Jaisalmer Tourism

Jaisalmer Tourism

Jaisalmer Info

  • State: Rajasthan
  • Famous for/as: Desert
  • Altitude: 225 m
  • Pincode: 345001
  • District: Jaisalmer
  • Language: Hindi
  • STD code: 02992
  • Weather: Summer 25 to 42°C, Winter 7 to 24°C
Jaisalmer, also known as the Golden City, is one of the most famous cities in the royal state of Rajasthan. Located in the middle of the desert, 575 km away from the state capital Jaipur, the city is famous for its rich heritage. Jaisalmer is also a district and is spread over 1429 sq km sharing boundaries with Bikaner in the north, Pakistan in the west and south-west, Barmer and Jodhpur on the south and Jodhpur in the east.

The economy of the district largely depends on the tourism industry which has grown rapidly due to the tremendous efforts of Rajasthan tourism. Oil and gas reserves have also been discovered by Oil India Limited in 1988.

History of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer was named after its founder, Rao Jaisal. Jaisalmer translates to‘the hill fort of Jaisal’. In earlier times, the area of Jaisalmer was part of Gujarat and until the 11th century was ruled by the Bargujar King. Jaisalmer never came under the direct ruling of the Islamic sultanate due to its unique geographical position although it agreed to pay an annual tribute to the Delhi sultan. Mughal emperor Akbar was also married to one of the princesses of Jaisalmer and thus Jaisalmer maintained a good relationship with the Mughals.

Things to do in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is also famous for its folk music and dances which have been widely appreciated around the globe. Among tourist attractions, the Jaisalmer Fort is the most famous one. Built in 1156 by the Bhati Rajput ruler Jaisal, Jaisalmer Fort is situated on Trikuta Hill and had been the scene of many battles. It is inhabited even now and about a quarter of the population of the city live in the fort premises.

Patwon-ki-Haveli and Nathmalji-ki-Haveli are other attractions of the city. The Desert Festival which is held over three days in January, every year, provides an insight into the culture, folk songs and dance of Jaisalmer. Sand dunes, Jain temples, palaces and a colourful display of the art and craft of the destination draw a large number of people, from within the country and outside as well. Tourists can also try various attractive packages options to tour Jaisalmer.

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is between the months of October to February. Those visiting in January can be a part of the Desert Festival, which is held for three days during this time.

Travelling to Jaisalmer

To reach Jaisalmer by air, the nearest airport is at Jodhpur at a distance of 285 km. Jodhpur is connected to Delhi and Jaipur by air. The other nearest airport which is an international airport is at Delhi, well connected with all main cities in India and important international cities. From these airports, buses are available to Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Railway Station is the chief railway station in the western railway zone. Connected to Jodhpur and other cities in India, Jaisalmer Railway Station, the journey takes about six hours for journey.

Jaisalmer is connected by buses from Jaipur, Bikaner and Ajmer. It is also well connected by train to Lalgarh, Bikaner, Delhi and Jodhpur.

Accommodation options in Jaisalmer

Hotels in Jaisalmer range from budget hotels and heritage properties to culture hotels.  Most of these hotels also offer transfers for sightseeing and pick-up from railway and bus stations.

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Kiran Yadav
  • Kiran Yadav
  • 4 Reviews

"A beautiful place to visit to see the expanse of deserted land" new review

  • 7/7
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
Jaisalmer is a beautiful place. We booked tents with Safari Camp in Sam. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant on the way and resumed our jeep drive to the tents in Sam, 45 km from the city. En route, it was lovely to see the expanse of deserted land, we started on the camel-safari to the dunes. Beyond this, one has to experience the desert feel, the fine sand at the dunes, the vast expanse of nothingness and simply not read about it. After enjoying the sunset over there, we returned to our hotel.
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Chitra Kannan
  • Chitra Kannan
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 4 photos
  • 1 Review

"Savouring the sands of time" new review

  • 6/7
  • Posted 4 weeks ago
You know you have entered the border to one side of India, when you see BSF soldiers on camel backs!! The contrast that is Jaisalmer. One is here to revel in nature's creation but yet you are faced with harsh realities of the border issues.

