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Escapism at its peak

Its a place that had managed to escape commercialisation and business scavenging and the best place for a person to escape to a new world. Its has the best hills and mountains and trekking on those mountains is an epitome of the whole journey of life. The people there are really helpful although a proper concierge us what was missing but other than that, the place is heaven.



3 reviews

Awesome please to be at the weekends and a nice hangout place.

This place is the destination to be for a chilling hangout with friends and family. The environment's so peaceful and so much better than any other nearby spots. Also has great mountains on which trekking is a must. So do grab into the shoes. Guidance of a concierge or local people is also a must to know about the place.

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Good place to visit  Video Review

Good place to visit

Really nice Spiritual place  Video Review

Really nice Spiritual place

Myanmar Gate  Video Review

Myanmar Gate

Good place  Video Review

Good place

A beautiful gate  Video Review

A beautiful gate

Must  visit place.. you will be mesmerized  Video Review

Must visit place.. you will be mesmerized

I am heading to Igatpuri

Igatpuri Overview

Igatpuri city is a famous hill station, which is part of the Nasik District in the state of Maharashtra. This hill station covers a large part of the Western Ghats and is situated at a height of 1900 feet above main sea level. The rugged terrain and dense forests add to the scenic view of this hill station.

There are many ancient temples in the region that attract numerous tourists, including the famous Ghatandevi Mandir. Other major tourist attractions in the region include Vipassana Meditation Centre, Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Camel Valley, Tringalwadi Lake and Vaitarna Dam. The Vipassana Meditation Centre provides a course on the traditional art of meditation.

Igatpuri is a popular place to eat vada pavs that are typical breakfast and snack items among locals. The entire hill station is surrounded by the high mountain peaks of the Sahyadri range, along with few forts built during the Satavahana Dynasty. These mountain ranges are suitable for indulging in varied adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking and hiking. Some of the old Hindi movies have also been shot in the Igatpuri region.

Mumbai International Airport is the major airbase located close to Igatpuri, which is situated around 140 km from the hill station. Igatpuri Railway Station is an important rail link on the Konkan Railway Line.

State transport buses are also available from Mumbai, Nasik and other important cities to reach Igatpuri. The best time to spend holidays in Igatpuri is between the months of September and February.