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Jog Falls Info

  • State: Karnataka
  • Famous for/as: Waterfront
  • District: Shimoga
Located in Shimoga District in the South Indian state of Karnataka, Jog Falls is the highest untiered waterfall in India. Unlike other waterfalls, the Jog Falls directly plunges and does not stream onto rocks. The waterfall finds its origin in the Sharavathi River and falls from a height of 253 metres. The falls is also known as Gerusoppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi.  

The Jog Falls is one of the most well-known tourist sites in the state of Karnataka. The segmented waterfall comprises of four distinct falls named Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket, each merging together to form the huge waterfalls and presenting a picture of grandeur. The uniqueness of Jog Falls lies in the fact that the water does not flow down in a tiered fashion.

The Raja Falls peacefully streams down; the Rani Falls follows a winding path, the Rover Falls bursts out of a rocky stretch, while the Rocket Falls gushes out in high speed remaining true to its name. The natural beauty and the forestry around add to the beauty of the falls and create a picture of natural abundance. 

Things to do in Jog falls

Visitors can hike down to the base of the falls and take a plunge in the water. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the base of the fall and an hour to climb up. The best view of the falls is apparently had by lying down and looking over the rock outcrop near Bombay Bungalow. Watkin’s Platform is another popular viewpoint. The surrounding area around the falls is also quite beautiful, be it the Swarna Nadi riverbank, the Sharavathi valley with its views, or the lush forest area around the waterfalls.  

The best time to visit Jog Falls is during or just after the monsoon. Although the weather is hot for travelling during this time, it is the perfect time to see the waterfalls as it is fed by the monsoon rains and is at its full force. Such is the force of the water that it creates a cloud of vapour over the falls. There are a few resorts and bungalows nearby which provide accommodation. The falls with its natural beauty is also a popular site among film makers and is the location for many film shootings. 

Travelling to Jog Falls

Being a popular tourist site, the Jog Falls is very well connected, both by rail as well as road. It is located at a distance of over 400 km (7-8 hours’ drive) from Bangalore, the state capital. If driving down, the falls can be reached by NH- 206.

Buses are available from Bangalore and other parts of the state to Shimoga from where further bus services are available to the Jog Falls. The nearest railway station is at Shimoga at a distance of around 100 km. The Shimoga Railway Station is well connected to other destinations including Mysore and Bangalore. 

Accommodation options in Jog Falls

There are plenty of accommodation options near Jog Falls. There are government run tourist homes inspection bungalows and Forestry Department Bungalows near Jog falls. Accommodation options in Jog falls include luxury hotels, mid range hotels, economy and budget hotels.

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Jog Falls Traveller Reviews

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Viveak V

  • Tourist
  • Viveak V
  • 8 photos
  • 8 Reviews
  •  4 helpful votes
  •  1895 readers

"Must see in coastal Karnataka"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Oct 15, 2016
The Place was Fabulous. The misty Hills was solo relaxing and mind blowing. The route on the way to the spot was good. Photo Greek are suggested to go - visit - go crazy oby nature - click as much pictures as you can. Really the tallest. Best time is to go when it rains in Karnataka coast. So, you can check the climate if someone plans to go
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Nikunj Goradia

  • Connoisseur
  • Nikunj Goradia
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 4 photos
  • 26 Reviews
  •  148 helpful votes
  •  21612 readers

"In Simple words, Mesmerising"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Aug 7, 2016
We visited the jog falls specially because I had heard so much about it & we weren't disappointed to travel to Jog Falls.
Location: It is an offbeat destination. You specially have to put a day from your schedule just to visit here. Jog Falls is 90 kms from Murudeshwara. Road is rough, covered in dense forest. Our car took 2:30 hours to reach the destination.
First Look:After reaching the destination, Get out of the vehicle, Walk for another half km. There is no Entry fee to get in. Get down the steps to watch the falls. As you reach near the falls, It gets foggy. After you get down the steps, To get more nearer to the falls, Massive rocks are on your path ahead. Atmosphere is foggy & Path is of uneven rocks. Be careful with your steps. The closer you get, It gets even more beautiful. The edge of the fall is not at all secured with any kind of fence. Please be careful or its a scicide.
Jog Falls is mainly separated into 4 different falls. Each fall has its own name & its own rhythm. To watch their rhythm is just awesome. You just have to see it to believe it.
Food: Bhel from local vendor on the steps was a bit spicy but nice. There arent any good restaurant to sit around. Small shops are selling Wafers, coconut water, Tea, Coffee & Cold Drinks etc. So pack up your lunch if you don't wanna starve. Bathrooms are untidy & needs a renovation.
Overall: It took us total 6 hrs of travelling, Earlier we were unsure due to dense forest & no other cars on the road. Needs to be more secure at the edge but once you watch the falls, Its simply mesmerizing.
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  • YES
  • 2 votes

