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Kalimpong is a scenic town located in Darjeeling in West Bengal. It is a hill station in the Lesser Himalayas also called the Mahabharata range. The town is located at an average elevation of 1,250 meters (4,101 ft) above sea level. History of......Read more on Kalimpong

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Deolo Hill, Kalimpong
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Places to Visit in Kalimpong
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Deolo Hill, located to the north-east of the town, is one of the two hills in between which the town of Kalimpong stands. The hill is also the highest point of Kalimpong town, with a height reaching up to 1,704 metre above mean sea level. Out of the three water reservoirs... Read More »
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Mangal Dham, Kalimpong
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Places to Visit in Kalimpong
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Mangal Dham, a temple located in the beautiful town of Kalimpong, was built in 1993. The temple was constructed by Shri Krishna Pranami, a Hindu sect and in the memory of late Guru Shri 108 Mangaldasji. Sprawling over an area of 2 acres of wooded land, this temple is dedicated... Read More »
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Flower Nurseries, Kalimpong
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Places to Visit in Kalimpong
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Flower Nurseries are in abundance in Kalimpong, as the place is famous for cultivation of horticultural plants. These flower nurseries are engaged in exporting beautiful and exotic flowers. It is the only place in entire West Bengal where a number of commercial flower... Read More »
"Lovely collection"Jan 27, 2016 "Attractive Sightseeing"Dec 27, 2015
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Neora National Park, Kalimpong
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Places to Visit in Kalimpong
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Neora National Park, sprawling over an area of around 88 square kilometre, was established in 1986. Maintained by the forest department, this national park is located at a woody forest area near Lava. Based in the foothills of the Himalayan Ranges in Kalimpong, this national... Read More »
"Such a good location!"May 24, 2014 "A good place for trekkers"Apr 17, 2014
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Catholic Church, Kalimpong
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Places to Visit in Kalimpong
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Catholic Church, a revered religious attraction, is the largest church located in the Kalimpong area. This church was constructed in 1890, during the rule of Britishers. The construction of this church took place under the British architect Hardy, who was from Edinburgh.... Read More »
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