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  • State: Karnataka
  • Famous for/as: Waterfront
Located in Shimoga District in the South Indian state of Karnataka, Jog Falls is the highest untiered waterfall in India. Unlike other waterfalls, the Jog Falls directly plunges and does not stream onto rocks. The waterfall finds its origin in the Sharavathi River and falls from a height of 253 metres. The falls is also known as Gerusoppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi.  

The Jog Falls is one of the most well-known tourist sites in the state of Karnataka. The segmented waterfall comprises of four distinct falls named Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket, each merging together to form the huge waterfalls and presenting a picture of grandeur. The uniqueness of Jog Falls lies in the fact that the water does not flow down in a tiered fashion.

The Raja Falls peacefully streams down; the Rani Falls follows a winding path, the Rover Falls bursts out of a rocky stretch, while the Rocket Falls gushes out in high speed remaining true to its name. The natural beauty and the forestry around add to the beauty of the falls and create a picture of natural abundance. 

Things to do in Jog falls

Visitors can hike down to the base of the falls and take a plunge in the water. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the base of the fall and an hour to climb up. The best view of the falls is apparently had by lying down and looking over the rock outcrop near Bombay Bungalow. Watkin’s Platform is another popular viewpoint. The surrounding area around the falls is also quite beautiful, be it the Swarna Nadi riverbank, the Sharavathi valley with its views, or the lush forest area around the waterfalls.  

The best time to visit Jog Falls is during or just after the monsoon. Although the weather is hot for travelling during this time, it is the perfect time to see the waterfalls as it is fed by the monsoon rains and is at its full force. Such is the force of the water that it creates a cloud of vapour over the falls. There are a few resorts and bungalows nearby which provide accommodation. The falls with its natural beauty is also a popular site among film makers and is the location for many film shootings. 

Travelling to Jog Falls

Being a popular tourist site, the Jog Falls is very well connected, both by rail as well as road. It is located at a distance of over 400 km (7-8 hours’ drive) from Bangalore, the state capital. If driving down, the falls can be reached by NH- 206.

Buses are available from Bangalore and other parts of the state to Shimoga from where further bus services are available to the Jog Falls. The nearest railway station is at Shimoga at a distance of around 100 km. The Shimoga Railway Station is well connected to other destinations including Mysore and Bangalore. 

Accommodation options in Jog Falls

There are plenty of accommodation options near Jog Falls. There are government run tourist homes inspection bungalows and Forestry Department Bungalows near Jog falls. Accommodation options in Jog falls include luxury hotels, mid range hotels, economy and budget hotels.
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Jog Falls Traveller Reviews

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Deepak K
  • Deepak K
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 1 Review

"Superb destination with many places to visit"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Sep 26, 2014
The place is super, entire nature and environment in that place is very very nice. We can visit British bungalow and two, three view points near Jog falls. We can visit three or four different view points in that place only. August to December is the best time to visit these falls.
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  • 6 votes

Sahil Tejaswi
  • Sahil Tejaswi
  • 1 Review

"Awesome place to spend you honeymoon"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Sep 20, 2014
We can enjoy very nice whether. And its a great Honeymoon spot I feel. The activities like going near to waterfall by stepping down 1000 steps & swimming. The Palace was built by British people before independence was very nice. We can even look into power project out there.
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  • 5 votes

Pragallapati Sairam
  • Pragallapati Sairam
  • 1 photo
  • 3 Reviews

"A beautiful and adventurous waterfall"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Aug 7, 2014
A well known and famous water fall in South India. We went in rainy season it was one of my wonderful memories in life. The tour is a mixture of long drive, trekking and sightseeing. The best part is you are viewing the water falling from some hundred meters and you can feel the true nature essence. The stairs are very adventurous and you will get lot of food and hot beverages all through the walk. My advice is to go with proper shoes because the place is too slippery.
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  • 9 votes

Milind navadikar
  • Milind navadikar
  • Highlander
  • 26 Reviews

"Great water fall to visit and enjoy"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Apr 1, 2014
We had been to jog falls last year with family. We went there by private car booked from Murdeshwar. It took about 2 hours to reach at top due to ghat road. Road was good without path holes. View of jog fall was great and was quite deep. Place is well maintained with facility for car parking and toilets and you can get picture taken in front of falls in 15 mins. Good place to visit in Karnataka.
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  • 10 votes

Dipankar  Roy
  • Dipankar Roy
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 25 photos
  • 16 Reviews

"Best time to visit is right after the rains!"