Rishi Hp

  • Tourist
  • Rishi Hp
  • Lives in Sagar
  • 1 Review
  •  941 readers

"Bird's eye view"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Aug 2, 2016
Tallest waterfall in India. Amazing view. Recommend to visit during rainy season especially July and August month when the water will be full. You will get picturesque view then. Avoid summer season as water will be dry and you will be disappointed.
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Balakrishna s s

  • Tourist
  • Balakrishna s s
  • 4 Reviews
  •  972 readers

"Mungaaru Male"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Jul 29, 2016
It was really enchanting and the falls appears different from different locations like from the KPC TB, Britishers Bunglow, Forest Guesthouse etc. Must visits are Chamundeshwari temple, Talakalale backwaters, MG Site,
Better, engage a guide who are available for Rs. 300-400 and will take you to all important places which can be covered with in 3 to 4 hours. Though good accommodation is available in Jog falls, good food is not available. You can get good vegetarian food at Mathuga Home stay for Rs. 150 per head which is 9km from Jog falls and advance intimation is required
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Sudheer Rajkumar

  • Explorer
  • Sudheer Rajkumar
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 8 Reviews
  •  3 helpful votes
  •  11439 readers

"A nice & a must go place!"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Feb 10, 2016
Watkins area is one of the most popular points to view the water falls. You can also get a scenic view of the falls from the rock at Bombay bungalow. The area near the falls is also ideal for trekking. Swarna Nadi riverbank, the Sharavathi valley and the lush green forest around the waterfalls are amazing.
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  • YES
  • 1 vote

Jeeth Nachappa

  • Tourist
  • Jeeth Nachappa
  • 17 photos
  • 12 Reviews
  •  3 helpful votes
  •  6835 readers

"Off Season- That's Just a reason!"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Jan 20, 2016
Jog falls or Gerusoppa falls is the highest waterfalls in the state of Karnataka. This is of its kind which can be visited any-time of the year. During peak season one can capture only the best view of the waterfall with the river gushing down the 800 plus deep rocks. Off season Is where one can do all kinds of adventure going to the back gate of the falls where water can actually be seen rushing down. The 90km ride along the green pastures from the town of Shimoga won't go in vain when visited here. Going with a bunch of enthusiastic crowd keeps you going!
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Likhit Pothumarthi

  • Scout
  • Likhit Pothumarthi
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 12 photos
  • 2 Reviews
  •  2 helpful votes
  •  2548 readers

"Fantastic place to visit"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jan 18, 2016
We have been to Jog Falls as a part of our field trip. It is simply awesome. Really a scenic place to visit. You'll definitely feel relaxed by just breathing the fresh air and looking at the falls. Don't forget to have a camera with you. Food is good over there as we got some homely food. By the way be careful with the monkeys over there.
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  • 1 vote

Shoaib Mohammed

  • Scout
  • Shoaib Mohammed
  • 6 Reviews
  •  3282 readers

"Make sure the place got enough water before you plan"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Dec 31, 2015
I went to jog falls and was disappointed to see the wonderful falls with little water. But the place is more than astonishing. After I headed to Kodachadri a place 100 kms away from there and I was overwhelmed. The falls have a beautiful scenery and I wished if the personnel's allowed us to go to the bottom of the falls it would be very nice.
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Archith Revankar

  • Scout
  • Archith Revankar
  • Lives in Karwar
  • 8 photos
  • 3 Reviews
  •  3 helpful votes
  •  7506 readers

"Overall its breathtaking"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Nov 25, 2015
If you are travelling in NH17, take a detour and experience one of the nature's magnificent wonders. This is one of the most beautiful major waterfalls in India. There will be plenty of Monkeys waiting for your company. There are step which take you down the waterfall.
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  • 1 vote

Vinayak Bhat

  • Scout
  • Vinayak Bhat
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 1 Review
  •  2723 readers

"Jog Falls : King of all water falls"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Nov 1, 2015
Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India located in Sagara Taluk in the state of Karnataka. We went through train from Bangalore to Sagara. To reach the bottom of the falls one has to take 1400 steps, yes 1400 steps. We didn't dare to do so as the view looked good enough from top. Best time to visit would be after a good rainy season. Jog falls has 4 falls Raaja, Raani, Roarer, Rocket" This name has special meanings. Good environment and facilities for visitors. It is awesome. Enjoyed it.
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