We booked in Hotel RajMandir which is inside the Fort, due to constraints of 4 wheeler entries, we had to halt at the entrance and take an auto. The owner was a man about parts and arranged it well. Good view from sit out, awesome home made lunch and we set off for sightseeing.

There is a crazy feeling - we are inside the fort but it is teeming with shops/stalls along with sight seers. While the Patwon ki Haveli all are stunning with its architecture of yesteryears, there is scant regards for cleanliness. Must watch are the Cenetophs, concluding with boat ride on Ghadisar lake. Our oarsman (graduate) regales us with stories of the Maharajah watching performances seated on the small fort like structure constructed around the lake and cooks preparing sumptuous dinner in a separate place which seems to be almost arising out of the lake. Be prepared to bargain for all goods you wish to buy. And of course to stomach the spicy food, but it's best to stick to local food (the continental fare served is atrocious). But the warmth of the people is a comfortable feeling.

Next day, we set off for the desert - we stayed in Damodara Resorts - it was all you wished for a camping in tents. Of course the tents were well equipped with coolers, hot/cold showers, etc. After a round of the villages - yes there are schools, medical centres, etc; we set off for the much awaited sunset viewing on a camel. This was the icing on the cake - you realise you are just a speck in the universe. The undulations of the camel make you feel that time has stood still and you are transported to the yesteryears when this was the only mode of transport. And there you witness the many transitions of the desert - from twilight to darkness with a glorious moon guiding you back to the camp.

You follow it up with dancing along with the troupe of Rajasthani performers. And gorging on onion pakodas and piping hot chai. The staff is extremely courteous and helpful. And in the night we go to a rooftop built for night watchers. You are content to lie on the divan out in the open under the stars. And we happened to see two shooting stars. Yes, we are on the stairway to Heaven.

The morning after is capped with witnessing the undulating camels and a piping hot chai again to witness the glorious sunrise. Time stands still in this desert place. And a feeling of satisfaction and wanting to go back at some point in time again!!
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Dev Vaishnaw
  • Dev Vaishnaw
  • Lives in Sojat
  • 4 Reviews

"A good tourist spot"

  • 7/7
  • Posted 1 month ago
Desert camping and desert safari are amazing experiences. Watching sunset and sunrise in desert is romantic. One must go at least once in life time. Rajasthan treat tourists really well. They are humble, down to earth and always helping. They try to maintain good relations and are positive people.
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Reetu Jain
  • Reetu Jain
  • 1 Review

"Jaisalmer - a heaven in desert"

  • 6/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
Rightly said, Heaven on desert. One should go once in life there. Desert camping and desert safari are amazing experiences. Watching sunset and sunrise in desert is heavenly scene. Only problem is food. You will not get proper north indian food in jaisalmer. You will get ethnic rajasthani food. Stay at hotel RANG MAHAL was awesome. Our one nyt stay at PRINCE DESERT CAMP was also very enjoying.
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Nikhil Bansal
  • Nikhil Bansal
  • 9 Reviews

"Just relax and have fun"

  • 6/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
First the people of Rajasthan treat tourists really well. They are humble, down to earth and always helping. They try to maintain good relations and are positive people. The Sam Sand Dunes are amazing and there is a cultural program that comes in as a part of package is also pretty good followed by Rajasthani dinner. The hotels are nice and clean. Sightseeing is great there and keeps you busy all along.
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Kanishk Verma
  • Kanishk Verma
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 1 Review

"A good place"

  • 5/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
A bunch of friends and Ii had planned to spend our New years eve at Sam Dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan under the scintillating stars. It was one hell of an experience. Just would want to give one heads up to everyone who is going to spend a night in the tents at Sam Dunes is BEWARE OF THE WASHROOM. Rest the place and the scenic beauty is iconic. Cheers.
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  • amitesh
  • Beachbum
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 47 photos
  • 11 Reviews

"A good destination to explore"

  • 6/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
We (my 2 daughter-in-laws, my grand-daughter aged 9 months old and I) planned to go to Jaisalmer to witness the Desert Festival from 1st Feb to 3rd Feb 2015.

