know the rich heritage and culture. But if your motive is to relax and chill in cafes yo need to take the boat to the other side of the river called Hippie Island. Hippie island is full of cafes serving you delicious food and environment to relax. You can hire a two wheeler from the locals and roam around few tourist spots. But make sure you bargain well before hiring one. Also, I would recommend to hire a guide while you are visiting different temples so that you can know about the historical importance of the place. Since only ruins of the temples are remaining just roaming around and clicking pictures will not fulfill your travel desires if you have time, Tungabhadra DAM is a must visit. It is at one hour drive from actual town of Hampi and is easily connected with local transport.

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Arun Rajan

Arun Rajan5.0/5

136 reviews

A beautiful city of great sculptures and architectures

Hampi is a city of rock beauty. There are many temples, sculptures, statues and great stone carvings This is a must-visit place for everyone. This is a famous tourist attraction not only in India but also all over the world. You can find foreign tourists here throughout the year King Krishnadevaraya is mainly responsible for building these temples. The temples and the statues in them are more than 500 years old. The city has a great history associated with it, but the saddest part is that many of the monuments are damaged and statues have been either stolen or lost.

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  • A beautiful city of great sculptures and architectures
  • A beautiful city of great sculptures and architectures
  • A beautiful city of great sculptures and architectures
  • A beautiful city of great sculptures and architectures

Hampi Overview

History of Hampi

One of the most affluent cities of India in its heyday, Hampi is home to beautiful temples and is still a place of religious importance.

Evidence of Emperor Ashoka’s minor rock edits indicate that this area was part of the Ashokan kingdom during the 3rd century BC. Prior to this, Hampi is believed to have been under the control of the chiefs of Kampili, a small town now situated 19km to the east of Hampi. With so many places to visit in Hampi, the town is always quite populated, even to this day.

People and Culture of Hampi

Hampi is inhabited by both locals and tourists, all throughout the year who love to visit Hampi tourist places. The month of November sees the celebration of the Nada Utsav, Hampi’s yearly cultural festival where once can witness breathtaking traditional dances, processions, musical shows and fireworks.

The Temples in the city are a mixture of Hindu, Muslim and Jain architecture, reflecting the whole of the city’s rich history.

Things to Do in Hampi

Hampi sightseeing has on offer various options. Indians as well as Western visitors cannot get enough of the Bazaar area, the morning ritual of the temple elephant bathing herself or just walking around the boulder areas which are some of the best places to visit in Hampi. Hampi is a place of rest and relaxation, where most guesthouses are run by locals and these live alongside some smaller hotel chains.

The Archeological museum of Hampi has various antiques and sculptures and houses some of the most important artifacts that should not be overlooked in the city. The various temples, including The Monkey Temple (Hanuman temple), Vijaya Vittala Temple, Virupaksha Temple and other smaller ones have a lot to offer in terms of their exquisite architecture, their history and each one’s principal deity. These are just some of the offerings of Hampi places to visit.

Food and Shopping in Hampi

Hampi attractions include the Hampi Bazaar which is a a well known area in Hampi that is spread over almost one kilometer. Though it does not operate with the same force and heart as it did in the days of the Vijayanagara empire, it is still a popular place among tourists. The marketplace offers traditional costumes, handicraft items, jewellery, clay dolls, etc.

A unique thing to see here is the replica of the Hampi ruins. One can enjoy a morning stroll among the pavilion like structures where the market is set up before the market opens for the day at 6:00 am.

During the annual Hampti Utsav (Festival), the market area is the center of all activity. It flourishes with cultural and religious celebrations.

A large statue of the Nandi Bull is found at the east end of the market street which is located in close proximity to a two storeyed pavilion that houses a photo gallery.

Accommodation in Hampi

Various local-owned guesthouses, as well as slightly larger hotels, are the best accommodation options in Hampi. Hampi tours are a popular option that can be organized from most hotels. These tours will take you to most spots for sightseeing in Hampi.

If you’re wondering how to reach Hampi, the city is easily accessible by air (the nearest airport being Bellary which is 64km from Hampi) rail (nearest station is Hospet and buses ply frequently between the two towns) or by road (Roads to Hampi are well maintained and can be used to reach Hampi by cars or buses).

With so many places to see in Hampi and things to do in Hampi, make sure you spend atleast a few days in any of the hotels in Hampi so you can really explore and understand the city.

Photos of Hampi

Hampi, Karnataka
Hampi, Karnataka
Hampi, Karnataka
Visit to Hampi
Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi
Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi
Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi
Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi

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