  • 7/7
  • Posted Apr 1, 2014
Named after the Sharavathi river that cascades almost 1000 ft down the gorge to form the roaring Jog falls. Though I visited in the month of October 2013 the Falls which divide into four different span i.e Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer greet you in their splendid form between July and September and make the most of this opportunity to see India's second highest falls amid lush settings. Spotted a Ruby throated bulbul and oriental dwarf Kingfisher in front of my room also Asian paradise flycatcher near falls. A rainbow on Falls is a cherry to your cake, and I witnessed this. The best time to visit Jog is right after the rains, as you see them full and brimming.
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  • 10 votes

P  manoj
  • P manoj
  • Beachbum
  • 2 photos
  • 9 Reviews

"Jog Jolly"

  • 5/7
  • Posted Oct 28, 2013
Since i love remote destinations especialy rustic exps i love Jog a lot. The local people i met there were very nice and helpful, really frndly. Taxi drivers auto valas all are up to the mark, you can find the manager of the mayura hotel, he is so generous and ready to share his knowledge of jog with you....
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  • 7 votes

Akshatraj Adig
  • Akshatraj Adig
  • Heritage seeker
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 246 photos
  • 33 Reviews

"The Greatest Waterfall"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Oct 4, 2013
If you want to enjoy water and if you are not scared of it, then go to Jog Falls once. I went there with my brother as usual but the place is not usual. Me and my brother enjoyed in Linganamakki back water (water resource of Jog Falls) and got both scariest but memorable moments at the time of going to the top of the falls. The amazing picture of waterfalls is still in my eyes. And near to jog falls there is a Vadanbail Jain Temple which needs special pass to go there. The greenery on the way to Vadanabail temple is nothing but awesome, but the negative thing is the road-deadliest road! Mind you, this goes worse in rainy seasons.
Special note: Don't buy anything in Jog. Very Expensive.
Special notes for bikers: There are two district police waiting for you to loot your money.
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  • 10 votes

Kalpana Patangia
  • Kalpana Patangia
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 3 Reviews

"Jog falls in monsoons"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Sep 28, 2013
Loved this trip very much. The second highest falls in India, it is best seen during the monsoons. There are four sections of this falls, Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. As we went at about 10 in the morning, we had to wait for an hour or so for the mist to lift up. We were fortunate to get glimpses of the falls as clouds drifted by.
We traveled by road from Bangalore the previous day. Stayed in Gundimane home stay about seven kms from the falls. The stay was very comfortable and homely. We tasted authentic Malnad cuisine there.
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  • 6 votes

Atul Chitale
  • Atul Chitale
  • Lives in Goa
  • 2 Reviews

"Best during monsoons"

  • Posted Sep 21, 2013
The falls is worth seeing only during peak monsoons when it is raining heavily or water has been discharged from the lingamakki reservoir. Other wise it is a damp squib :( Try and call the KSTDC counter at Mayura Gersoppa to confirm the water status. There is nothing else to see around. Never visit when it is not raining , you'll be disappointed. Accomodation is not at all worth the price you pay including boarding facilities.Overall this not a location you should visit.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Boring place. Nothing to shop

Activities & things to do: Nothing to do and see around

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Driving down is the best option. Bad public transport
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  • 6 votes

Shilpz S
  • Shilpz S
  • Forester
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 73 photos
  • 37 Reviews

"Larger than life experience."

  • 6/7
  • Posted Sep 18, 2013
Jog falls is one of the must visit waterfalls in India, claims to be the second highest falls in India and may very well be so, about 850 ft and comprises of 4 falls raja, rani, rocket n roarer. quiant names.:) Located at Sagara which can be accessed by konkan railways. Talguppe being nearest railway stan. Sagara bus spot is the nearest main bus stop. Its about 5-6 hrs bus ride from Shimoga. The distance can be very deceptive in terms of travel, since the roads keep winding inside through deep jungles and are rough.. car can do it much easier by 3 hrs.
Having wanted to see these since a few years now, i had set out without any company and bookings. The best time to visit the falls in the monsoon when they are at their full glory. The adventure seeking, people would enjoy the ride through the winding roads upto the falls. The spot would be favorite for young ones and old alike, since its exciting to see nature in this performance.
Monsoon at the place is a super hit tourist season and you have bus loads and car loads of people arriving every hour. Booking a place to halt can be very difficult, so you definitely need to pre book. The best bet would be the KTDC lodging right inside the Jog falls compound. It would be exciting to step out and right across to the falls in the monsoon. Also reaching in the afternoon or morning would be advisable since the entire premise turns super misty, making difficult to see when the dams are opened out the falls go crazy :). Its such a happy child like feeling to see families enjoy the sheer wetness in the air due to this. You can hire a cab for a day of sight seeing which would comprise of 4 odd spots, Jog falls, a lake, a local temple, the lingammakki dam, sharavati river and so. Season time they would charge as much as 1500/- for a 4 hrs of sightseeing.
Besides KTDC there is the Youth Hostel and couple of other low & mid range accommodation options 300/- to 800/-. The high end ones are further from the Jog falls int he range of 2500/- about 11kms away .
In case all bets are sealed you will have local boys seeking you for arranging homestays, a word of caution to be a bit alert at picking a place if you are a single gal, since the homestays can be quite far from the falls and the surroundings are usually sparsely populated.
Food is usual, but having a place of home made dosas and idlis piping hot with the south indian filter coffee after a wet ordeal cant be compared with anything else.

If you have a bunch of people with you it would make it special in its own way to have a peg at the room after a day frolicking with the rains and the waters.

You can access the falls by climbing down the steps to the bottom, but these are cordoned off during heavy monsoons to avoid casualties. Nevertheless the sights are amazing so refreshing your mood is a given. Dont forget to halt at the Sharavati river valley on way to honnavar from Jog falls.. Its a larger than life experience. :))) not to be missed!.. I would want to go back again to check the falls when the dams are flooded and gates are opened... the Jogfalls are truly an astounding sight then.. i just missed it by an evening .!
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