We booked the Jet Airways from Hyderabad (Telangana State) to Jodhpur via Mumbai and from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer (5hrs drive) to club mahindra Jaisalmer Resort.

We started from Hyderabad early in the morning on 1st Feb 2015 by 6. 45 a. M. And reached Jaisalmer by 7. 30 p. M. (Club Mahindra Resort). We felt that really the world is a small place, one can reach anywhere with the help of technology in a jiffy.

The Staff at Mahindra were courteous and they made our check in very fast and we retired to our room and after a hot bath and piping dinner provided by Mahindra room service, we felt ourselves devoid of all fatigue and began to plan our stay and sightseeing.

We contacted the Travel Desk Incharge, Mr Sateesh, who is a very courteous and sincere person and he arranged a car and a driver, Mr. Sarvan Singh who proved to be Robinson crusoe's Friday in disguise. He attended to our each and every minute detail and made our stay comfortable & memorable. He also acted as a bodyguard to us and was very punctual and meticulous and was in uniform daily.

First day morning we started from the resort and went to Gadisar Lake, took some photographs and had light snacks in the form of Bread Pakoda & tea which was very delicious from an eatery which is situated in front of the lake across the road and then proceeded to Jaisalmer Fort. We had to halt the car near the Fort and hire a Tuk Tuk(local lingo for Auto) and proceeded inside. Wherever you turn and see, you encounter yellow stone. The Tuk Tuk driver was too skilled with his driving, as he was turning the auto in the lanes and by-lanes of the Fort which is full of small & elegant shops brimming with merchandise, where we bought quite a lot of items & viewed the entire city from the viewpoint. It was a magnificent view. The complete city was bathed in yellow colour as all the buildings whether big or small were constructed with yellow stone.

Inside the Fort there are Jain Temples which are superb beyond words and which is a highlight of the Fort. The temples have intricate latticed stone work architecture. It is really amazing how the sculptor must have chiselled the stone into such perfect designs & how much patience they must have had in designing such minute architecture. We all got carried away with the temple designs & clicked lot of photos. I in particular wanted to sit & gaze for some more time but we did not have time on our hands. With a heavy heart, we prayed to Lord Buddha who is the presiding deity in all the Jain temples which we visited in Jaisalmer & Jodhpur.

After that we visited the Havelis nearby(Patwon Ki Haveli & Salim Singh Ki Haveli, which are magnificent buildings and clicked some more photos and did some more shopping and went to the stadium where the Desert Festival was being held. It was too crowded with the locals as well as the tourists and foreigners. We watched for sometime the procession of the colourful caparisoned camels in procession and march and other events/competitions between Indians and FOREIGNERS and headed back to our resort as it began to get dark and the wind turned quiet cold accompanied with slight drizzle.

Next day, we went to see Amar Sagar (lake) and nearby Loudharva Temple which is another excellent Jain Temple and from there to Sam Sand Dunes which is very famous for DESERT SAFARIS. We hired one TOYOTA FORTUNER from LAMA TOURS and set forth from the city (very expensive but worth it). The driver Mr. Farooq Khan, is a wizard. He drove the vehicle in the sand with such precision, timing & skill, that we felt breathless and spellbound. Kudos to him, it was once in a lifetime experience. Our senses were totally satiated with pleasure as adrenalin was still flowing in our minds even after we got down from the vehicle. After that we went for a ride in a camel buggy and then went to witness the Desert festival which was again taking place there, clicked some photos and back to the resort.

