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About Kamarpukur

Kamarpukur, a small hamlet in Arambagh subdivision of the Hooghly District, is one of the main tourist destinations in West Bengal. The canal Bhutir-Khal flows from north to south on the western border of Kamarpukur, which joins Damodar River.......Read more on Kamarpukur

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  • Type: River
River Damodar, Kamarpukur, Kamarpukur
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Places to Visit in Kamarpukur
River Damodar originates in Chandwa village nestled on the Chota Nagpur Plateau. It flows eastward through the states of West Bengal and Jharkhand. The Damodar River passes through Kamarpukur before it merges with river Hooghly. The river is joined by a number of tributaries,... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Matri Mandir, Jairambati, Kamarpukur
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Places to Visit in Kamarpukur
The Matri Mandir in Jairambati, devoted to Sarada Devi is another popular destination. The temple, constructed in the year 1923, houses a marble image of Holy Mother, Sarada Devi. The image is worshipped daily by the disciples of Sarada Devi. The structure of the temple also... Read More »
  • Type: Heritage Site
Nutan Bari (New House), Jairambati, Kamarpukur
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Places to Visit in Kamarpukur
Nutan Bari or New House, located at the western side of the sacred tank or Punya Pukur was built by Swami Saradananda in 1915-16, to accommodate the increasing number of disciples of Sri Sri Ramakrishna visiting Jairambati. The house features four rooms built with straw roofs... Read More »
  • Type: Heritage Site
Puratan Bari (Old House), Kamarpukur
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Places to Visit in Kamarpukur
Puratan Bari or Old House was the ancestral home of Holy Mother Sarada Devi, where she lived for around 52 years from 1863 to 1915, along with her brother Prasanna Mukhopadhyay. Many disciples acquired Sanyasa and Brahmacharya from Holy Mother in this old house. Holy Mother... Read More »
  • Type: Village
Koalpara, Jairambati, Kamarpukur
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Places to Visit in Kamarpukur
The village of Koalpara, located few kilometers from Jairambati is known for housing Math sub centre, famously called Ramakrishna Yogashrama. The village offers secluded accommodation for the tourists. The Math at Koalpara promotes a number of welfare works for the village... Read More »

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