Next day we checked out of Club Mahindra, Jaisalmer and proceed to Jodhpur in our car. On the way we visited RamDev Temple which is very famous, had good darshan as there were no crowds and then to Keechan Lake where you find hundreds of Siberian cranes which come for nesting, and then to Osian Village, had lunch and visited the ancient Mata temple and reached Hotel GHOOMAR where our reservation was made in Jodhpur by 7.45 p. M. We checked in and dozed off as we were too tired.

Next day we visited the Mehrangarh Fort which is made of pinkish red stone. Again a magnificent fort with its awe inspiring history. There were amazing artifacts inside the Fort. There is lift facility which takes you straight 12 floors up and on the terrace of the fort there are still topes(Cannon) for firing cannon balls. Lot of time is needed to tour the fort and it is exhaustive but enjoyable. From there we went to Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan which is converted to a star hotel. Everywhere entry tickets have to be purchased and token for cameras have to be bought. This proved to be an expensive trip.

Then we went to the market place to buy the famous Mojiris for which Jodhpur is famous for. We indulged very lavishly in this, and went back to the Hotel for bed and bath.

The next day was our afternoon flight back home. Boarded the Jetairways from Jodhpur via Mumbai to Hyderabad and back home with lots of memories as it was an unforgettable experience and a wonderful trip.

This trip was exclusively a feminine one and among every one my granddaughter who is 9 months old proved to be a thorough traveller. We felt proud of ourselves.
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Deepak Nandanwar
  • Deepak Nandanwar
  • Lives in Pune
  • 1 photo
  • 3 Reviews

"Great time in the heritage place"

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted Jan 7, 2015
Been Places like Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Visited all historical Places like Patwon-Ki-Haveli is located in the main city. It was built by a famous trader named Guman Chand and his sons. This massive five-storied construction has five intricately decorated huge suites.
Had great experience at Jaisalmer Fort is famously known as Golden Fort of Rajasthan and seen the temples, small houses and people staying arounds.
Desert Safari-To have a feel of the desert, you need to undertake Desert Safari. Sam Sand Dunes is the ideal location to set off and had a nice view for sunset.
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Shiv Raj
  • Shiv Raj
  • 1 photo
  • 1 Review

"Good destination to have fun"

  • 5/7
  • Posted Jan 3, 2015
Heritage and adventure travel combined for this destination. You will like it if you are interested in Architecture, culture and History.

Its a long journey because of the distant place. Moreover, there is very less population in near by areas. Seems like you are going to a no mans land. But after entering the city, you can find people everywhere.

Must visits:
1. Suryagarh
2. Sonar fort
3. Patwo ki haveli
4. Gadhisar lake

Must activities:
1. Camel ride at Sam sand dunes
2. Parachute gliding on the way to Suryagarh

If you are a religious person, and if you would like to visit to local deity temples then you can make visit to temples such as Ramdevra (near Pokran), Tanot Mata (near Jaisalmer) and Deshnok (near Bikaner).
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Swapnil Porwal
  • Swapnil Porwal
  • Lives in Gandhinagar
  • 6 Reviews

"Mixed bag Experience!!"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Dec 22, 2014
Hmmm. Ever received a box of assorted chocolates all wrapped up and then you pick them with lots of anticipation and excitement ??!!!! You love some and the others you don't but the entire experience of the chocolate box is Sweet !!! :)

Jaisalmer is just like that, the fort area golden and unbelievable beautiful, the filth around it not.The rustic ambiance food, people and colors are outstanding. The bargaining, crowds and pesky guides are not. We chose to stay in Dhola Maru Hotel and were quite awed by the fact that we were living in a piece of heritage the hotel itself was bearable for a night, the fort Jain temple and the bhang thandai were unforgettable. Shifted to a upmarket Suryagarh the next day to be in the lap of luxury but kept coming back to the fort area for that rustic experience ! Keep your cool and enjoy the place with a bit a caution !!!! :)
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